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All of your art, forXever.
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[SFM] Agents by JonathanFess [SFM] Agents :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 61 3 [SFM] Winter Time by JonathanFess [SFM] Winter Time :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 35 5 [SFM] Flying through the stars by JonathanFess [SFM] Flying through the stars :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 39 4 [SFM] OctoValley Kimonos by JonathanFess [SFM] OctoValley Kimonos :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 51 11 [SFM] Last moments of Fall once again by JonathanFess [SFM] Last moments of Fall once again :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 23 7 [SFM] Inner Agent 3 by JonathanFess [SFM] Inner Agent 3 :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 50 8 [SFM]A little commission from Amino by JonathanFess [SFM]A little commission from Amino :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 26 2 [SFM]Mako BattleMart by JonathanFess [SFM]Mako BattleMart :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 25 4 [Blender] OctoSmile by JonathanFess [Blender] OctoSmile :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 35 13 [SFM]yay u did it by JonathanFess [SFM]yay u did it :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 24 4 [SFM] Shopping Cart RIde: The Sequel by JonathanFess [SFM] Shopping Cart RIde: The Sequel :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 29 8 [SFM] Salmon Run Profressional in a nutshell by JonathanFess [SFM] Salmon Run Profressional in a nutshell :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 39 3 [SFM] Porl Harbor Outfits by JonathanFess [SFM] Porl Harbor Outfits :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 41 6 [SFM] Spoon 2 Animu trailer by JonathanFess [SFM] Spoon 2 Animu trailer :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 29 3 [Blender] Woomy in Snapper Canals by JonathanFess [Blender] Woomy in Snapper Canals :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 51 2 [SFM] Goby Arena Baseballsss promo shart by JonathanFess [SFM] Goby Arena Baseballsss promo shart :iconjonathanfess:JonathanFess 24 0


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the real price is 25 btw since DA LIKES 10 SO MUCH
it can be transparent or with a background no extras
Profile Pictures thingies
basically ill make a pfp similar to these if you want a pose with the fingers just ask pls, note me or something idk how DA's commission shit works
im not gonna upload these btw, just so i dont flood my DA with em (if i get anything : ( )
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Any character that is not made normally but with externals models attached (not clothing) aka  custom hairstyles and such (like from a drawing)


JonathanFess's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Heyo i'm Jonathan and i make images on a program called Source Filmmaker
Youtube: (DED)
Switch Friend Code: 8108-7280-1819…

I am user of
Source Filmmaker

Garry's Mod

and Photoshop CS6

I make pictures about


[SFM] Agents
I guess these are the designs for my agent characters now, i like it, its better than randomly thinking of agents when i need them

Made in SFM
[SFM] Winter Time
Winters here and my art is worse : (
This map was pretty interesting and had a lot of stuff i've never seen before, but one thing it didn't have WAS ENV_CUBEMAPS, ffs man, so of course i added some
Some funny issues with the map were things like a tree clipping into a mountain and mountain clipping into a tunnel, how nice
Wish i knew how to make cold breathe come from their mouths, but i really like doing this in real life its cool
Lol, Kimi's actually the only character to not wear legwear that covers most of her body, so of course she's the coldest one here and shes wearing her original cardigan
oh yea and watch out for B Emoji (test) s and bears

Made in SFM
[SFM] Flying through the stars
flying through them stars aka 2d particles that mOVE yay
world1 's work is going goood, but uh lol remember to never trust vegetables, ok?

Made in SFM
[SFM] OctoValley Kimonos
originalname: Kimono Marie in World01
cuz the name of the file is known as World1, which makes a ton of sense since its the first world and stuff
But uh anyways, this is the next map im currently working on, after a long while of ton of stupid issues with blender i finally found out how to resolve all the issues (aside from a compile issue with size)

Made in SFM
[SFM] Last moments of Fall once again
I remember when i made an image similar to this last year, it was in Gmod but it was very similar (cookies be loving the fire)
failing all of my classes, yeet, gotta stop doing stupid shit. hard enough having social anxiety disorder, i can't just tell myself to talk to people like some people think.
but uh if you celebrate it like me kinda, Happy Thanks of the giving or turkey day
fun fact tho, this map was kinda broken when i downloaded it, so i had to go into hammer and fix a weird missing texture and the skybox was missing as well, i also took the time to add cubemap reflections since it had none

Made in SFM


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