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Please be advised that I will be admitted to hospital on Friday November 26th, 2021 to undergo abdominal surgery to suppress a massive umbilical hernia, and during that same operation will have my gallbladder excised. Due to existing health issues, and a leaking heart valve which they believe will be a problem, there is a good chance that I’ll be kept in for observation overnight (26th/27th) and might be back home either on Saturday, November 27th, or more likely on the following Monday, November 29th wherein I’ll update my status.

I’m not expecting any problems, but just in case – thanks all for believing in my work, and well, if I do happen to die, I’ll just become a ghost in the machine forever after ... and remember, if I do croak, I guess nobody be watching for intellectual property theft. Use these materials wisely. Use them together. Use them in peace.

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Those of you who actually read my journals will be aware that I have, with age, developed infirmity and illness. The greater part of that illness came in the form of blindness which was a consequence of my having somewhat aggressive diabetes. Six weeks ago I terminated all unnecessary sugar in my diet, including the drinking of the commercial beverage known as Coca Cola each can containing as many as eight spoonful's of sugar, and replaced it with Coca Cola Zero which has no caffeine, no sugar and this has aided in the recovery of my sight. Wherein I could barely see before, I now have 80% vision with no blurriness and no eye watering.

But that is only a part of the problem. I have also experienced since the year 2000 chronic fatigue and this in part may be because of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) and the fact that I have a leaking heart valve meaning that for the rest of my life I will be required to attend regular medical reviews, and if the problem becomes acute, possible have to endure the replacing of my heart with a synthetic unit or a replacement organ. But more immediate problems exist in the form of an enormous umbilical hernia (google that) measuring 11x11x11'' (28x28x28cm) and an inflamed gallbladder that is full of stones and which since December 2019 has been causing me so much pain that every hour of every day since then has been a virtual hell.

It is only the fact that I have a tremendous endurance wherein pain is concerned that I have endured it. Today, that is October 29th, 2021, I received notification that I am to report to my local hospital for surgery to have both the gallbladder excised and the protruding hernia pushed back inside my body and sealed off on Friday, November 26th, 2021, wherein I will be kept overnight for observation as my general health is such that I have a higher potential for post-operative death than most people because of my existing medical situation and general health.

I hope it goes without issue and that I am out of hospital as soon as possible. I loathe just laying around doing nothing. I'm currently fifty-four years of age and yet due to the energy sapping pain and the faulty heart valve feel as if I'm in my eighties. To all of you I wish the best, and well, if the worse happens, I want you all to know that I respect your loyalty and understanding over the years - I salute you.

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2020 Sucked Ass. May this will improve your mood:

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Sadly I've had to block anyone who favors my gallery materials who originates from China due to ongoing intellectual property theft issues. Between 2017 and the present date (January 28th 2019) I've had no less than fourteen separate instances originating in China in which my work was favored, downloaded and then subsequently reappeared as somebody else's work and invention. In the majority of those instances the artwork was changed very little and presented pretty much as I produced it, but in a few instances the artwork was modified to change both major and small details but essentially it was still possible to see and to later prove that the dimensions, layout and proportions were based on or a direct duplication of my original materials and this included presentation in published science fiction and fantasy works and printed on T-Shirts.

In every instance where the work is clearly mine I have pursued legal action against the offender and in many instances the offending party has either (a
) desisted immediately under threat of legal action for intellectual property theft, or (b) been an innocent party who had purchased the rights too those images without realizing that the party claiming to be the originating source was in fact misrepresenting the origin of the work in question and choose to cease publication or printing under threat of a cease and desist legal action. I'm aware that my gallery has a relatively small but exceedingly loyal following and to those of you who regularly enjoy my work I sincerely apologize for having to do the following, but if you happen to be in China or worse, happen to operate a deviantART gallery without any content whatsoever (as in a blank gallery full of favorites but no actual artwork produced by the gallery owner) from anywhere on the planet I will automatically block you on general principle as its been my observation over the last decade that persons who operate such 'galleries' are often collecting artwork so they can use it as inspirational materials for their own work - if any - or so the artwork can be illegally appropriated and then sold on without financial benefit being passed on the originating artist.

And well, that does not sit well with me; somebody producing something that
looks like my work because it is in essence my work but from their perspective. If you want to enjoy my work then that's fine but if you plan to copy it or claim it for your own expect my legal representative to be contacting you to ask why; especially if you're using my work for financial purposes.

Jonathan Bluestone
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The golden rule is ... they who hold the gold make the rules.

Here's an interesting story. Prince Philip (97), the husband of Queen Elizabeth II pulled out of the Sandringham royal estate in Norfolk on Thursday, January 17th onto a public road in a Land Rover this week and promptly struck a motorist driving on a public highway resulting in his vehicle being involved in an auto accident and his vehicle flipping onto its side. One witness to this incident helped the driver of the Land Rover and it came as quite the shock to realize who was driving … and in the other vehicle, containing a twenty-eight year old woman (who was driving) and who experienced cuts to her knee, while the woman's nine-month-old baby remained uninjured. A passenger in the vehicle, Emma Fairweather (46) received a broken wrist … and what did the Royal household do? Nothing seemingly. The duke never bothered to contact any of them, nor did he offer an apology. And the following day, Friday, January 18th he was given an eye test and declared able to see and instantly was out on the road again in a replacement Land Rover and photographed NOT wearing a seatbelt, which under British Law carries a minimum penalty of a £100 fine. If the incident merits it being brought to court, the offender can expect a fine of £500 - and now the victims are asking why he was allowed back behind the wheel of another car and why he was not charged with driving without a seatbelt but that's nothing as under law motorists found guilty of careless driving can expect imprisonment but of course that won't even be considered in his case, despite the fact that he's broken the law. In the meantime, Ms. Fairweather who only recently began working as a social worker is now unable to do her job and all because she was injured in a road accident not of her friends making and now has to have her teenage son help her wash and dress. She said that while she was in hospital being X-Rayed, the duke came to visit but since she was not 'seriously' harmed he walked away as if her injury was relatively minor. As an aside and to show that the money holders also hold all the power, the road which the duke was on was instantly considered for the speed limit to be dropped following the crash from sixty miles per hour to fifty, not that fifty won't kill anyone who is hit by another car there again … curious really because in this country, trying to get the council to do anything like this often takes months and there is no end of bullshit and red tape involved. Oh, one last comment … seemingly the Queen was also seen at the wheel of a car in Sandringham on January 19th and NOT wearing a seatbelt too. What does that tell you? On January 21st it was suggested that Her Majesty had personally asked her most trusted confident to contact Ms. Fairweather and ask about her health. The duke has yet to make contact.
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