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V: Freedom Network Logo by JonathanBluestone V: Freedom Network Logo :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 2 0 V: Visitor Medical Logo by JonathanBluestone V: Visitor Medical Logo :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 0 0 Say NO to noise, Say YES to silence by JonathanBluestone Say NO to noise, Say YES to silence :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 0 0 V: Visitor Flag Patches by JonathanBluestone V: Visitor Flag Patches :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 1 0 Movie Mistakes: V: The Final Battle (1984) by JonathanBluestone Movie Mistakes: V: The Final Battle (1984) :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 1 1 V (1983) by JonathanBluestone V (1983) :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 1 4 WAKE UP! by JonathanBluestone WAKE UP! :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 0 1 Not Long Now For Your Environmental Apocalypse by JonathanBluestone Not Long Now For Your Environmental Apocalypse :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 2 7 Dau Empire: Scavenger Class Fighter (Dau SV-9) by JonathanBluestone Dau Empire: Scavenger Class Fighter (Dau SV-9) :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 3 0 Dau Empire: The Titanium Horde by JonathanBluestone Dau Empire: The Titanium Horde :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 0 0 Can Trump Actually Read? by JonathanBluestone Can Trump Actually Read? :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 5 5 Arcos MK I: General Services Diagram by JonathanBluestone Arcos MK I: General Services Diagram :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 2 0 Arcos MK I: Propulsion Display by JonathanBluestone Arcos MK I: Propulsion Display :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 1 0 Acornsoft ELITE Tribute (Spirit of '84) by JonathanBluestone Acornsoft ELITE Tribute (Spirit of '84) :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 1 0 Project: ELITE Console Design (1989) by JonathanBluestone Project: ELITE Console Design (1989) :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 2 0 ELITE Dangerous: Jannah Berihn by JonathanBluestone ELITE Dangerous: Jannah Berihn :iconjonathanbluestone:JonathanBluestone 0 0


ForceField Kitties by SC4V3NG3R ForceField Kitties :iconsc4v3ng3r:SC4V3NG3R 58 3 +Adventure Time+ by ERA7 +Adventure Time+ :iconera7:ERA7 370 45 Tellurion 202 by MattRhodesArt Tellurion 202 :iconmattrhodesart:MattRhodesArt 228 20 Scholar Cheetah by Caffeinated-Creator Scholar Cheetah :iconcaffeinated-creator:Caffeinated-Creator 4 4 Where is the Lasagna, Jon? by Danarogon-AP Where is the Lasagna, Jon? :icondanarogon-ap:Danarogon-AP 75 19 He is risen by MattRhodesArt He is risen :iconmattrhodesart:MattRhodesArt 235 31 Lawless - Metta Lawson and Nerys Pettifer by adamantis Lawless - Metta Lawson and Nerys Pettifer :iconadamantis:adamantis 61 13 Judge Dredd by HeroforPain Judge Dredd :iconheroforpain:HeroforPain 228 55 Space Ark by IanKeenanArts Space Ark :iconiankeenanarts:IanKeenanArts 12 2 New kid on the  block by Small-Brown-Dog New kid on the block :iconsmall-brown-dog:Small-Brown-Dog 120 23 T334 Svyatagor by Small-Brown-Dog T334 Svyatagor :iconsmall-brown-dog:Small-Brown-Dog 85 38 Spring by PenUser Spring :iconpenuser:PenUser 78 18 Gorga - Data Sheet by TheMightyGorga Gorga - Data Sheet :iconthemightygorga:TheMightyGorga 8 2 Modular Mars Habitat by Emigepa Modular Mars Habitat :iconemigepa:Emigepa 50 6 +FREELANCER+ by ERA7 +FREELANCER+ :iconera7:ERA7 491 46 Brick 'n Trimm by SC4V3NG3R Brick 'n Trimm :iconsc4v3ng3r:SC4V3NG3R 125 3



V: Freedom Network Logo
In the course of the V television series (1983-85) weekly reports on resistance activities was broadcast from New York by the newscaster Howard K. Smith under the banner of the Freedom Network. As to why the Visitors didn't actually jam the networks signals is beyond me, but it made for an interesting perspective on the state of world affairs.

Artwork by Jonathan Bluestone (C) Copyright Bluestone 2019. Original artwork and screen capture remains the intellectual property of Warner Bros. Television 1984
V: Visitor Medical Logo
This appears on a white armband worn on the left arm in the series V (1984) and is the logo of the Visitor medical services branch.

Artwork by Jonathan Bluestone (C) Copyright Bluestone 2019. The original design remains the intellectual property of Warner Bros. Television 1984.
Say NO to noise, Say YES to silence
I was told not that long ago that my requiring a relative level of quiet inside my own home was being naively unrealistic, and even arrogant to expect my neighbors not to make any noise at all; and the person (my landlord) who said these incredibly insensitive comments had the luxury of normal hearing, but if you have hearing like I do which is made all the more sensitive by a recognized medical condition known as Hyperacusis with quite severe Phonophobia it is an essential state of affairs that I have quiet or I experience massive levels of anxiety whenever I am forced to endure unwanted noise from others. In my case there are triggers, these being shouting, door slamming, excessively loud television or stereo (or noise from nearby structures or passing vehicles), and loud bangs at any time of the day or night, but with emphasis on after dark when all I want to do is try and relax so I can get a good night's sleep. So for the most part I stay at home, in my apartment doing my best not to be anxious. Sadly it is necessary for me to go out from time to time and when I do its a real battle because I am suddenly surrounded on all sides by noise, noise from people, from the environment, from vehicles ... everyday noise that most of you probably don't even notice but I do and its crippling. It has had an incredible impact on my life. Growing up I never socialized, I never went to nightclubs or hung out with others simply because I could not tolerate the noise occurring all around me. Since at that time (in fact between 1967-2018) I had no idea at all that I even had these conditions or that I was very autistic so it was very hard to maintain relationships with normal people who wanted to go mingle with others, who wanted to go shopping or see a movie or do all of the things that you may take for granted. In an ever-increasingly noisy western world we are actually arrogantly told by others that we don't have the luxury of peace and quiet and that our needing it is an impossible dream. I disagree with this perspective and feel that forcing those who need peace to have to suffer noise should be made a hate crime just as it is a crime to degrade the quality of life of others with visible disabilities or who are different to what is considered normal within our societies. If anyone is interested in petitioning for a quieter environment or to actively form a movement, please contact me. I would do with some professional assistance in getting the powers that be to recognize that noise is as harmful as the recognized self-inflicted harm caused by nicotine and alcohol addiction and that people who suffer noise every day have rights - especially the right to quiet that is often denied us because callous individuals who should be serving the public trust often ignore it as a real problem.

Currently in Britain we have the phenomenon of sunny weather and as is so typical of the selfish bastards who seemingly dominate the area in which I live, they almost universally decide to open their windows and with the televisions, or more commonly their stereos, decide to inflict their noise on everyone within hearing distance. This is bad enough when you live nearby, or if the cretins in question are in what are commonly known as 'boom cars' but when you are immediately next door to the offending party it means you cannot open your own windows to let out the heat because it means having to listen to their noise (and often their nicotine or marijuana) pollution which also enters your home. Trying to get these bastards to listen to reason is a pointless task because frankly they just don't give a shit about anyone else and don't think their noise is loud enough to warrant what they see as an unwanted intrusion. In Britain at least its pointless calling the police as they don't want to know and happily ignore the fact that a environmental crime - noise pollution - is taking place.

Artwork and narration by Jonathan Bluestone (C) Copyright Bluestone 2019
V: Visitor Flag Patches
The image on the left is typical of the sort of patch generally used on uniforms, caps and shoulder flashes. The one on the right was used on lapels for the most part and was smaller. NOTE that these item items are not to the same scale for clarity of detail.

Artwork by Jonathan Bluestone (C) Copyright Bluestone 2019. The design remains the intellectual property of its original owners, Warner Bros Television.
Movie Mistakes: V: The Final Battle (1984)
Here we see the chief architect of Earth's invasion, Diana (Jane Badler) holding a gun but clearly its one of the cheaply molded ones used by stuntmen because its clearly a very poor mold, left rough and unfinished and worse of all is missing the hole in the barrel. Unlike 'hero props' which are normally used for scenes in which the item is clearly seen by the camera this one clearly was never meant for that task.

Images remains the intellectual property of Warner Bros. Television (1984)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

        Soccer Player Too Stupid To Have Heard of Hitler

           I've heard some bullshit in my time but the following story takes the gold-plated bagel. Reportedly, a soccer player who shall remain unnamed here for legal reasons but who was thirty-two years old, deliberately made a Nazi Salute gesture and even put the fingers of his other hand under his nose to mimic a Hitler tash and this was captured in a photograph taken of him and other soccer players in January 2019. When challenged on why he would do this - as its obviously a highly offensive gesture - he claimed that he had never heard of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party. Now, I don't consider soccer players to be too bright; in fact if you want to see just how stupid the majority of them are, just watch them being interviewed. They can barely string more than a couple of words together unless they're discussing soccer and even then they have the look of a cornered animal and just want to get away from the camera. But for a thirty-two year old man born in 1987 not to have heard of any of the above is unbelievable to the point of taking the piss, much like he's doing by denying any knowledge of how offensive his actions were. And you know what's worse than this? The Football Association (FA) have cleared him of any wrongdoing! I'm not kidding, they slapped his overpaid wrist and told him to learn about World War II and not do it again.

        Fourteen-Year-Old Florida Girls Planned Nine Murders

            Delaney M. Barnes and Solonge N. Green, both aged fourteen who attended the Avon Park Middle School (401 S Lake Ave, Avon Park, Highlands County, FL 33825) were arrested in Wednesday, April 17th after a teacher noticed them acting in a very disturbed way, noting that they had ''lost a folder'' and they were actively going through other students backpacks. It soon became clear why they were acting in such a manner for the folder marked 'Private Info' and 'Do Not Open' 'Project 11/9' had already been seized by a teacher who on opening it discovered it contained eight sheets of paper. Five of the eight pieces of paper detailed plans to make contact with nine identified individuals, three of which they describe as picking up in a vehicle, transporting and then killing. Six other victims are named in the plans to be killed. The plans included how the girls would obtain firearms and use the firearms to kill the victims. The plans further discussed the transportation of the victims’ corpses to other locations and their eventual disposal, specifically burning and burying the bodies. Reportedly the plans were written in great detail. The three additional pieces of paper had handwritten notes, one identifying the clothing the would-be murderers would choose to wear, noting gloves as being essential, and commented ''NO NAILS'' and ''NO HAIR SHOWING FROM THE MOMENT WE PUT ON THESE CLOTHES WE NIGGAS!'' The fact that one of the girls is black makes little difference, it suggests they wanted to blame black people. A final note said, ''traphouse in Sebring,'' and ''five to eight guns.'' Seemingly they were panicking, fearing somebody else had learned of their plans. The cops were called and the two were immediately arrested and are as of this time being held and questioned pending a trial hearing.

              I apologize for the use of offensive language but am simply reporting the facts as they stand.

          A History of Plastic Pollution?

              We talk about plastic in the water that comprises our oceans but did you know how long ago the first plastic was recorded? Well, seemingly the first plastic ever found was caught in a CPR (Continuous Plankton Recorder) a metal box on a line that is dragged behind vessels as they cruise around the globe somewhere off the coast of Ireland during 1965, fifty-four years ago and that item was an ordinary plastic bag like the sort you might put groceries in. These CPR's have been in use with various maritime agencies since 1931 and were designed as the name suggests to sample and therefore allow an estimation of the plankton in the ocean and the relative health of it as it is a good indicator of the quality of the water it is found in and the general health of the ocean. Now, looking back the people who run the CPR program have come to the conclusion that their equipment may well also provide a accurate means wherein we can determine the density of plastics and the areas in which they form masses. This 'recording' was purely accidental, a unintentional side-effect of seeking out plankton but now it may assist in determining the source of plastics and thereby identifying the worse and most prominent offenders.

              And if that was not bad enough, scientists who went to an area of the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain which was considered a 'pristine wilderness' discovered that an average of three hundred sixty-five tiny plastic fragments or fibers were settling on the ground, the vegetation and trees on every square meter of land daily. Given that the nearest city, Toulouse is approximately seventy-five miles distant this means the micro-plastics are now in the atmosphere and we and every other living creature are now breathing them in.

          Light Pollution Getting Worse

              Approximately one in fifty persons living in England can actually see the stars at night, but that's not down to the predictable British weather and overcast skies, but more so due to light pollution. A survey taken by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) suggests that the situation has not changed since it was raised as an issue in 2007. Seemingly, more than half of the persons questioned on seeing stars stated that they could not see more than ten stars in the constellation Orion.

          Norwegian Jailed for Spying by Russia

              Reportedly the Russian authorities have jailed a Norwegian national by the name of Frode Berg (63) for what amounts to espionage themed surveillance on Russian submarines and sentenced him to a staggering fourteen years in a hard labor camp with a strict regime. Until very recently, Berg had been a guard on the Norway-Russia border and allegedly admitted to working as a ''courier'' for the Norwegian intelligence services, but claimed he had practically no knowledge at all of the mission that he is alleged to have carried out. In fact, Berg is on record as attempting to foster closer ties and more open relations between Norway and Russia. Little more is known about the case but its typical of the gulag type mentality of the Russian state to over-react.

        Notre-Dame de Paris Consumed by Fire

           It's unlikely that you've not heard by now that the famous eight hundred fifty-six year old French cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris suffered an extensive fire this week during renovation work and subsequently the whole of the roof collapsed, taking a spire along with it. Investigations are ongoing into what exactly started the fire but at this time arson is not suspected. The building, which was completed in the year AD1345 took approximately one hundred eighty-two years to complete (having been begun in AD1163) and was at the time of the incident in desperate need of repairs, with the Catholic Church actually asking its followers to reach deep into their pockets to pay for it (I find this highly hypocritical given the obscene amount of wealth the church has). Thankfully the main structure of the cathedral plus its two iconic towers remain relatively untouched and many of the valuable documents and artifacts within were successfully recovered intact. However the spire is gone, the place is ruined. President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to see it returned to its former glory by the year 2024 and at least two billionaires have offered several hundred million Euros between them, although the true cost of rebuilding is likely to be in the billions. I may not be religious but I respect the majesty of the construction and the workmanship that went into it and hope that it is returned to its former glory before the end of the next decade.

        Who Exactly Built Stonehenge?

           That's a question that's been asked for hundreds of years and now it seems we may have an answer. Seemingly research on fossilized human remains (Neolithic) determined that they had ties to Anatolia (Turkey) and had come via Iberia (Spain) and reached Britain in around BC4000 and settled here, wherein they constructed the standing stone monument - or that's the thought. We still don't know for sure why they did it, and similar henges do not exist in Turkey.


Jonathan Bluestone
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THAT'S RIGHT - I DO NOT POSSESS A NECK. Therefore I'm immune to vampyres.

"If my universe had a theme tune which defined it, its danger, the sheer hostility of it all, it would be the music The Fall from the album 'Total Recall' (2012) as it portrays the urgency and energy of things and the sheer ruthlessness of this dark universe. Make no mistake, Fallen Worlds isn't Star Wars or Star Trek, its dark, its violent and I create vessels and hardware to reflect that fact as best as I can.'' ~ Jonathan Bluestone, February 2018


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