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Endless Nights - Tegus CG mk2 by JonathanEx Endless Nights - Tegus CG mk2 :iconjonathanex:JonathanEx 0 5 Endless Nights - Tegus CG by JonathanEx Endless Nights - Tegus CG :iconjonathanex:JonathanEx 0 0
Drama - Commedia dell'arte
Commedia dell'arte
Pantaloon and Brighella
Brighella: 3 gold coins... 6 gold coins.... 1.5 gold coins... that makes... quite alot of gold coins cheated off people today. It's a living.
Pantaloon: (Runs past Brighella) Come back! It was an accident! MY FINGER SLIPPPPED! (Stops running, and walks over to Brighella)
Brighella: Another one knows your age?
Pantaloon: Hey, I'm not THAT old.
Brighella: What, 93?
Pantaloon: 92, but still young!
Brighella: Well, whatya looking for today?
Pantaloon: Any ladies staying here?
Brighella: (looking through piles of paper) Yeah... in rooms 61, 42, 14 and 3.14- (Pantaloon writes numbers down on paper as they are said) HEY! Why do YOU want to know?
Pantaloon: Nothing to do with a little electrical powercut, but a sexual power increase....
Brighella: I really doubt the customers will be pleased.
Pantaloon: What about my pleasure?
Brighella: Well, MY pleasure would be picking up this beer glass and smacking you with it.
Pantaloon: Oh! Any baths? I'm feeli
:iconjonathanex:JonathanEx 0 2
Drama - The Sword In The Stone
The Sword And The Stone
Drama Lesson Script
Stone: You haven't done anything in the last 500 years.
Sword: Same goes for you, rockhead.
Stone: Thinking about it, how are we still alive?
Sword: I dunno... but aren't we inaninate objects or something?
Stone: Question. What does that even MEAN?
Sword: Why would I know, I haven't eaten a dictionary...
Stone: But how did you know the word?
Sword: Don't ask me, ask that book over there...
Stone: Book? WHERE? I can't see one!
Sword: Turn yourself around!
Stone: I can't, with my splitting headache!
Sword: Don't blame me.
Stone: Who else can I blame? You've been in my head for 500 years!
Sword: Well, really, it's been 523 years, 7 months, 18 days, 3 hours, 7 minuets and 8 seconds.
Stone: You've been talking to that book again, haven't you?
Sword: About 12 seconds now.
Stone: *sigh* Know what bugs me?
Sword: Hm?
Stone: The humans!
Sword: Oh, you mean the 'I'm so weak but I'll try to get the sword out anyway!' ones?
Stone: Yeaaaah! Those!
:iconjonathanex:JonathanEx 3 2
Art Lesson - Outside by JonathanEx Art Lesson - Outside :iconjonathanex:JonathanEx 0 0
Endless Nights - Chapter 1
Endless Nights - By Jonathan Explorer
Chapter 1: Presence Noticed
    The sun set, leaving the world in darkness. The forests, trees, everything was covered by the black.
    "When night falls, everything is gone, but the hope in our hearts," a female said quietly to herself, riding her horse slowly onto the empty fields.
    This girl was not ordinary… she drew her sword and pointed it at a close by forest. She was a warrior, ready to fight. Within seconds, she was speeding off into the distance, further into the field, closer and closer to the forest.
    Then, another person also on a horse rode onto the field. He covered his body almost completely in a cloak, and part of his face covered by metal. This cloaked person was clearly following the girl. The two looked ready to fight, but they kept on riding.
    "Slow down Tegus! You're going so fast, I'm about to be left behind!" The clo
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Endless Nights - Maxar by JonathanEx Endless Nights - Maxar :iconjonathanex:JonathanEx 0 0 Endless Nights - Tegus by JonathanEx Endless Nights - Tegus :iconjonathanex:JonathanEx 0 0 Paper Mario - Chet Rippo by JonathanEx Paper Mario - Chet Rippo :iconjonathanex:JonathanEx 3 1


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Jonathan Explorer
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Aha, you're a stalker.
Favourite genre of music: Oooh, now you're going to hypnotise me through music?
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Favourite style of art: You're not being original, using the same plan but with different likes of mine.
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Personal Quote: PEH! You think I'd say?
Atleast it wasn't as hot as yesterday.

It was quite a cool day, and not bad. At all. So, let's begin.

I woke up, fell asleep. Woke up, stayed in bed, got up, listened to music, then typed up and tweeked "Drama - Commedia dell'arte" which went up around 8am I belive. So, I went to school with a vague idea of some of the day, and thought it's be an "alright" day. How wrong I was.


Lessons 1 and 2. "Book Designs" was the title, so what did I expect? Design a new cover for a book. Nope. Make up a book and make a cover for it. Blurb and all. It wasn't bad, kinda enjoyable. I was going to do Endless Nights, but decided to do a completely original idea called "Access Denied." About this hacker guy. Whatever. :P

LESSONS 3 AND 4 MADE THE REST OF THE WEEK LOOK BORING. And quite a bit of it was fun.
It was called "Apache Activities". Should of been called "Awesome Apache Activities".
There was this guy from this Apache tribe, and it was cool and stuff. The guy was so funny, and we made sort of lucky charms. Lots of cool stuff to be seen 'n' stuff. OH! And we played with non-electrical drills and this making fire thing.
I can't really say in words how it was, I had trouble talking to my pals about it as you can't explain it really.
Oh, the dead fox was kinda cool too.

Moving on. Marzipan Modelling lessons 5 and 6. Kinda fun, I must say. I was TOTALLY dry for ideas though. Until...
I was sitting there and started muttering the Badger Badger Badger tune to myself. I thought "Why not a badger from Weebl's cartoon?" but then realized it'd be kinda hard. So I did another thing from a Weebl cartoon, a cartoon lion from the Kenya toon. Forget snoreway.

So, I went home, good day.

Then I found that my issue of Nintendo Official Magazine had arrivied. So yeah, I spent a while eating an icecream while reading through it. Lotsa E3 stuff, can't wait for the DS.

I got bored, and sketched Tegus. It was only a rough sketch so I shoved it in my Scrapbook. I might clean it up a bit tomorrow, but for now... I'm off to bed. I think.


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