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Castle Gate

Tutorial for this piece available here :)…
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I have never done a piece of digital art, but I'm hoping to give you a meaningful critique as best I can. First off, your piece is beautiful; you should feel immensely proud <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>. What make it such a wonderful piece of art are the ways in which you set the scene, from the growth of the vegetation to the weather to personal details like the stance of the guards, the chickens, and the placement of the banners. It fulfills its role as art - a form of expression - quite perfectly.

After careful inspection, the only thing I can think to advise you upon is perhaps some minor details with lighting. I'm not sure if you WANT to make it any more realistic - maybe that would change it from its slightly dreamy appearance - but to make this appear more tangible, consider your interactions with light and shadow. The sunlit stonework and wood should have more apparent detail than what is in shadow. Colors, too, would have a more distinct shade contrast than you have chosen to show (for instance, the lamp posts and vegetation). I realize it would be quite difficult, but you have it in you!

The fact that you produced such a wonderful piece shows that you can do anything you put your mind to. Thanks for such wonderful art!
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An amazing piece of artwork ! Love the atmosphere and use of light. The castle in the background indicates this is certainly the stronghold of a kingdom, yet the relaxed body language of the city guard at the gate, combined with the chickens quietly feeding, gives an overall impression of peaceful sleepy contentment. Great work.
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I wanna live there 
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Hi Jonathan,

I recently used your amazing work on one fo my Youtube videos. Also, I used your artwork in the cover of one of my musical tracks.

You know, i´m musician. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Also, if you have problems, just let me know.…  
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Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! 
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Hello, JonathanDufresne.

I would like to feature your incredible painting in my YouTube prediction series on Zelda Wii U: Zelda Unknown (Castle town). I will off course credit your artwork in the description (with Deviantart name and link to paitning), have a bar line on the video itself with your artist name and give a spoken shoutout at the end of the video.

The episode is due to be uploaded on June 11th

Sincerely greetings
Konrad - Commonwealth Realm:…
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Looks like the city of Freeport from EverQuest/EverQuest Next.
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I love this city. I get the vibe of a sleepy, but strongly confident empire.
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Beautiful castle!~
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Very nice indeed!
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Your skill is so amazing that when glancing at the thumbnail I thought this was a photo. 
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awesome lights:)
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Woooow, nicely done !!!!
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So beautiful! Like it! 
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The detail is incredible! Kill piece of art!
Thanks for sharing this with us.
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First thought on seeing this:

Seriously, though! Awesome work! ^_^ This is just beautiful!!
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Absolutely gorgeous!
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Seriously awesome!
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Nice!:) ...that's my critique!:D
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Holy- WHAT




The amount of detail in this and the time it must've taken is just

Aaaaaaa <3
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