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Cthulu, Lord of the Deep Ones

Sketch I did of Cthulu from H.P. Lovecrafts stories. Pencil on sketch paper.
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This is awesome. Have you ever done a comic of your own characters?
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pretty fucking sweet man
HOW IN THE you do such great pencil work cause this is just awesome!
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Okay, cthulu scares me, this scares me even more...great pic, just scary, my opinion...
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First off, I'd like to say excellent job.

Second, if you were to read "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", Cthulhu wasn't the Lord of the Deep Ones, but rather another Elder God whom the Deep Ones called Father Dagon was their Lord, with Mother Hydra at his side. Although, if you were to consider that Dagon is one of the lesser Elder Gods, Cthulhu being the highest of the greater Elder Gods, then he could technically be considered Lord of the Deep Ones, I suppose. I just know that in the story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" and the Metallica song "The Thing That Should Not Be", which is based on the story, Father Dagon was the Lord of the Deep Ones having created them by mating with Mother Hydra.

But anyways, awesome job! Wish I could draw that well.
uhh one of my friends wants his to be his dady? lmao ^^
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Well, I'd imagine he'd need it for the same reasons we do, only evil. Its funny, most people don't seem to notice that, I find it amusing what we don't let ourselves see sometimes.
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His shadowy spikey penis makes me nervous. Why does Cthulu need a penis?
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Thx, I was trying to get a bit of fish fin / bat wing look, I think it came out pretty good.
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Greet hands and wings.
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WOW! very cool cthulu!
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good job on wing details.
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