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Gate of Nargothrond, after Turin convinced them to build a bridge. 
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Often when I read the Silmarillion, I wonder how the Elves survived even 500 years versus the greatest of the Vala and his little assistant Sauron along with armies of Balrogs and Dragons and Orcs uncounted.

The strength of the city gates shows great imagination.  It gives the sense that they could withstand Morgoth until attrition and pure malice took their toll.
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The Eldar were mighty in the first age. I never doubted them :) 
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Very Nice and Epic!
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Nice I love it ^^
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Well done mate. This is amazing! I got a tip to check this piece out from someone on and, wow, I am glad I did check it out. This is epic.
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You're welcome :)
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Extremely well done! And what a beautiful scene, idiotic bridge or no.
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Breathtaking!!! Incredible work.
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Wow, the level of detail and patience this almost looks like a photograph! Very cool. I'm going to see what other scenery you've done.
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In Elder days, before the Fall . . .
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greater than i imagined it, lovely
Finally, a great picture of Nargothrond *before* the sack! Thank you!
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Thank you! So many Middle Earth locations still left to illustrate :)
I'm glad you plan to continue the trend. :-)
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stunning! I like all the deatails, it must have take you weeks! It's really impressive.
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 Your skill is high indeed. Very well done.
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Golly, they might as well have written "Attack here" and had done with it. Finrod is not impressed.
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