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          You Want Lawlessness? You Got It!
          [08-17-2018] On August 17th the police were called to a situation on the Romford Road, Newham, East London, and stopped a car wherein a twenty-five year old man was seen brandishing a firearm and while attempting to arrest him two of the officers involved were seriously injured. In the confusion that erupted he subsequently managed to make a clean getaway while being cheered on by a mob of witnesses who were doing their best to prevent his capture and filming the incident. You can see one of the videos here: [link] - Reportedly the attacker and an accomplice are now in police custody. Two officers subsequently received hospital treatment with one female officer requiring treatment for a broken bone and the other requiring surgery.

          UBER Driver Attempts To Park on Ocean Bed at Cannes
          [08-17-2018] When Nick Christoforou and Sophia Toon got into a UBER driver car in Cannes, France the last place they expected to be 'delivered' was the ocean bed but that's exactly what happened. Shortly after getting in the driver somehow lost control and drove off of the end of a pier and plunged into the ocean. Acting instinctively, Christoforou opened the door as the car rapidly sunk and then grabbing Toon dragged her out of the car and swam up to escape back into the air. I assume the driver did the same, but his story remains untold - he did nevertheless survive. UBER has now banned that driver from using its app.

          Mosque Imam RECORDED Demanding Jihad in Britain
          [08-16-2018] The BBC ran a story this evening about a preacher named Mustafa Graf at a mosque in Didsbury, Manchester who in December 2016 led a prayer and then gave a sermon in which he openly demanded muslims commit to armed jihad against the Western world. If you're curious to hear that and to see him ignoring the BBC reporter who tried to confront him over it - you can do so here:… (video and report remains the property of the BBC). He is clearly heard (and recorded) saying, that he wanted the people in the mosque to pray for Islamic fighters ''victory'' for ''our brothers and sisters right now in Aleppo and Syria and Iraq.'' Two Islamic scholars later said on hearing the audio recording that he was referring to ''military jihad'' yet Graf denies this, and claims that he has never preached radical islam. A simple voice analysis would prove it one way or another. Be advised that this is the same mosque that
Salman Abedi attended, and the preachers words came six months before the aforementioned MURDERED twenty-two people at a Ariana Grande concert with improvised explosives. It is my hope that the police and intelligence services take this creep into custody as soon as possible. I'm curious as to why its taken nearly two years for this to be reported.

          No Handshake, no Citizenship
          [08-17-2018] a muslim couple who have attempted to become citizens of Switzerland were denied said citizenship simply because they refused to shake hands with a person of the opposite sex. Under Islamic teachings to do so is forbidden, and I'm all for respecting the traditions of people - but there is a point where integration and acceptance of Western culture is expected and required and the Swiss authorities are citing that situation and the couples inability to accept and respect gender equality as their basis for the refusal to grant citizenship. Reportedly the same couple (in separate interviews) struggled badly to answer questions about the opposite sex, their lifestyles, habits and everyday actions. Curiously a muslim woman recently won 'damages' in Sweden for refusing to shake the hand of a man at a interview for a job. She was refused said job on the same grounds as the above couple.

          Woman Stabbed to Death in Battersea
          [08-16-2018] Simonne Samantha Kerr (31) was stabbed viciously at her home in Grayshott Road, Battersea, Central London this week by Desmond Sylva (40) and was subsequently given emergency medical aid at the scene but died before she could be taken to hospital. Sylva has since been arrested by the police and charged with murder. Ms. Kerr, who was employed as a nurse, previously appeared on Britain's Got Talent as part of a National Health Service (NHS) choir.

          Four Teenagers Stabbed in South London
          [08-16-2018] Police arrived on the scene soon after 17:30 hours on August 16th after reports of a violent disorder outside Landor House, Camberwell, London and discovered four teenagers lying on the pavement with stab wounds. The victims were subsequently able to identify their attackers and police soon afterwards arrested six other teenagers aged fifteen and sixteen while the victims were sent for hospital treatment. Although no official commentary has yet been released it is more than likely a gang related attack. It is known the victims are aged fourteen and fifteen years of age and one of them is in a critical condition. UPDATE: Two of the teenagers have now died and police are considering this a murder investigation.

          Men Stabbed to Death in Chingford and Walworth, London
          [08-17-2018] A forty-two year old male was stabbed to death at an address in Flaxen Road, Chingford, London at 04:40 hours on August 17th. Another man in his fifties was also found, stabbed to death in his home in Walworth, East London several hours later. You have to ask what madness exists to explain all of these stabbings and murders.

          Imitation Weapon Student In Stand-Off With Armed Police
          [08-17-2018] Filip Adam Nowak (25) of Clydach, Swansea, Wales, decided to take a replica firearm to Cwmdonkin Park in Swansea and waved it around and put it in the face of passers by as it amused him. He was considerably less amused when an armed response team arrived on the scene and was ordered to drop the weapon or risk being shot. He complied of course. He was subsequently charged with carrying an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and given a six month jail sentence (suspended). His prize idiot was later quoted as saying, "I feel I have been labeled a terrorist."

          Brennan vs. Chump
          [08-16-2018] Former chief of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) John Brennan does not like Chump and because of this he said a number of things which have really pissed off the faux president; so much so that the gangster in the White House revoked Brennan's security clearances and acted to excommunicate him from the intelligence community by way of revenge. Now Brennan has gone after Chump, writing an article for a well-known newspaper in the States in which he flatly stated that Chumps campaign was definitely sponsored and supported by the Russians so that he could win in 2016. Chump of course is doing what he does best and slandering the man; suggesting that Brennan has been acting erratically and making "outrageous allegations" - well, sooner or later some of the mud being slung is going to stick. In the meantime, at least a dozen former intelligence operatives have announced that they back Brennan and feel that Chump is taking his laughable 'power' just that bit too far.

          Ex-Chump Aide Faces Jail-Time for Lying About Russian Contacts
          [08-17-2018] U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has determined that George Papadopoulos, a former aide to Chump should serve six months for his part in the concealment of a crime - to wit, his lying about not having contact with the Russians during his time when he was with Chumps election campaign team. This is the first of many which with any luck will see that corrupt business kicked out of office and hopefully jailed (no doubt he will figure out a way to avoid that).

          Pervert Sentenced For Filming Up Women's Skirts - But Does Not Go to Jail
          [08-16-2018] The act of 'upskirting' is when a camera is directed under the skirt of a woman in order to take photographs or film for the purposes of perverse sexual gratification. Its already illegal in Britain and has been since 21st of June 2018. On June 20th this year Richard Sivier (57) decided to direct a camera up the skirt of a woman at Horse Guards Parade, London and was caught in the act by police and subsequently arrested for it. He has now been charged with outraging public decency. He received a eight week sentence, suspended for two years (meaning if he does it again or in fact commits any crime in the next two years he will go to jail). Currently the maximum sentence for the crime is two years. Reportedly Chump has a list of nine people who have all criticized him and who more than likely are for the chop.

          Two People Charged With Sickening Mutilation of a Child
          [08-17-2018] A man aged forty-two and a woman aged thirty-six were arrested in east London after it came to light that they were directly involved in the mutilation of a three-year-old girls genitals. This practice is common is Islamic countries and is illegal in Britain. They were also charged with possessing extreme pornography and in all both had five charges leveled against them.

          Missing Family Hidden by Murderer in Colorado in Plain Sight
          [08-17-2018] A couple of days ago, Chris Watts phoned the police and reported that his wife, Shanann, and two daughters were missing. He subsequently went on television and pleaded for them to return ... while knowing full well where they were. The day after his request the police conducted a full examination and investigation of the property they lived on in Colorado and discovered the woman and her daughters inside an almost full fuel-oil tank - obviously dead. It is thought he hid them there to conceal the odor of rotting flesh until such time that he could bury them away from the property. He has now been charged with their murders. Police released a statement indicating that the family had financial issues and they she suspected Watts of cheating on her.

          Shopkeeper Who Outed Thief Told It Isn't Legal To Do So
          [08-16-2018] When a thief walked into the premises of Blue Sky Printing in Colchester, Essex, and casually stole a tablet computer before strolling out it wasn't until James Callaghan, the owner ran back the CCTV recording knew for a fact that he had been robbed. Determined to find out who the thief was, he printed off the best image of the thief and making posters of his face walked around the neighborhood putting up the items which were labeled "recognize this man?" Now the police have told him all the posters have to come down as they breached data protection laws and could not be displayed. In a further statement the police issued a statement that amounted to only they had the right to investigate and prosecute those responsible for crime. To me at least this isn't helping things - he has a right to ask for information - or are all those posters we regularly see taped to lamp posts and telegraph poles of missing cats considered "breaches of data protection laws" also?

          British Government Considering Allowing Vaping on Public Transport
          [08-17-2018] Indeed smoking in any form is disgusting and the smokers themselves, irrespective of what crap they are taking into their diseased lungs are more than happy to share with it everyone else, contaminating the air around them with their stench. Now the government are considering the allowing of vaping (nicotine vapor) on public transport where the scumbags smoking can be shared with each and every other passenger whether they want to smell it or not and in the process have to suck down that filthy shitty air into their lungs that has been inside the selfish smoker. Well, I for one plan to write to my MP to lodge a complaint as I like my air free of other peoples contamination. For those of you who are not old enough to understand my dislike, I grew up in the seventies and eighties and suffered smoking in every public venue and place - and even on buses, where there was no getting away with the shit that was in the air. I often came home with my hair and my clothes stinking of nicotine and my skin covered in that shitty debris in the air. To me smoking is disgusting and frankly if people want to do it, they best do it where its not going to be forced on anyone else as 'secondary smoke' is just as bad as the original product and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

          Never Return to the Scene of the Crime ...
          [08-17-2018] In October 1958 Boyne Lester Johnson (27) was employed as a teller in Ottawa, Canada and one day it entered his mind to steal what was in the safe and then make good his escape. So carrying out what amounted to a cunning plan, he seized C$260,958 and ran for it ... but he wasn't free for long and a mere seventeen day later was captured by police and served four years in prison for his crime. Now in 2018, sixty years after he committed that robbery he returned as a guest of the current owner of the bank - now a restaurant - and served up a luxuriant meal and celebrated the day he robbed the place more than half a century ago. Who says crime does not pay?

Anyone here a fan of the motion picture A L I E N ? If so, you're going to love this television commercial: [link] (2004) Nik Naks.
          I happened to be examining the records relating to the deaths of police officers in the line of duty and came across this bizarre instance, for the killer was not human. But before I continue I'll explain something about the technology that was employed one hundred and eighteen years ago by the police in order to maintain communication links between beat officers and their headquarters; for although officers back in the year 1900 were pretty tough types who could hand out some judicial excess when the situation called for it, they were armed with a stick and a sidearm because it was expected that they could and often were attacked by persons unknown and either harmed or killed outright so the police departments back then in cities like Saint Louis, Missouri, had the telephone company rig up special police telephones at virtually every intersection so a police officer was never far from a phone. Because this was well before the introduction of radios (the first police radio was used in April 1928 with two-way radios coming into use in 1933) an officer was required to call in once an hour and state their location, status and if necessary to give an account of their current actions or they would be in trouble with their sergeant. Failure to call in would be met with an immediate investigation, a stern talking too and possibly demerits against the officer unless there was a good reason for their doing so. Failure for an expected call to be missed would also trigger a police alarm and officers would be dispatched to the section the absent officer was patrolling to see if they were in trouble or worse.

          Now that I've explained that, we can go straight to the case in question.

          At around 19:30 hours on the night of September 3rd 1900 in Saint Louis, Officer John Dineen
arrived at the corner of 12th and Morgan Streets and opening the small hatch on the box which contained the police only telephone mounted on a telephone pole he took hold of the handset and was instantly electrocuted by what was estimated as being thirty-two hundred volts direct current, and although he was only in contact with the handset for a second, if that, the handset (which was live) turned the flesh on his hand black and he was rendered unconscious. Fortunately a passing citizen witnessed the incident and quickly raised the alarm, and while other people came to see what had happened (for this was a time when any incident out of the ordinary was considered entertainment) one of them who had their own telephone called in to the police headquarters in the Fourth District that a police officer was down and this led to reinforcements being dispatched to his location, and Officer Dineen was taken away to the nearest hospital for treatment by the citizen who had seen him felled.

          Now unknown to anyone at this point a heavy current cable had fallen and was now laid across the cables used by the police at 8th and Carr Streets and this acted to make
every police telephone connection a potential death trap and an accident just waiting to happen. And then it started. As police officers patrolling the Fourth District called in as required they were systematically electrocuted exactly as Officer Dineen had been; some of them received severe burns as he did, some of them died at the scene due to heart attacks for the most part and were found by concerned citizenry. More concerned calls came in, and this time the police headquarters dispatched a patrol wagon and three special officers (essentially tougher cops who by today's standards would be S.W.A.T.) to investigate and on seeing their fellow officers on patrol verbally warned them not to call in, not to use the telephone boxes.

          However, this warning came too late for many officers who suffered the same fate.

         Two police officers died from electrocution, another thirteen others in the Downtown area were seriously injured by it. Among the dead was Officer
Nicolas Beckman who had only been on the streets a year. He was rendered unconscious and experienced severe burning when he attempted to call in using the police box on 18th Street between Washington and Carr Streets. A passing citizen on seeing him thrown from the box carried him across the road to the Protestant Hospital where he died a mere fifteen minutes later from his injuries. At 20:00 hours that same evening, Officer John Looney (41), of Irish ancestry, went to call in. He opened the hatch, reached in and on contact with the handset he received the fatal shock and was thrown to the ground. A veteran of the department, he had served for seven years and was married with two children. He had a brother who was with the mounted division, Patrick Looney. Recognized as one of the hardest men the department had, he walked what was then a rough neighborhood with relative ease, and was both respected and feared by the local underworld because of it.

          It took the electric company five hours to find the fault and fix it. Come daybreak the newspapers and wire services were awash with the story, noting that some of the officers had the skin burned to the bone and that their hands would have to be amputated because of it. Given that on that night in September 1900 no less than seventy police officers were out making sure the city was safe, its a wonder that not more met their death due to the fallen power cable.
          'Only' Eighty-Nine Violent Deaths in London in 2018
          [08-16-2018] As the headline says, there has been a dramatic drop in crime in London since January 2018, but that has not stopped gun and knife crime, with eighty-nine violent murders (that we know of) in the city and thousands more cases of non-lethal stabbing and assaults. Much of this has been put down to gang warfare in the city, criminals who see a quick way to intimidate and steal and of course the hardcore professionals who make it their business to rob. As the stories below indicate, the old horrors are still very much in effect ...

          Russian Satellite Giving United States Cause For Concern

          [08-16-2018] Reportedly the American intelligence and defense agencies have identified a Russian built satellite that is acting in what can best be described as being a "very abnormal" way. In a statement released to the press, the State Department said, "We don't know for certain what it is and there is no way of verify it." But clearly the satellite exists and it has been hinted that it is in fact a weapons platform. Russia has of course denied any knowledge and added that the comments are "unfounded, slanderous accusations based on suspicions." Which means the U.S. is probably right as whatever the Russians say, accept the direct opposite.

          Getting a New iPhone?
          [08-15-2018] Motorola has just released its new phone (the Motorola P30) and its identical to the iPhone and Apple is reportedly furious calling the device a "shameless copy."

          Romanian Gangster Arrested in Britain

          [08-15-2018] If you ever wanted to prove that the scum of Eastern Europe were doing what they damned well pleased in Britain the following pretty much proves it. Police acting on information arrested Florin Ghinea (43) (aka Ghenosu) outside a gym in Watford, north of London on August 15th. Listed as one of the world's most wanted men, he is considered a crime boss and is directly implemented in human trafficking, conspiracy to murder, blackmail and money laundering to say nothing of plenty of other minor crimes against persons and property. His trafficking operation had Romanian women sent to Ireland, Finland and Dubai for sexual exploitation, while the conspiracy to murder allegation relates to a plan to kill a criminal rival. He is currently being held on a European arrest warrant and faces extradition to Romania where he will be tried.

          Cretin Phones Airline To Delay Flight With Bomb Hoax
          [08-11-2018] On May 1th this year, Jacob Meir Abdellak realized that he was going to be late for a flight that was due to take off from Heathrow Airport, London for Los Angeles so he phoned the police with what amounts to a bomb hoax so the flight would be delayed and he could get there in time ... that was a great plan, except the rocket scientist in question phoned from the same number that he used to place a request for this airline tickets and was quickly identified and arrested. He was sentenced to ten months for providing false information.

          Men Grab Dogs in Street
          [08-16-2018] A gang of men (exact number not given) approached a dog breeder in the street while he walked two of his dogs and demanded that he hand over the animals or suffer the consequences. According to the victim, the gang were armed with a gun, crossbow, machete - and naturally, he had to do it. This marks the second time the same man had been threatened, with the first instance a fortnight before when he was attacked by two of the same gang with axes, clubs and wooden planks resulting his sustaining serious injuries. The police have since identified three of the gang and arrested them and they are now up on charges in Cardiff, Wales.

          Latest Terrorist Failure in London

          [08-15-2018] On August 14th 2018, Salih Khater (29) who was let into Britain as a refugee claiming asylum from Sudan took a car, drove to Westminster and crashed it - with the full intention of harming or killing as many people as possible. Three persons were injured as his vehicle struck cyclists and pedestrians but nobody died. He was quickly captured by police but refused to cooperate, and reportedly the security services did not have this 'naturalized citizen' on their radar, but they have since ascertained links between his attack and terrorists in Birmingham and Nottingham who they quickly swooped on. In the meantime, he has been charged with terrorist offences and his being interrogated by police. His brother claims that he is a "normal person" which sadly says a lot. His brother also claims he has no religious beliefs, no links to fanatics or terrorists. Khater had driven one hundred fifteen miles overnight from Birmingham to the capital and toured the Tottenham Court Road area from 01.25 hours to 05:55 hours before launching his attack and was captured, repeatedly on CCTV before he acted.

          Australian Politician Calls for Migration Bans on Muslims For Security Reasons
          [08-15-2018] Fraser Anning, a member of the Katter's Australian Party has called for migration bans on muslims and others and was quickly denounced by the rival parties and called "disgraceful" - but Anning is not apologizing, not even after using the phrase "final solution" in his speech - poor choice of words.

          Trump Tower (Chicago) Involved In Illegal Activities
          [08-15-2018] Reportedly Chicago's Trump International Hotel and Tower is breaking environmental laws with a breathtaking determination. According to the city of Chicago, the tower sucks in thousands of gallons of water from the Chicago River without the necessary permits, processes it, uses it and then discharges it back into the river further downstream with pollution in it. So now the city is suing Chump as the city believes the building is causing the death of fish in the river. Chumps spokespeople of course denounced the whole thing as a politically motivated sham and fake news.

          Chump SWEATING in Row with Omarosa Manigault Newman
          [08-15-2018] Omarosa Manigault Newman was the golden girl who won Chump's business prize and worked with him, but now it seems she has a tape with him being abusive on it and using the N-Word! She is due to release a book soon (Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House) after being fired by Chumps 'organization' from the White House, and when she phoned him to say that she had been fired, Chump very badly feigned ignorance of her firing (she has released that tape) but did not say she had not been so now the gloves are off and he is suing her for what amounts to breaching her contract. Chump has of course denied the use of the N-Word. She has known Chump for fifteen years and was his Director of Communications ... so who better to have the dirt on him, eh? A woman scorned is a very dangerous foe!

          Postman Suspended For Dumping Mail in India
          [08-15-2018] A postal employee in India was suspended after it was discovered that he never bothered to deliver letters for more than a decade - possibly resulting in thousands of pieces of mail (estimated as being around six thousand pieces) that were simply dumped. Based in the Odhanga village in Orissa state, the authorities are now trying to determine where all the missing mail went. The real question is why he was not fired for what amounts to criminal activity?

          Child Kidnapped, Tortured and Ordered to Steal

          [08-13-2018] A fourteen-year-old child (who under U.K. law cannot be named as he is a minor) was kidnapped while walking home from school by Christopher Rennie and Anthony Wright in Renfrew, thrown into a car and then taken to a flat where he was blind-folded, had his money and phone taken and then beaten mercilessly and shouted at to steal five hundred pounds from his own mother or they would come back and kill both of them. They then dropped him off at his home, wherein he went inside, locked the door and immediately informed the police of what had happened. Because he was smart enough to lock himself inside the two would-be extorters were unable to get to him and were soon captured by police.

          ... What? It's a Dud?
          [08-13-2018] Laura Ingall of Bramshott Common, near Liphook, Dorset happened to be out walking with her dog when she came across a curious object that she kicked at repeatedly to get it out from under the sod, and once exposed failed to recognize that it was a British World War II hand grenade. Picking it up, she took it home and then posted images of it on social media ... and that's when people started telling her what was sitting on her mantle piece. She called the police who called the explosives people who called the army and they arrived, took it away and they probably detonated it.

          Somali Brothers-in-Law Charged With Terrorism Offences

          [08-10-2018] Ahmed Aweys (32) and Abdulaziz Omer Munye (26), both resident in London, conspired to prepare for terrorism, with Aweys downloading and printing off materials likely to assist in terrorism, and Munye was charged with offences as defined by Section 2 of the Terrorism Act. Both men emigrated from Somalia to Britain and now more than likely will be charged, jailed and when they are done, kicked out of the country.

          White Muslim Radical Gets Jailed
          [08-10-2018] British born Lewis Ludlow (26) [also known as Ali Hussain] has just been convicted of preparing for acts of terrorism although his sentencing has yet to be reported. According to the media, he was radicalized in his teens, converted to Islam and planned to defend his faith by murdering at least a hundred people in Central London. He admitted to intending to rent a van and hit pedestrians in Oxford Street. He also intended to go to Madame Tussauds waxworks, as well as St. Paul's Cathedral and kill there as well. The creep also admitted to acting to raise money for terrorism.

          'Sports' Teacher Jailed For Sexually Assaulting Female Students
          [08-10-2018] Ajaz Karim (63) who lived in Hammersmith, West London was convicted of nine charges relating to what was referred to as 'indecent assault' but basically came down to unsolicited touching and rape while employed at Christ's Hospital School in Horsham for inappropriate interactions with at least six female students aged fourteen and eighteen between 1985 and 1993. According to court records, he tried to deny his actions. The creep received a ten year jail sentence.

          Pakistani Pedophiles To Lose British Citizenship
          [08-08-2018] Three Pakistani immigrants who choose to settle in Britain and claim British citizenship have had it stripped from them following illegal activities which included kidnap, trafficking and grooming of girls as young as thirteen, rape and the arranged gang-rape of same by older men for their own sick ends in Rochdale, Greater Manchester in 2012. It is thought that they will serve prison time for their actions and then be deported back to Pakistan. The offenders being Abdul Aziz, Adil Khan, Qari Abdul Rauf. It should be noted that other members of their 'gang' also exist and have already been sentenced. The punks actually tried to launch an appeal against the sentencing - but then, what do you expect of such creeps?

          Boris Johnson: ''Women Wearing Burka's Look Like Bank Robbers and Letterboxes"
          In Britain we have a lovable buffoon of a man and he happens to be a member of the British Parliament (Conservative/Tory). Often outspoken, sometimes making comments that make him look like a complete dickhead he basically says whatever crosses his mind and its seldom, if ever, intended maliciously - so when he recently said of women in Britain who choose to wear the Burka, the head-to-foot (often black) concealing garment that leaves only the woman's eyes showing that they looked like "letter boxes" or "bank robbers" he meant it in what could be determined to be a way that was a simple observation; yet Mr. Johnson is being persecuted and pursued by people who see his comments as racist, islamophobic and deliberate. Actually, Mr. Johnson has a point. In Muslim countries the Burka is often employed to allow a woman to walk around without being stared at or sexually assaulted and in some communities their husbands (and immediate family) insist that a woman dress in this way when outside of their home so that they do not draw attention to themselves. In Britain however its become a point of contention as the British have rules in place, even laws that mean that a person must reveal their face when entering certain establishments such as banks and places of business yet this law is ignored in favor of religious rights. Certain other countries have already passed laws that make the wearing of the Burka in public an arresting offence and frankly it ought to be considered here too as it clearly violates the law and makes people uncomfortable, especially in these times of terrorism and the fact that it is well-documented that a number of male terrorists and persons on watch lists have worn female garments to escape detection. But coming back to Mr. Johnson. He is tipped to become the new Conservative leader and personally I believe he would be a good one for he has what many of them lack - common sense and says what needs to be said. I wish to remind my readers that I hold no political views whatsoever or support any political party as I think they're all bloody troublemakers.

          Chump To Lose 'Star' for Dishonorable Behavior
          [08-08-2018] A little known fact is that the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame have nothing to do with Hollywood and are in fact authorized or denied, and even removed by a vote taken by the West Hollywood City Council because he's been a naughty boy and isn't entitled to have one there. In a statement Mayor John Duran said, "Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honor. When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities or women - the honor no longer exists." So it's highly likely it's going to go so if you happen to live anywhere near that area, go get a photograph of it now because it might not be around for long. The Council passed a resolution to remove the star.

          Cretin Drives Fast in Dubai, Wonders Why He Got Arrested
          [08-09-2018] The following is a cautionary tale of doing something incredibly predictable in a place that is also incredibly predictable and then wondering why the outcome happened. When Farah Hashi (25) rented a Lamborghini Huracan, near Dubai and went for a drive, the idiot decided to go as fast as possible (which is why he rented the car in the first place) and then wondered why he got stopped by the cops. When he rented the car the dealership took his Welsh passport as security and now they're refusing to hand it back and he has been told that he has to pay a
£36,000 ($46,000) fine to do so because under the law of that kingdom he's been a very naughty boy. But he can't pay it and now he's trapped there (boo hoo hoo - I can that poetic justice). Given how that kingdom works, he's basically screwed.

          Four Asian Youths Crash Into Tree During Police Pursuit: All Dead
          [0803-2018] And taking of incredibly stupid here's a story about the outcome of crime where a tree provided the sentencing. Seemingly four rocket scientists stole a BMW and roared around the streets of Bradford, England and were subsequently noticed by the police who gave pursuit ... but the driver (not mentioned) simply could not hack it and slammed into a tree at the junction beween Bingley Road and Toller Lane at 05:30 in the morning resulting in the instant deaths by impact injury of Murtza Chaudhry (21), Arbaaz Hussain (21), Zeeshan Khalid (20) and Tayyab Siddique (22) - none of which were bright enough to wear a seatbelt.

          McDonald's ... Not Loving It
          [08-01-2018] When heavily pregnant Sarah Douglas drove up to a McDonald's drive-thru in Alberta province, Canada and ordered a latte, she was served up something other than the beverage she wanted and it wasn't until she was a good few miles from the place that she took a sip of it and discovered that the cup contained a lethal cocktail of cleaning fluids - which she immediately spat out. Somebody at that McDonald's did that deliberately and now the company is investigating. The company issued an apology of course, but its far too late for that. This could be interpreted as premeditated murder. Wonder if the company will make it up to her by offering her coupons?

          Drugged-Up Asshole Attacks Own Child and Mother
          [08-03-2018] My personal dislike of anyone who uses drugs or alcohol to excess is pretty much summed up by my looking them up and down and saying "scum" - and this is pretty much what I think of Sean Ziemelis (31) who after using cannabis on August 1st 2017 decided to gouge out his own seven-month-old child's eyes and then strangle him before throwing him and the child's mother out of a first story window. Both mother and child survived the fall, and the child will not lose its sight. The creep admitted attempted murder and was jailed for 'life' meaning he will be out in about seven to ten years to re-offend.

          Would-Be Terrorist Bride Gets Life
          [08-03-2018] Safaa Bouar (18) of Vauxhill, London, was so incredibly stupid as to 'marry' a daesh fighter (who later got shot and good riddance if you ask me) with the intention of going to Syria to join him so they could educate her as a terrorist. The youngest person ever to be convicted of terrorism, she was jailed for 'life' which in this case was thirteen years. Her mother and sister who also were part of the plot were jailed in June 2018.

          Drugged-Up Asshole Kills Girlfriend
          [08-04-2018] Michael Marler (37) killed his partner; Danielle Richardson at their flat in Manchester during what he termed a "drugs spree" but denied the killing was intentional. His weapon of choice was a knife and then after killing her, high as a kite, he leapt out of a window with some of his neighbors who had heard the shouting and the screaming in close pursuit. Anyway, when arrested he was still high and covered in blood. Not surprisingly really considering that the police said she had received fifteen knife wounds to the face, neck and her back. The fucker should receive a sentence that sees him die in prison in my opinion.

          Young Woman Sexually Abused by Smug Bouncer
          [08-01-2018] When Emily White (19) went for a night out and tried to get into a public house, the Sailor's Arms in Newquay, she didn't expect for a moment that it would be a problem but on arrival she was confronted by the bouncer who used intimidating language about her breasts, and lewd suggestion to sexually harass her. She complained about his actions and was told by the bouncer "I can do what I want." with a big silly grin on his oafish face. She told him that she intended to report him, to which he replied, "They won't do anything, love," And now he does not have a job anymore and had been told his actions were not the sort of thing that was acceptable. Poetic justice anyone?

          Ice Cream Van Attack by Drug-Crazed Asshole
          [08-03-2018] On an unspecified date on July 2018, Jamie Tickle (no age given) exceedingly drunk and high on cocaine, grabbed a Samurai sword (an illegal weapon in Britain) left his home in Merseyside, Liverpool and shouting went outside and began attacking an ice cream van which was pulled up there, scattering terrified women and children who had been purchasing frozen treats. He then got into the vehicles, did same damage and threatened the woman within with the sword. Reportedly, after acting like a damned fool some realization penetrated what little mind he actually had and he realized that he best hide and he was subsequently found trembling by garbage bins and arrested by the police. He received a two-year sentence for his crimes - which included affray and possession of a banned weapon.

          Disabled Boy Told To Prove He was Disabled Or Would Not Be Allowed on Flight
          [08-03-2018] An employee of Jet2 at Split Airport, Croatia, told a ten-year-old disabled child that he had to 'prove' he was disabled, and that would prove difficult as he has the condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy. They ignored his mother, Alex Johnson, and held the family up unduly. Eventually however they were permitted to board and once back home in Wigan, Greater Manchester, they filed a complaint. The airlines response was to say it was "extremely sorry" - well, words are cheap.

          Five Teenage Scumbags Kidnap and Torture to Death a Fifteen-Year-Old
          [08-06-2018] Life has become cheap in Britain, so cheap in fact that five scumbags kidnapped and tortured to death a fifteen year old boy, Jacob Abraham, for their own amusement in Waltham Cross in December 2017. The murderers were Kai Fisher-Dixon, Shuyb Mahomud, Tremayne Gray, Omaruin Stephens and Abdulqaliq Mohamed, all of which were also aged fifteen and who lived in Enfield, London. Naturally all five of them deny any wrongdoing, deny murder and are squealing that they are innocent. Nevertheless they got convicted of murder and well, the sentence was 'life' which means they're probably serve about fifteen years apiece.

          Creep Came Pre-Armed With Acid ... Killed Wrong Person
          [08-01-2018]] When Joanne Rand (47) sat down to rest in High Wycombe on June 3rd 2017, the last thing she probably expected was to be the accidental victim of an acid attack. Yet that is exactly what happened for along came Xeneral Webster (19) with a concealed bottle of sulfuric acid (drain cleaner) and uncapping it he aimed to sear and mutilate an enemy who was sitting close by and whom he was arguing with, but the cretin missed and she got the lot instead - with the corrosive fluid covering her from head to foot. Realizing that she had been splashed, Rand ran off and tried to get it off and Webster ran too - for his life - with the man who he had tried to mutilate close behind. Webster managed to escape but he didn't escape the law who caught up with him ... and when Rand died from her injuries eleven days later he was tried for manslaughter and is to serve seventeen years.

          Burglars Took Acid With Them To Harm Occupants of House
          [08-10-2018] Nico White-Channer (27) and Damian Rutterford (20) went out one night in 2017 and intended to break into peoples homes while they slept and steal from them, but they also planned to make sure their victims would not be able to fight back by carrying with them a four-pint capacity bottle full of powerful corrosive. While robbing one house, White-Channer was discovered and emptied the while bottle all over the occupants of a flat in Peterborough causing severe burns. Police later captured the creeps and White-Channer received a fourteen year jail sentence for the crime, wherein his driver, Rutterford received a mere two years and six months for his part in the activity.

          Grenfield Fraud: Illegal Immigrant Claims Compensation
          [08-03-2018] There are some real scum around and none more debased than the ones who use others pain to get something for themselves. Although there have been a number of cases in which undocumented immigrants, migrants and scumbags have claimed to have been displaced when 'their home' was burnt to the ground, none more sickening exist than the ones (and there have been a number now) who claim to have been in Grenfell Tower. This is one of them: Antonio Gouveia (33) wasn't even supposed to be in the country, he had no passport, no papers of entry and certainly no right to be living in the United Kingdom yet somehow he managed to convince the authorities that he was living with an elderly relative in the tower on the night the place burned down. This meant that he could claim support and ended up being put up in what amounts to a luxury hotel room at £155 a night for two hundred and eighty-nine days before anyone questioned his story; in all he was awarded £50,000 in care before he was discovered to be a fraud. Wonder if they will kick his ass out of the country once he finishes his prison sentence?

          Ninety-Year-Old Woman Beaten in Own Home By Masked Robber
          [08-06-2018] When a man dressed all in black broke into the home of a ninety-year-old woman in Bradford, he wasn't just content to rob her, he had to beat her up as well ... and then he robbed her. The police arrived just before 05:00 and have little to work on. The victim has been taken away for medical treatment.
          There comes a time in a man's life when that old bastard age and age-related infirmities, to say nothing of having the shit kicked out of him, physically, emotionally, psychologically day-in day-out for decades on end causes him to reflect on the way things are and invariably he has to bow to the inevitable outcome of such circumstances. So I'm grounding my ship, I'm unsealing my gloves, I'm taking off my environmental suit and I'm putting my combat scarred faceplate on a shelf where it'll look pretty and I can admire the dents and the scratches on it while I take up a less stressful employment of my time because I'm done spacing! Yep, you heard it here first. A combination of elements and situations has caused me to literally vacuum-suck package the large beach towel and throw it into a storage casing before stuffing it into an under-deck locker. Age being one of them to be sure, and yes I'm only fifty-two (more or less) but its not the age, its the mileage and I've traveled a hell of a lot of light years in the last half century. I've also fought in a hell of a lot of battles, been to places most of you have only ever heard of. And yeah, I've eaten more freeze-dried crap than I can comfortably discuss and drunk more Jack Daniels while watching old movies on the vid while I was out in the black between systems where it's nice and quiet and the only excitement (maybe) is being intercepted by a quantum string or accidentally falling into a rogue gravity well or if you're really lucky, get pulled into a parallel dimension where they pay you to complain.

          And make no bones about it, I love complaining; I feel there comes a time in a man's life when he's entitled to complain. And swear. I love swearing. Hot damn, I love to swear! Mainly for the looks people give me when I begin growling and uttering curses in nine difference languages under my breath when the
TaseeBurger I ordered isn't taken out of the freezer, flash-heated and is sitting on a crappy looking recycled polystyrene plate 0.8 of a second after my coin hits the bottom of the ordering unit with a resounding clunk. In my youth, my misspent youth it should be noted, I was fresh-faced and keen-eyed and ready to take on whatever came at me (mainly because I had a crowbar which I employed for psychological reasons) and partly because I enjoyed the challenge of things. So I got into plenty of firefights in a lot of different places; and the years passed every so slowly at first but then time started to speed up. Before I knew it, I was middle-aged but thankfully I still had all of my original hair (irrespective of where it was) but my eyes got weaker and I even went blind for a couple of months due to the most menacing enemy I've ever faced ... DIABETIES!! (DUN-DUN-DUNNNNN!) Under advice of my doctor, who shouted it at me through a megaphone, as he didn't want to get too close in case it was contagious I stopped drinking carbonated beverages and went on a pure whisky diet with intermittent food.

          But I had other problems too, one of the worse being that I was physically impaired and had been since my youth, although I had taken steps to do something about it when young but as the years and then the decades crawled past, like assassins clad all in black, in the middle of the night my physical issues finally caught up with me and the curse of the bad back which had really been an issue since my early twenties made it impossible for me to sleep for more than a few hours without my being woken unexpectedly by what felt like tearing flesh! Painkillers ... my life consists of that habit now, which is weird as all my life I've been anti-smoking, anti-drugs and now, I'm a painkiller junkie although thankfully I'm not an addict! But I'm saving the best till last; for much of my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood my nemesis, my abusive mother made my life a living hell with her snide remarks, her coldness and emotionally crippling commentary. I honestly believe that she got off on abusing me (and my late father). Even now, this week, she is choosing to abuse me via the telephone and it's hard to explain why but her abuse
hurts because deep down all I ever wanted out of her is unconditional love. Sadly she does not understand the concept. Imagine somebody who interferes in everything you do, everyone you see, every relationship you have - its unbelievably fucked up and has made me a very private person because of it. I'll go on record and say that for much of the last thirty-eight years she has made my life an utter misery and left me suicidal, not that she gives a shit (and yes, she said that to me more than once). She is most certainly my enemy and when she is being nice to me, I worry ... waiting for the knife to be drawn and plunged into my back once more because its as inevitable as nuclear decay and twice as deadly.

          And if she is not being abusive towards me, she believes she can tell me how to live
my life and dictate to me my choices like she is any sort of fucking prize in that department. I also believe that I have ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) although its undiagnosed and I recently discovered that I am most definitely very autistic, to say nothing of having a eccentric personality with a
sense of humor, not that I get much of a chance to flash it around. I'm very sensitive to noise and have hearing in both ears which would put most people to shame - sadly, this has been the bane of much of my life especially where selfish bastards are concerned who seem to think their television or stereo "isn't that loud" when I can most definitely assure them that it is. In the last fifteen years I've developed quite severe Agoraphobia that makes it hard for me to do something as simple as going to the store, getting shopping, even taking out the trash, and this is in part due to the fact that there is an anti-social individual living in the building who is a world-class prick and yet seemingly seems to think they are something special in this universe. Only good manners have prevented me from reducing the asshole down to a greasy dot for the sake of my own safety - but then, they're not going to change and neither am I so it may still happen ... one day, one night, they're say or do the wrong thing to me and SQUISH. Frankly they deserve it.

          Anyway with all of that going on my ability to concentrate has diminished to the point where I simply cannot anymore. I'm fresh out of ideas! I get little enjoyment out of trying to make art, mainly because its so time-consuming putting in all of the detail and the program that I use under Windows 7 has to be run under emulated Windows XP. Well, I'll wrap this up now. I have a tendency towards being unable to finish commentary.
NOTE: I'm spending a lot of my time in Grand Theft Auto V Online at the moment, you can find me as EastSideDude (so if I have blitzed you or flown so close you thought it was a swarm attack, my apologies). I've had Avenging Terrier agree to host a couple of my video's:… and… (thank you, Avenging Terrier)

          Late Breaking News ... (who am I kidding, I love sharing)

          Seemingly Patrick Stewart is reprising his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard for a new Star Trek show on CBS All Access which will chronicle Picard's life after his last appearance in the movies. If you recall his last outing on screen was in Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) some sixteen years ago when while in command of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E he was sent to Romulus and eventually ended up taking on Shinzon of Remus and his excessively over-powered starship. In order to do this, Picard is forced to ram the enemy vessel and in the process severely damages the Enterprise. It also sees the loss of Commander Data (although a less-advanced android, B-4 has Data's memory). With the Enterprise back in a Federation space dock, open discussions with the Romulan's about a peace treaty and Commander Ryker being sent off on the U.S.S. Titan, we last saw Picard breaking in a new first officer ... so it will be interesting to see what has occurred in the intervening sixteen years to both Picard and his crew. If the timelines follow the biography we may well see Picard taking up wine making, or becoming an archaeologist - or possibly acting as a Federation ambassador. Then All Good Things ... don't necessarily come to an end now, do they Q?

          I'm sure the old timers here will remember a late-night sci-fi drama series called V ... and for those of you who don't you have no idea what you missed. Consisting of V: The Original Miniseries (1983), V: The Final Battle (1984) and a series entitled V: The Series (1984-85) the show told the tale of an alien invasion where the aliens were revealed to be less than human and their motives strictly anti-human. The series was re-invented in  2009 and was another television series which ran for two seasons before being cancelled. Anyway, I've got news for you ... Kenneth Johnson has written a new series of motion pictures and the original V with the best visual effects as he originally intended is coming to the big screen in the form of three movies beginning in 2019.
August 2nd 2018

When the people of the American heartland elected a businessman with a questionable history of avoiding paying taxes, paying his own employees, slandering people and suing people who fight him, to the position of President of the United States they did so believing that his economic savvy and capability to read the market would be good for the country. Sadly they elected an egotist and narcissist who lies by reflex, chooses what to believe and what is false and once he has made his mind up (assuming he ever can as evidence suggests that he can't) blatantly announces that his viewpoint is the only valid one everyone else's is simply ''fake news''. Additionally openly denies the press, describing them as providers of ''fake news'' and encourages the population to treat them as criminals. He has been recorded with his voice on record discussing ''buying off'' a woman who he had sexual relationships with shortly before he was elected to the post of President; a woman who he denied he had ever met - but now there is evidence that he did. He was secretly recorded describing how he could manipulate women as he saw fit by sexually interfering with their genitals.

He had colluded with America's sworn enemies, North Korea and Russia and worse, there is such compelling evidence now that he actively entered into business and other agreements with Russia what most certainly include what amounts to multiple acts of TREASON by seemingly accepting help from the Russian government (or at the very least its security services) to win the election and become President. While in close contact with Putin he was challenged to ask the Russian Premier to answer claims that Russia was involved in assisting him into power yet he refused too and denied the findings of the intelligence branch (F.B.I.) and then later when this nasty little man realized how bad his position was changed tact and finally agree that the Russians had to answer questions ... questions that never got asked, which is real convenient. He has been so arrogant as to suggest he can slander world leaders and interfere with their economies and governments and now he is hell-bent on ruining the economy for his own country and others by imposing insane taxes so that America can be a financial giant once more (and he seemingly is incapable of understanding that he is damaging America's economic survival).

Given the fact that he has so many links with the Russians that he might as well change his name to
Donal'd Chumpovich it came as no surprise this week that Chump is getting very nervous about the investigation into his Un-American activities ... so nervous in fact that he decided to exercise his Presidential excess and DEMAND and end to the investigation. Is this guy a fucking moron? In demanding that the investigation "end right now" he is red-flagging the fact that he's getting nervous and only guilty men have anything to worry about. Chump is in my mind at least a criminal of the worse possible kind. He denies global warming while the world's northern and southern hemispheres are locked in a terrible heat wave, he has pressed for and given permission to projects that has for example displaced Native Americans and run roughshod over peoples rights simply to make a buck or two for himself and his buddies. He has committed acts that have violated the human rights of hundreds of people and made policies that have caused unbelievable amounts of suffering (take the case of Obamacare and his changing the laws that former President Obama brought into to promote equality).

It is around about now that somebody reading my commentary will go "oh, so he's one of them!" Wrong. Very, very, wrong. I hold no political opinion whatsoever. My first and only duty is to the people and that includes all of the people irrespective of their social status or their ethnic origin. I don't like politicians at all and will not vote for any of them because I consider them all self-serving who do more damage than good and have worked out a way to "get rich quick" at the expense of everyone else. Anyone remember, "I am not a crook!" No? That was President Nixon shortly before he abdicated and was replaced by President Ford after the Watergate scandal. At least Nixon had the balls to get out while the getting was good but sadly Chump's ego is such that he will have to be carried kicking and screaming from the White House.

On the evening of July 24th 2018 Marie Laguerre, a student was passing a café in Paris when she happened to pass a man in his twenties who bluntly made a sexually inappropriate comment to her and without stopping ignored her protesting reply. She carried on, as did he but seconds later she turned and decided to say something to him, which was heard by cafe patrons. He replied in an aggressive manner, making comments that clearly shocked the people at the cafe, wherein he decided to violently assault her in public, walking back around to where she was standing (just off-camera) and then struck her with such considerable force across the face that she was shoved sideways. The moment he did so you can see various people acting to defend her before the cowardly bastard walked off still spouting abuse. The whole incident was caught on the cafe's CCTV, and the original can be seen here:… - a news edited version can be seen here: - as she says on the video, "'This is an unacceptable behaviour. It happens everyday, everywhere and I don't know a single woman who doesn't have a similar story'" and I agree with her. Frankly, that bastard ought to be found and castrated before being thrown into some deep hole for a few decades.

The following (in French) appears on her FACEBOOK page (1.7M Views):

               Marie Laguerre (25 July at 11:23)

               [EDIT: To all those who say that the witnesses did not react well enough: everything happened very
               quickly and they did not have time to understand the situation. The attacker was dangerous. After
               the attack, I came back and the witnesses were very supportive, thank you not to lynch them]

               Last night, when I was returning home, to the Boulevard de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement
               in Paris, I met a man. He allowed himself to make dirty noises / comments / whistles / tongs in a
               humiliating and provocative way as I passed.

               Bad luck, it was not the first of the day and I was tired. So I dropped a "hangover" while tracing
               my way. Because I do not tolerate this kind of behavior. I can not shut up and we must not shut up.

               It did not please this man. After throwing an ashtray on me, he came back and followed me to the street.

               He hit me in the street, in the middle of the day, in front of dozens of witnesses. I filed a complaint.

               This is not the only one. Harassment is everyday. Those men who think they are all allowed in the
               street, who allow themselves to be humiliated and who can not stand being offended, is unacceptable.
               It is time for this kind of behavior to end.


To the best of my knowledge the police have not yet managed to find or arrest this asshole. If you know who he is, report him: www.prefecturedepolice.interie…

Anyone who loves the Conan the Barbarian books would do well to seek out the adventures of 2000A.D. (a British comic) and its own 'barbarian' hero, Slaine. Set in a Celtic universe in a time long before Christendom, Slaine MacRoth is a barbarian of the classic kind, roaming the land with an evil smelling devious dwarf named Ukko. In the various books, Slaine confronts things spawned by the evil side of Earth Power and the mysteries of the Triple-Goddess, and in time the place that he lives, the Land of the Young (the present Irish Sea) is swamped by Weird Stones like those found at Carnac in present-day France. Anyway, his adventures are told in a series of graphic novels, namely: Warriors Dawn, The King, Time Killer, The Horned God, Lord of Misrule, The Treasures of Britain, The Grail War, Lord of the Beasts and in hardback editions too which I'm not going to mention as the information will be out of date by the time I finish writing.

Throughout the 'saga' Slaine's life story is told by Ukko the Dwarf who is eventually revealed to be immortal due to wizardry in Snowdonia (Wales). Recently I discovered that a Spanish film maker Miguel Mesas, had made a small fan-film closely following the graphic illustrative style of British artist Simon Bisley and using the words created for the stories by author Pat Mills. His ''Slaine: The Horned God Fan Film'' can be seen here: [link] (HQ in Spanish, no subtitles) and… (lower quality but with English subtitles). There has been some talk of making Slaine into an action adventure movie which frankly if everything that was in the original stories was included, it would make Conan look like a poor cousin, for Slaine in the course of his life is locked inside a wickerman to be burned alive, rescues a witch who does not want to be rescued, steals a dragon and travels back in time to the beginnings of life on Earth to do battle with ancient aliens who enslave humanity and farm us for our energies. It is these alien beings who create war and maintain the balance between good and evil all before coming back to the tribe he was kicked out of and defeating the ice men of the north then ''dying''. Slaine relies heavily on Celtic myth and legend and the Earth Worship (Paganism, Wiccan and other aspects) for its narrative and makes mention of things that by today's standards seem very alien and outlandish. For example, a woman could choose to marry a man for a year and a day instead of for life so if the marriage did not work, she would just not renew her vows and find another man. Of the fact that the Druids twisted religion to suit their own ends and turned it around so men were in charge. Slaine is supposedly set 20,000 years in the past with the Celtic influences based on more recent history so the reader can make the adjustment and understand the mind-set of the characters.

Slaine isn't the only 2000A.D. story to get a fan-film. You may well enjoy Strontium Dog as well. Set in the near future after atomic war has created millions of mutant humans, normal people don't want them around so they forced the mutants to join the Galactic Crime Commission's Search/Destroy agency - otherwise known as the Strontium Dogs. This fan film features Johnny Alpha and his Viking brother in arms, Wulf Sternhammer (its a result of time travel): [link] -- Finally, Judge Dredd also has a fan film: [link]

When Carrie Fisher unexpectedly died on December 27th 2016 aged sixty from a cardiac arrest brought on due to sleep apnea and atherosclerosis, her passing caused an understandable wave of grief among Star Wars fans and it was said at the time that her memory would be honored by not re-creating her for any forthcoming movies as a CGI character. Well, rumor had it at the time that Fisher had filmed some additional footage prior to dying and now it seems that Disney intends to use it for the forthcoming Star Wars IX. Well, this is not entirely unexpected for although Leia almost met her death while exposed to hard vacuum (and frankly that should have killed her, Force or no Force) she managed to survive it and was last seen in The Last Jedi with no apparent signs of ill-health due to her exposure. With Harrison Ford's Han Solo and Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker both dead (and Luke can always come back as a Force Ghost) Leia is the last remaining face of the franchise (I'm aware actor Anthony Daniels is alive, but he is hidden inside C-3PO and the same is true of Peter Mayhem who used to play the role of Chewbacca). So it would seem that as I reported before (…), Billy Dee Williams is definitely set to return as Lando Calrissian and the veteran actor Richard E. Grant is due to join the cast, although his role has yet to be announced (strangely I could easily envision him as a First Order officer or former Imperial one as he has that bearing about him).

          WORLDWIDE HEATWAVE: Climate Change a Myth?
          With the gulf stream having changed position and at least sixty-five people literally dying heat deaths in Japan (and its 'winter' there). In Japan alone, twenty-two thousand have been admitted to hospitals for heat stroke. And elsewhere in the southern hemisphere, the Australian outback is so bleached the rivers have dried up and animals dying where they stand. With much of Europe and Britain getting the longest hot and sunny spells since records began, to say nothing of the fact that such is this oddity that the British don't have air conditioning if anyone suggests to me that we are not in the midst of a precursor to global environmental climate change I'll personally make them eat a environmentalist. Its time we stopped allowing a very small number of cretins in laughable positions of 'power' to dictate our environmental policies because this planet is most definitely in trouble. The sun is acting normally for the record.

          Woman 'Tricked' Into Travelling to Bangladesh So She Could Be Married Off
          [07-30-2018] Before I begin explaining this one, I want to note that I grew up in the seventies and eighties in West London (about thirteen miles from the center of London) and had a large Indian and Pakistani (and others) population close to where I lived and virtually rubbed shoulders with these cultures almost on a daily basis and as such knew what the girls said about being married off to some guy they had never met in the dreaded "arranged wedding" that they could not get out of because to run, to say "no" or to go after a man of their own choice would mean dishonoring their family and even lead to their being murdered by their own family with emphasis on the males - including any brothers. As barbaric as this seems its the truth of things and denying it isn't going to change the fact that it happens. Anyway, as much as I find that whole world distasteful its no surprise to me now that the following happened ... what does surprise me is that the young lady involved in it was unable to see that it was happening.
          Are people really this stupid? So the case in point, a female (age not disclosed) was sent on a all-expenses paid trip to "see" Bangladesh and on arrival was met by members of her own family who quickly saw that she was introduced to members of some other family she did not know and in a flash she was pressurized into marriage to a man she did not know or wanted to know so calling home she was told marry him or die. Her own parents were willing to murder her because their precious "honor" was more important to them than she was and that was when she realized that she was just 'property' in their eyes, a token to appease people they were associated with. So imagine her horror; stuck thousands of miles from home and surrounded by people hostile to you -- its like something out of a horror movie except its all very real. On coming back to Britain she distanced herself from her parents, contacted the police and got protection. She described them as "monsters" and started legal action against them.
          Her father was eventually jailed for four and a half years and her mother for three and a half. Naturally she isn't going to be able to live in Leeds anymore as no doubt there is some one or other who is going to kill her to make sure honor is intact. Fucking barbaric practices and no, I make no excuse for this as I've seen this for years. I even dated an Indian woman (British born) for two years who jumped at the slightest little thing and who insisted we meet twenty miles from where she lived just in case any of her cousins, brothers or neighbors saw her with me. Finally, years ago, I watched as a Muslin woman and a man hacked off a young Muslim woman's hand in the street outside of a north London tube station in broad daylight; they were subsequently arrested and tried for attempted murder. The victim, who was quickly assisted survived. Once you've seen shit like that, you start demanding why we are still putting up with the barbarism of a society within my own which seems to treat human life so cheaply in the name of 'honor'.

          Chump, His Ex-Lawyer and the Case Of The Evidence of Collusion With The Russians To Win The Presidency of the United States
          [07-27-2018] For those of you who don't know what 'collusion' means, its simple to explain. It is the act of arranging an agreement between two or more persons or parties in secret, often for illegal means in order to deceive, mislead or defraud others of their legal rights or to circumvent the legal system for the benefit of one or more of the persons engaged in such actions and now it seems, according to Chump's ex-lawyer that he has dog shit level dirt on Chump. Michael Cohen has gone on record to say that Chump knew in advance about a meeting which was arranged in June 2016 between Donald Chump Jr. and a Russian delegation that offered in the course of that meeting to support his campaign to become president. Cohen was actually present in the same room with both Chumps when the elder was informed by the younger that the meeting was to take place and seemingly with the full endorsement of the now President. Cohen is going to state this and more to the Special Counsel Investigation into the alleged Russian election meddling - and frankly this pretty much confirms that Chump has acted in violation of the Constitution, circumvented the legal process and has allowed a foreign power to involve itself with American government. He is technically a TRAITOR to the American people. Chump has and is still denying any knowledge. Frankly I'm with the lawyer on this one as he has nothing to lose.

          Snapchat 'Queen' Posts Murder of 'Boyfriend' on Her Snapchat Channel
          [07-23-2018] There are some truly twisted people in the world and some of the worse use love and attraction, to say nothing of lust as the tools by which they achieve their ends. Take the case of Fatima Khan (21) a self-described "Snapchat Queen" who was dating Khalid Safi (18) but he become too much for her after two years and believing that she was something special began another relationship with another man, Raza Khan (no relation) as he did practically anything she wanted ... so she decided to see how far he would go for her attentions and ordered him to kill her other 'boyfriend'. Having lured Safi to an unspecified location (described only as 'a street' in North Actor, London, in December 2016) she stood back and watched as Khan approached him and then producing a weapon, repeatedly stabbed him in the chest until the victim dropped to his knees and collapsed. Then while he bled to death this sick bitch walked over, embraced her new lover and then used her cell phone to film the death agonies of Safi before posing for a selfie with the dying man. Now she clearly wasn't that bright because she then - unbelievably - posted the footage of the murder victim on her own Snapchat account along with an offensive message about how he got what was coming to him. Anyway, her stupidity was Exhibit #A in her trial (and the murderers trial) and she has now been found guilty of arranging Safi's murder.

  Man Kidnapped and Beaten Up by Fake Taxi Driver
  [07-27-2018] Walking down Broad Street in Birmingham in the British midlands, a twenty-nine year old male was called too by an Asian (Indian) 'taxi' driver who offered him a ride home for a mere ten pounds. Given that this is a good deal the man accepted and climbed in, during which the driver plied him with alcohol, drove around in circles and eventually pulled up, wherein he was dragged from the 'taxi', thrown into another vehicle and had the shit kicked out of him by four more Asians before he was robbed. They then drove him around the city before kicking him out of the car miles from where he lived minus his wallet, ID and credit cards. Police are now seeking these perps.

          Drug Dealer Kills Man in Southampton, Tells Him "You Have to Die"
          [07-23-2018] Arriving in one of the many side-streets in Southampton, Hampshire, Kirpal Sanghera, a father of two, was approached in September 2017 by Adam Abdallah (43) a drug dealer who told him "I've got to kill you" before instantly launching an attack with a knife while his victim pleaded desperately for him to stop. Yet Abdallah didn't hear him and continued until Sanghera lay dead at his feet with multiple wounds in his arms, chest and neck. Later when Abdallah was arrested it became clear that the other man was murdered over what amounted to a 'turf war' and that for this brutal murder he would serve "life" (in actuality, twenty-three years which in my opinion is a sick joke").

          Drug Dealer Rammed Off to Road, Stabbed to Death
          [07-26-2018] Driving along a road in Dagenham, London on September 25th 2016, Raja Ali, a drug dealer (I have no sympathy for such creatures), suddenly found his car boxed in and rammed off of the road by two other vehicles (stolen). His attackers were Haziq Raza (24) and Navarda Rhooms (26) who then car-jacked him and drove him out to a place of their choice and stabbed him to death. The police arrested these men soon afterwards and now they have been jailed for ten years apiece for the relatively minor crime of manslaughter. Additionally they were both given three year sentences for violent disorder.

          Stabbed to Death in Ipswich, Four Held For Murder
          [07-26-2018] When Dean Stansby (41) set out for a walk on February 8th 2017 he probably did not realize that it would be his last day on Earth ... for he was approached by four members of a drug dealing gang who set on him and then stabbed him to death near Ipswich railway station. And their laughable defense for committing this horrific act? They universally claimed that they were concerned he was going to rob them! His murderers were Jason Ruby (45), Tecwyn Parker (48), Daniel Kaganda (24) and Amiadul Islam (25).

          Stabbed To Death in Ipswich Again, Four Held For Murder Again
          [07-26-2018] When Tavis Spencer-Aitkens (17) was stabbed to death in the street outside a row of shops in Ipswich on June 2nd 2017 the police launched an investigation and this netted them no less than four suspects - all of which have since been charged with his murder. You know, I'm starting to suspect that murder isn't the 'private' affair that it used to be and now its 'popular' to go murdering mob-handed. The murderers were Callum Plaats (23) of no fixed address, Aristote Yenge (22) from Ipswich and a sixteen-year-old boy and Adebayo Amusa of Barking, East London. From what I can gather, Spencer-Aitkens was murdered purely because he looked at them funny or disrespected them in some manner. I'm starting to suspect Ipswich is a place to avoid.

          'Rocket' Scientist
          [07-26-2018] If you're going to be a moron, at least don't film yourself so there is evidence. This is the lesson that Dennis Kuzmenok (19) has learned after he and his motorcycle were involved in an accident (no doubt caused by his speeding) in Southampton, Hampshire, recently. In order to make sense of exactly what happened the cops seized his helmet and helmet-cam as evidence and discover that this 'rocket scientist' had videoed himself traveling down a urban highway with a fixed forty mile per hour speed limit at one hundred and twenty miles per hour and traveling at one hundred and five miles per hour in a residential street. He was found guilty of dangerous driving and prosecuted resulting in his being banned from driving or being in control of any motor vehicle.

          But Is It Art?
          [07-24-2018] Alessio Mamo, a well-known Italian photographer went to some of the poorest regions in India, recruited near-starving people and then ordered them to come into a room with their hands over their eyes so that he could place them in the immediate proximity of a table heavily laden with fake food so that he could exploit their situation for artistic purposes. Described online as "poverty porn" by outraged campaigners his material has not been well received. His Dreaming Food series images were taken in 2011 and have only now gone viral. You can see the one of the images here:…

          Disposable People is Just Another Way of Saying SLAVERY
          [07-24-2018] When Sondos Alqattan, an Kuwaiti national posted a video commentary online in which she said that it was wrong to give Filipino workers rights to have ''one day off a week'' and the ''right to keep their passports'' she probably did not realize how insensitive her comments were to the wider, more empathic world. Treating Filipino employees like dirt, many people in the middle east consider them sub-human and disposable, which as any right-thinking persons knows is a morally insensitive and indefensible attitude yet sadly its commonplace. The video has since been deleted but its a nasty window on the reality of the mindset of people who keep foreign nationals for what amounts to legalized slavery. She used to enjoy an audience of an estimated 2.3 million people on her Instagram account who tuned in to see her make-up tutorials. She has gone on record as saying that the outcry over her attitude and downright selfish inhumanity was "unjustified" - that alone tells you all you need to know about her.

          Chump, The Incriminating Audio Recording and the F.B.I.
          [07-22-2018] And top of the news is the fact that the despicable Chump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen 'secretly' recorded Chump when he was consulting on how to pay former Playboy model Karen McDougal to keep quiet. His being recorded does not surprise me as lawyers often do this (but don't admit to it) so they can write up information later on, or use said media to get themselves out of trouble should influential customers try to blackmail them. The F.B.I. ''found'' them during their raid on Cohen's office (more than likely the true cause of Chumps concerns when he whined about it like a stuck pig a few months back). Chump, always the 'expert lawyer' himself said of the information that places his testicles firmly in the blender ''totally unheard of and perhaps illegal.'' Clearly Chump isn't that bright. A audio recording has been released on CNN in which Chump openly discusses paying off a model Karen McDougal, so she won't talk about the affair his money and she ... I mean, he and her had just before he ran for the presidency. It clearly proves that Chump and lawyer Michael Cohen discuss buying the rights to her 'story' so she cannot tell anyone or be in breach on contract with him. Recorded in September 2016 a mere two months before the election the affair took place in 2006. According to his present lawyer (he collects them apparently like six-packs) no payment took place, which is interesting, as she has produced evidence that it did. Now you have to ask the question that has the most to lose from this and therefore is the bigger liar?

          "Holy" Man tries to Resurrect Corpse: Epic Fail
          [07-22-2018] Religion is a disease of the mind, or at least that's the way I look at it and the worse part about it is, it is perfectly acceptable of have religion and if anyone says otherwise its a violation of course of their right to be ah asshole. Even more amusingly it's acceptable for the religious to persecute the non-religious and get away with it (and use religion as an excuse not to pay tax). With this in mind, take the case of Getayawkal Ayele of Ethiopia a self-styled and self-elected 'prophet' who claimed he could resurrect the dead by lying on top of them and shouting at them. Not surprisingly the corpse failed to rise up as commanded and the family (who believe this dribble) are now trying to kill the religious loony. Ayele was saved from certain death by the arrival of the police ... but this has only acted to delay the inevitable revenge the family no doubt intends to hand down to the so-called holy man.

          Father-Of-Seven Murdered Over Theft of Money At Business in Northeast London
          [07-20-2018] Unsuspecting visitors to a graveyard in Ilford, East London happened on the butchered corpse of Seyed Khan (49) a father of seven kids on February 1st, although the victim was missing for a week prior to his being found. Police subsequently managed to determine that his murderer was Imran Muhammad (31) also of Ilford who had previously attacked Khan in broad daylight with a metal ax inside a Furniture and Carpets store over a claim that Mohammad thought that Khan had been stealing money from the business. Why do we keep hearing such stories? I'm forced to conclude that 'casual violence' with emphasis on murder most foul is deeply ingrained in certain cultures as the cure for practically every problem.

          Terrorist: Religious Crazy Murders Two, Wounds Thirteen in Busy Canadian Street
          [07-23-2018] Diseased religious psyche-job Faisal Hussain (29) decided to go on a shooting spree in Toronto, Ontario on July 22nd resulting in the deaths of a ten year old girl and a eighteen year old woman. He also wounded thirteen others before being killed by police in a shootout.

          Terrorist: Religiously Motivated Psyche-Job Arrested in London
          [07-23-2018] Ravi Mendis (43) was arrested on July 20th by police in London on 'suspicion' of holding an offensive weapon and making threats to kill in public. He has subsequently been charged with a terrorism offence. Mendis, from South London, was charged on Saturday with engaging in acts of preparation to commit terrorist acts and is due to appear in court on Monday, July 23rd.

          Terrorist Jailed
          [07-23-2018] Khalid Ali (28) a plumber from Edmonton, North London was arrested on April 27th 2017 in Parliament Street, central London by police officers after he was found to be carrying three large knives. His defence being that he needed them for 'protection' - anyway, the police didn't believe a word of it and locked the scumbag up. He has since been charged with planning a terrorist attack in the city and during his trial is was discovered that he spent five years in Afghanistan making bombs for the Taliban. An investigation of his home led to police discovering explosive substances. He is due to serve forty years (what we laughingly refer to as 'life' in Britain) for his crimes.

          Three-Year-Old Boy Squirted with Acid UNDER ORDERS Of His Own Father
          [07-23-2018] It's not very often that I honestly wish some of the scum walking the streets of my country get life (and by that the assholes actually die in jail) but here is a prime example. At 14:15 hours on Saturday, July 21st three male suspects aged twenty-two, twenty-five and twenty-six decided to target a harmless three-year-old boy sitting in a push-chair (child carrier) who was with his parents in a Home Bargains store in Worchester, the West Midlands, squirting him with a powerful corrosive on his face and shoulders. The child was badly burnt and it is felt that he has received life changing injures. He has since been discharged from hospital with serious burns to his arm and face and the cheap punks were identified on store CCTV and subsequently arrested for their act in London, one hundred and thirty miles away. The medic who treated the kid described his wounds as "horrific". UPDATE: Seemingly the child's OWN FATHER arranged for them to attack his son - I can only assume it was some kind of punishment situation, maybe to get back at his wife or simply to harm the child. You have to wonder what the hell goes on in the minds of some of these people. UPDATE AGAIN: Police have now seized and charged a SIXTH MAN, Salad Hussini from London who was charged with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

          Homeless Men Set on Fire in Berlin, Germany
          [07-23-2018] As it says in the headline, two homeless men aged forty-seven and sixty-two trying to survive on the streets of Berlin, Germany were deliberately doused with flammable liquid and then maliciously set on fire just for the sick amusement of some creep who fled the scene at the Schoneweide train station, and has yet to be identified and apprehended. Passers-by who witnessed the incidents put the flames out and the victims were rushed to hospital. Reportedly one of them is in a coma.

          Woman Has Neck Slashed in Hotel in Attempted Murder by FIVE Persons
          [07-23-2018] Police have now arrested six people after a woman dressed in white seemingly stumbled out into the lobby of the hotel in Beeyham Tower, on Deansgate, Manchester at 11:10 on July 22nd. It is not clear exactly what happened but police say she had a three or four inch long deep lacerating wound in her neck and she was taken to hospital. The victim has since been released to her own home. Considering what happened to be attempted murder the police are still holding four men, a woman and a teenage girl - all with the same charge - attempted murder; the victim must have been pretty tough for that lot to have been necessary to try and kill her.

          Teenager Hits Men While Driving Father's B.M.W.
          [07-23-2018] On April 14th this year, Max Maxwell (18) happened to be driving his father expensive B.M.W. (it is not stated as to whether or not he had permission) and in the process lost control of the vehicle resulting in his ploughing at speed into five men standing on the pavement. On realizing what he had done, Maxwell ran for it but handed himself into the police the following day to face the music. He was subsequently handed a three years and three months sentence. Seemingly he now wants to meet the men he stuck to offer them an apology which if I may say so is very noble.

          Chump Associated with the Russians Again
          [07-23-2018] It's starting to look as if Chump is so far up the Russians asses that he can do a pretty good impersonation of a suppository. Carter Page, Chumps former ex-foreign policy aide worked with the Russian government during the 2016 U.S. Election yet Chump is denying this, and he is claiming that the F.B.I. is in effect faking evidence. The F.B.I. released a statement which said that Page was "collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government" at the time and in effect was more than likely using his connections to help Chump get into power. The F.B.I. also states that Page was in cohorts with the Russian intelligence services, resulting in his being a person of interest and subsequently put under surveillance by the F.B.I. who have more than enough evidence now to hang him and Chump right along with him. Chump, predictably issued a statement saying that his campaign was "illegally" spied upon. Well, have I got news for you, Mr. President, its not spying if its in the interests of American Democracy, American security and the preservation of the Constitution of the United States. And did you know that odious little man with a bad haircut has proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) which would automatically eliminate the protection that many endangered species now enjoy (protection from mindless, arrogant, uncaring humanity) and if he manages to pass it many plants, trees and animals will possibly go EXTINCT and all in the name of GREED. Chump ass-kissers have issued a statement in which they say the change will streamline the regulatory process. Guess Chump is determined to fuck up this planet - ignoring climate change, now allowing endangered species to be allowed to go extinct. These are PLANETARY EXTINCTION LEVEL events and all because some small-minded man wants to make money. I'm forced at this point to quote the character Ellen Ripley from the move Aliens, "You don't see them fucking each other over for a goddamned percentage." Truer words are yet to be said. And Chump isn't alone in fucking the planet over. Did you know that a growing interest in dine al fresco is driving up sales of charcoal in Britain and in turn this is leading to deforestation and climate change. Last year Britain imported ninety thousand tonnes of charcoal rather than cut down British woodland.

          Chump's Mouth Getting the World in Trouble, Again
          [07-27-2018] I'll be the first to admit that unstable religiously motivated governments with emphasis on 'eastern practices' are probably among the most dangerous in the world and well, that's their problem but the moment they start trying to apply their lifestyle choices and religion to anyone else that's when I draw the line, and so apparently is Chump, who, and lets be fair here, isn't a statesman or a military leader. What he knows about politics and warfare could probably be written on the back of a very small postage stamp in very large illiterate lettering. Anyway, Meester Mouth himself has been threatening Iran and the Iranians have been threatening Chump (for Chump, see ego-trip, sans America, the Bald Eagle and the Liberty Bell) saying that if Chump starts a war (over what? Didn't the U.S. Already loot their oil?) the Iranian authorities would end it ... and you have to wonder how? Are they going to send over ethnic food or something to give us all gas? I'll be the first to admit that the American military is powerful but it is not the plaything of the traitorous conniving Russian puppet in the White House.

          Headless, Burning Torso: Woman Charged
          [07-27-2018] Lindy Williams (60) murdered her de facto partner (look it up, I did) George Gerbic. She then sliced him up like a pot roast and dropped the remains off at the side of a highway in Queensland, Australia in 2013 before setting the remains alight.  Well, the cops came looking, they asked questions and she was charged and now she's been charged with murder and is expected to die in jail. Curiously she admitted in court to dropping the corpse at the roadside, of setting it alight but denies actually killing him.

          And On The Lighter Side of the News - World's First Computer Manual
          [07-23-2018] Did you know that the world's very first COMPUTER MANUAL was published in the year 1822? Well, it was and the manual in question was written by female programming pioneer Ada Lovelace, who worked with Charles Babbage, Esq. the inventor of the Difference Engine (the one that preceded the Analytical Engine). Only six copies are known to exist and the book numbers fifty pages. Anyway, a copy was found in the loft of a couple in the Cotswolds, England recently and sold at auction for £114,000. Lady Lovelace was the daughter of poet Lord Byron. If you want to get that into perspective the first relatively inexpensive home computers did not make their appearance in our homes until around 1982 - so this book was published one hundred and fifty-nine years before that date.

          African Village Names Create Laughter
          [07-27-2018] When government employee Frimpong Osei addressed his fellow ministers in Ghana's government about the towns and villages in his catchment area, some of the place names had his colleagues in giggles. Included among them were the strangest things, which in the Twi language made sense, but when translated ... well, read this: ''vagina is wise" and "penis is a fool" were actual village names! When asked if these places could benefit from being connected to the electrical grid, Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko said, "Providing them with electricity  may interfere with nocturnal activities."
On this day, July 20th 1969, forty-nine years ago, humanity first stepped from a man-made vehicle - the APOLLO 11 capsule - onto the lunar surface. Mission commander Neil Armstrong first, followed a short while later by Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin while Michael Collins orbited the moon itself awaiting the successful outcome of their mission. Their surface EVA lasted a mere two hours, thirty-one minutes and forty seconds before they returned to the lander and left the lunar surface. The mission (in total) lasted eight days, three hours, eighteen minutes and thirty-five seconds.
          They elected a businessman who promised to make America great again and got a two-faced LYING cowardly WIMP into power.

          Chump is so full of shit its embarrassing. Remember when he and his best buddy Putin were shaking hands and grinning like businessmen about to steal each others intellectual property and he denied that the Russians were in any way, shape or form responsible for getting Chump elected because they backed him in the Presidential elections? Well, guess what? ONE DAY LATER he is claiming that he "misspoke" when what he "really meant to say" was that he agreed with the intelligence community that the Russians helped him get into power. This creep is so two-faced its beyond a joke. If they fail to impeach him the people who know he's up to something will be just as guilty as he is at assisting in allowing a Russian sponsored 'president' to be elected to power.

          It is well within the realms of the United States senate to come to a decision and impeach him, or flat out remove him as president he has demonstrated that he is dangerous. Hell, given what he has done he can easily be tried for Unamerican Activities and Treason (to say nothing of making policies that break the human rights act) but these charges are so serious that nobody has yet managed to find the courage to oust him, have him arrested and held pending criminal charges being leveled. In colluding with the Russians, whether it be because they had dirt on him or not, and in acting to give aid to them (which is what he has done) he is guilty of treason - and the last time I checked, that was a death sentence level crime. There are many in the American government who are openly wondering if the people elected into power a man who is so stupid as to believe that with his Russian 'supporters' in place he can do exactly as he wants to who he wants when he wants and get away with it.

          The United States government does not necessarily peak at the President, for there are persons who although seemingly 'below' his rank are in place to make sure whoever is elected does not sell the United States down the river or act to create problems for the country. In the not-so-distant past when a president has messed up as badly as Chump he was quietly 'retired' by some assassin or malcontent. He might have met with some terminal medical emergency and was declared a hero of the American people on his death. One thing is for certain, the man who thinks he is still in the boardroom's lies are now so obvious that it is beyond embarrassing yet he seemingly believes (with a frightening certainty) that he can change established fact by saying that it is all "fake news". Frankly, it is my wish that he gets removed and that all that remains of his legacy is that phrase if anything at all. He is a discrace to the office. An embarrassment to the American people and a clear and present danger, and as it says in the Oath of Allegiance:

          I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate,
          state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and
          laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
          that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed
          Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when
          required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.

          The phrase "against all enemies, foreign and domestic" certainly applies to Chump as does "foreign prince" (Russia, North Korea). He has also failed to defend the "Constitution and laws of the United States" by changing them to suit his own sick implications. He certainly failed to show allegiance and managed to use his position and cunning to avoid being drafted. He is a very poor example of an American and UNFIT to be President.
If you have ever tried to play the truly terrible 2013 video game Aliens: Colonial Marines and wondered why the artificial intelligence (A.I.) is so bloody awful we may now know why. Seemingly somebody looked at the code and discovered that the marines that came to find out what happened to the Sulaco were in fact the victims of a TYPO. Programmers have discovered a single letter "a" in the games code and that seemingly is why the game blew worse than an open airlock.

I happen to have this game on STEAM and well, with any luck they'll fix it soon and maybe it will be worth playing then. The game used the
Unreal Engine 3 and was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

If that was not enough, two months after it was released two gamers launched a lawsuit against Gearbox Software and Sega claiming that the quality of the graphics were of a lower quality than had been seen in trailers and which had been advertised and there is some truth to this. The demos featured a very high graphics resolution and were shown on souped-up display machines for the trade, but when they were ported to console because of the memory restraints the graphics were reduced in physical texture size and quality so much they looked like classic DOOM. Several companies 'manufactured' the game and if rumor is to be believed people were on the project, off the project; re-hired, fired, replaced. You can read more about it here:…
          WARNING: Contains profanity. Why am I using profanity? Well, it suitably demonstrates the level of irritation that I feel. If you want genteel dialogue, read Pride and Prejudice.

          If you want to know why I dislike Chump let's just say that he has demonstrated that he is above all else a really lousy example of a human being. Supporting and promoting far right and racist organizations; seemingly empowering people with extremely obvious human rights history (for example, enabling that little runt in North Korea, working with the obvious warmongering fascist who is in Russia), his attitude towards women as 'things' to be conquered and his complete lack of empathy, to say nothing of his open and prolific backstabbing but yesterday he went just that bit too far and began interfering with the government of the United Kingdom by threatening the current government by saying that the British exit from the European Union was going to be an excuse for Chump to make certain that Britain would be ignored in any future trading deals ... and guess what; I saw that coming so it was no surprise to me. In essence, Chump walked into the room and then was ABUSIVE and is now denying he did it and nothing infuriates the British more than a rude individual, especially if they are some brash and jumped-up American who ought to show some fucking respect towards an older and much more reserved culture. The traditional line with the British is to be polite, well-mannered and tolerant and to express our displeasure politely when angry. Unlike Americans we do not turn to the varied joys of guns to show our utter contempt.

          Chump was snubbed by many in the Royal Family - he got an audience with the Queen, but that was about it and word has it that she was not at all impressed. I can only imagine that Chump walked into the room and immediately took over, assuming he could do as he damned well pleased and believe me, do that with the Royal household and the last thing you're going to see is a corgi shitting on the red carpet as you end up with a well-placed boot up your ass.

          For those who do not know, Britain and America have long enjoyed a ''special relationship'' and now Chump is doing his best to damage this. He did get one thing right - and god forbid that I agree with the smarmy little shit - he told the Prime Minister here, Mrs. May that the Brexit (hate that word) deal that the British citizenry signed up for isn't the one she is trying to force on the British people. More than half of the citizens (as of two years ago) wanted OUT OF THE EUROPEAN UNION because we were sick to death of being dictated too by Brussels, of our weights and measures being ignored (British traders were ordered to use metric weights and measures and fined heavily if they refused or were caught using imperial ones. Because of the E.U. a British citizen can no longer go into a public house and enjoy a "Pint" - as the pint is now outlawed - can you believe that shit?), our borders open to immigrants and economic migrants who under law the British taxpayer has to pay to get them housing, pay their rent, groceries, luxuries - even paying for them to get vehicles, plus free medical treatment under welfare when British citizens born in this country have to wait years in some cases for all of these things.

          Given that these individuals have not paid into the system they are really not entitled to any of the above so its a personal fucking insult to the British that this is allowed to happen and all because under European Law if Britain was not forced to take them in, give them a home, etc, we would be considered in breach of the immigrants ''human rights''. What about the human rights of British citizens sleeping rough all year round in every city in this country? But then the down-and-outs are invisible. This is also irritating as under European Law the immigrants have too stop and claim asylum in the first country they come too which is often Europe, yet its enormous fun for the countries between their landing point and the British mainland to make the immigrants somebody else's problem by bussing them through their country in some instances and helping them get to Britain) and most of all because British Law was overruled by European Law or we could not even try criminals or deport them under the European Union because to do so would be against the human rights of people who essentially had acted to commit terrorist offences, theft of materials for sale abroad, commit embezzlement, large scale fraud, assault, rape and murder (to cite the most common instances). Remarkably and obscenely we have had multiple instances of murderers and rapists here of non-British origin who after serving their time cannot be deported back to their country of origin as they refuse to identify it, and as such without that one scrap of information deporting their ass to some place which they 'look' like they 'might' come from would be against the ex-prisoners human rights.

          It is worth noting at this point that an Italian coast guard vessel was this week briefly and violently taken-over by immigrants fleeing from Africa when it became clear they would be sent back. I honestly feel for the citizens of all of the European countries with a Mediterranean coastline as they are forced to deal with issues just like this and with a percentage of those fleeing being hardcore criminals who don't give a shit about anyone else and whom will happily attack, assault, even kill anyone who gets in their way. As Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France and other countries (yes, I'm aware a number of these are not coastal countries on the Med) have discovered these sort of people are the ones which make the citizens of those countries tar every migrant as a potential danger to their societies and that's before we get to the sticky subject of Islamic extremism and terrorism for the sake of spreading a diseased interpretation of Islam heavy on creating corpses out of innocent people.

          And guess what? ONE day later and Chump is now ALL SMILES and trying desperately to win back the confidence of the British Prime Minister (PM) after slandering the Mayor of London (a muslim), openly abusing the PM saying that she had done a terrible job - and is now ''denying'' all of his previous comments as ''fake news'' - what fucking 'reality' does this asshole live in? I'm firmly of the opinion that he is mentally unbalanced and exactly the sort of President that President Washington and President Lincoln warned us about - and who when the Constitution was drawn up was designed to get rid of if that presidents actions caused the United States to be damaged in some fashion. One thing is for certain, whether you decide to allow this prize idiot another run at being President or not he will most definitely leave such a skid mark shit stain on American history that it makes Richard Nixon look like Mary Poppins was running things.

          CHUMP OUT NOW!
You know, there are times when I watch the process of my freshly defragged hard drives accessing my Windows 7 Professional 64-bit system and the files, folders, even the drives suddenly decide that they are not going to work.  And by "not working" I mean that horrible issue of despite having enough power to run high-end games, the computer simply lags like its Windows 3.1 trying to open a video file. And this is despite the fact that I have 8GB of ram on the motherboard and 4GB more on the graphics card. Program icons are clicked on and take between two and three minutes to actually bring the program up - if at all, and folders seem to jam and become unresponsive. My hard drives white-out when being read and even lock up - yet the hardware is fine! Trying to delete something or move resources causes me to grind my teeth, so I honestly wonder some days whether or not Microsoft is deliberately crippling my OS in order to sell their Windows 10 OS to me. Frankly it would not surprise me in the slightest. I run a very clean system, all of the programs on it have been trimmed so that they start promptly and run smoothly. Even Symantec's Norton (a program notorious for resource hogging and causing the Internet browser to run so slowly opening a page can take two minutes or more) has been trimmed so that it opens things quickly. The point is, despite my doing what I can to make sure the machine runs well, its become very unresponsive of late with games lagging, Windows lagging, yet the processor and memory is fine - I've checked it. Just running desktop feels like I've got half-a-dozen programs doing tasks in the background and hogging all of my resources and frankly it's making me mad. Anyone else noticing this?
          '' Sometimes Brute Force Works '' ~ Jonathan Bluestone

          Windows 7 Error "You do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation" while trying to format the Hard drive. Well,
I happened to be formatting an external hard drive today when the power browned out and when the computer finally came back on the hard drive in question had obviously stopped while formatting meaning the FAT was toast and now because of it would not allow me access, citing "You do not have sufficient rights". I attempted to get administrative level access to the MS-DOS section of Windows 7 64-Bit with the support page suggesting I start the DOS box in "elevated mode" - well, Have I got news for you, "elevated mode" don't mean SHIT on my computer and despite my invoking it by doing the following:

          (a) Click on Start and type in cmd in the search box and when the program pops up in the listing, right click on it and a menu drops down. 
          (b) Select “Run as Administrator” on the CMD program.
          (c) When the DOS window opens, type format <drive letter followed by : Example: '' >format g: ''> and hit Enter.

          ... zip happened! (zip meaning nothing, it did nothing whatsoever) Despite my doing the above the CMD seemingly didn't give me admin rights and I was unable to format the hard drive, unable to access it and being told by my own damned computer that I, the administrator
lacked the necessary security clearance to get access to the hardware so I just resorted to an old eighties technical 'trick' (known to old skool hackers) and just uttered a short and nasty profane word** and calmly pulled the data lead out of the damned thing while it was still powered up (do not do this unless you really really have too as it can cause a 'head-crash' and screw up your drive) and in the process effectively acted to remove it from the system. Then a second or two later I plugged it back in and was rewarded with the message "the drive requires formatting before use" so I did this, choosing a low-level format to get it working. And guess what - it is and its fine and I didn't have to do any of that funky bullshit the 'experts' on the Internet insist you do to get executive permission!

** ''Microsoft!''
It's been strongly rumored that Lando Calrissian (the original actor) is returning to the Star Wars franchise, and in truth I was quite disappointed when in The Last Jedi the gambler, sharp-shooter and all-round Mr. Wonderful did not appear to be Rose and Finn's contact in the shady casino ... but perhaps he was supposed to be all along and they just got the wrong man because Calrissian was in the bathroom stuffing cards up his sleeve. Indeed, the man with the one hundred million credit smile is back and I for one am pleased to see him. Recently actor Billy Dee Williams took time out from existing contractual obligations to start filming in September 2018; around about the same time that the next installment in the Star Wars saga is due to begin. We can only imagine that Calrissian is still a friend to the resistance and well, they are in desperate need of cash and who better to get it than one of the galaxies most legendary gamblers?
          deviantNEWS acts as a round-up of news and other stories that just proves the world is a really fucked up place full of really fucked up people with some questionable morality. Check back often for updates. Typically stories will appear here for about a week, be updated daily or when information becomes available or when I can be bothered to update them. As of July 3rd I'm now going to include dates where possible on news stories as I've had requests to use my roundup by others who wish to share certain stories.

          The Hand That Rocks the Cradle ...
          [07/03/18] Police have arrested a nurse by the name of Lucy Letby (28), who until July 2nd was a employee at the Countess of Chester Hospital, Chester, England and charged her with the murder of eight new born babies and the attempted murder of an additional six. It is understood that the babies that she failed to kill were discovered exhibiting 'complications' and were subsequently given treatment by other people in the neonatal unit department where she was employed without any of them realizing that it was she that tried to kill them. In addition to the above, detectives are also investigating fifteen non-fatal collapses which were reported to have occurred between March 2015 and July of 2016. After she was arrested the police swooped on her home at Westbourne Road, Chester (a mile from the hospital) and conducted a search, seemingly looking for evidence to fortify their case against her. Her motive remains unknown at this time and the method employed to kill the infants has not been disclosed. UPDATE: Police are now digging up her yard and investigating woodland behind her home. They have also gone back to her other medical postings in order to see if there is evidence of any other 'unusual deaths' that she might be associated with.

          Mother Reports Gamers for 'Gang-Raping' Her Daughter's Avatar in Roblox
          [07/04/18] American Amber Petersen was asked by her seven-year-old daughter to explain 'what' was happening to her avatar in the online game Roblox and when Mrs. Petersen went and looked she was met with the sight of her daughters avatar being gang-raped by a number of other players avatars. Roblox is marketed for children so this certainly wasn't what she expected to see. She was so disturbed by this that she immediately posted a Facebook commentary about it and included screenshots which allowed the company that makes the game, the Roblox Corporation, to identify the sick bastards behind two male avatars who carried out the attack on Mrs. Petersen's daughters female avatar. According to Roblox Corporation the one who instigated the incident has been banned.

          American Hunter Poses with Dead Giraffe
          [07/04/18] Tess Thompson Talley went to Africa to hunt big game and armed with a high-powered rifle bagged herself a Giraffe (who in all fairness was not armed with any sort of gun so could not defend itself) while hunting in South Africa. After killing this relatively helpless creature she posed with its corpse, seeming well-pleased with her act of barbarism and having killed a member of what may well become an endangered species before the end of the 21st Century, posted her 'murder snaps' online at the AfricaDigest Twitter feed last month. Well, now she is feeling the heat from people who feel much the way I do about senseless murder for the sake of self-gratification and people are calling for her blood. Described by one commenter as a "White American savage" the woman with the gun has gone on to defend her moment of brutality and seems shameless about her act of depravity.

          Within Inches of Educating the Millions
          [07/04/18] A Chinese woman identified only as Ms. Li had trained hard to be a teacher and was well on her way to obtaining a post as a academic professional ... that is until the review board noticed that she was only four feet nine inches tall (150cm). Using this crap as an excuse they have blocked her application as its still mandatory in China to be of a certain height to be able to get work as a teacher believe it or not.

          Google ... Seemingly It's Acceptable for Third-Party Apps Developers to READ Your Private Emails
          [07/04/18] Google has confirmed that private emails sent via and received via their service (Gmail) can be read by third-party application developers and that its a 'secret' that is only now being admitted too. That means that your so-called private conversations and uploads/downloads, sharing of links, photographs and files can in fact be read by anyone who happens to have access. You would think this was a violation wouldn't you but Google seems to think its perfectly acceptable. Google said that third party apps connected to their email accounts can be used as 'permission' in a way for human staff who work at the companies who make such apps to read your mail. Google went on to indicate that the practice was not against their policies. Well, you heard it here folks.

          Chump Scraps Affirmative Action ... So It's Welcome Back Discrimination!
          [07/04/18] When he was President, Obama managed to get the country to grow-up a little and moved some of its institutions out of the dark ages by causing certain bills to be passed that managed to make certain 'race related' codes of conduct either illegal or unacceptable and that thankfully was a massive push forward, especially for the non-white folks who wanted to go to certain schools and colleges. But now it seems the ARCH-MORON himself, Chump, has decided to scrap all of the affirmative action plans that were established and with twenty-four of them wiped off of the books the racists are going to have a field day at the expense of African-Americans, Puerto-Ricans and people who are of Far Eastern origin. Currently Harvard University is facing a discriminatory lawsuit for making sure that the number of Asian-Americans who are allowed in stays ''nice and low''. I remind you that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Affirmative Action, so you have to ask, why is Chump reversing it now? Could it be perhaps that he is a pointy hood wearing sort behind closed doors?

          Your Never Too Old To Commit Filicide ...
          [07/04/2018] For some unexplained reason Anna Mae Blessing (92) moved into the house shared by her seventy-two year old son (unnamed) and his girlfriend (unnamed) in Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona, and for four months there was an unsettled atmosphere in the house and often violent arguments between the dominating mother and her son who just wanted to get on with his life and had seemingly agreed to look after her, but it seems his mother being there and being abusive was causing more than a few problems so words had been said to her along the lines of "you're going into a home" and well, seemingly she didn't care for that. It would appear that Mrs. Blessing loaded two pistols and placed them butts up in the pockets of her robe and then confronted her son in his room at the house, telling him that she wasn't going to be put in a home by him or anyone else and then pulled one of the pistols and unloaded multiple rounds at the unsuspecting man with at least two striking him fatally in the neck and jaw and he died at the scene. Hearing the shots his girlfriend came into the room just as the senior citizen was pulling the other pistol to kill her too but the younger woman disarmed her and that was when Mrs. Blessing said "He took my life and I took his too!" Referring to the plan to put her in a home. The cops were called, arrived and put Blessing under arrest and took a statement from the girlfriend - the only living witness - who claimed that Mrs. Blessing had become very difficult to live with in the last few weeks. Blessing has since been charged with first degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of kidnapping.

          ... And Never too Young To Be A Pedophile
          [07/05/2018] Police have arrested a sixteen-year old male suspect (name not published due to restrictions in Britain) for the kidnapping and rape of Alesha MacPhail (6) who was visiting her relatives on the island of Bute, off of the Scottish coast on Monday July 2nd 2018. Having arrived from the mainland she vanished hours later and her concerned relatives reported this disappearance to police who subsequently carried out a search and discovered her dead not far from where she was supposed to have been. The teenager involved was arrested following a check of all arrivals to the island within the timeframe of the investigation and it is suspected that she might even have been snatched from her bed as she was reported missing at 06:25 hours on Monday. UPDATE: The police have now issued a statement that the killer was known to the family and has now been charged with rape and murder.

          The Shadow of Novichok ... Two Poisoned Near Salisbury: One Now DEAD
          [07/05/2018] When police discovered two people in a house in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England on Saturday, June 30th their initial thought was that both of them had been engaged in the use of narcotics but it soon turned out to be much worse, for both were suffering from contact with NOVICHOK, the Russian manufactured weapons grade toxin that was used in an attempt to kill former Russian spy Sergei Skripal (67) and his daughter, Yulia Skripal (33) on March 4th almost four months to the day that the Russians were poisoned in Salisbury, Wiltshire, in what is thought now to be a deliberate effort on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation and a assassination attempt which failed. Amesbury lays less than ten miles to the north of Salisbury and police are now working on the basis that the couple, Charlie Rowley (45) and Dawn Sturgess (44) somehow came into contact with the toxic element, but this begs the question - how? From what I understand the substance, Novichok, has a relatively short period of toxicity so there are two distinct possibilities. The first is that they somehow came into contact with the substance through accident, perhaps because it was dumped and they found it - or that it is entirely possible the Russian agent responsible is still around and is playing some sick game. No doubt MI-6 will be acting on these theories and others. I remind you that it was common practice under communism to plant deep-cover agents in enemy countries to carry out fifth-column missions when necessary so perhaps the authorities better start looking for them as well. Both of the victims are still in intensive care and described as being in a critical condition. Nobody else has yet presented the same symptoms. UPDATE: the Novichok has been CONFIRMED as being from the same batch as that used in the Skripal attack at the Maltings Shopping Center. It is believed now by doctors that the pair came into close immediate contact with the nerve agent by handling a ''contaminated item''.
          Meanwhile the British intelligence services have released information that prove that the Skripal's were under constant surveillance by the Russian state prior to the attempt on their lives, and that such monitoring carried on for months. According to the British government in a letter sent to N.A.T.O. there is evidence that the Russians hacked into Yulia's email account in 2013 and copied her emails and carried out on the ground observation of both victims. The Russians are denying all involvement and claim that the British are putting them "through hell".
          UPDATE [07/08/2018]: Dawn Sturgess (44), mother of three has died from the contamination and police are now considering the poisoning a MURDER INQUIRY. Further information has also come in that it is believed she and Mr. Rowley might have been dumpster diving prior to being poisoned, although no additional details in regards to this have yet been released.
          UPDATE [07/27/2018]: Seemingly the nerve agent was in a vaporizer style perfume bottle in an expensive box and that Sturgess sprayed it on her wrists, rubbed them together and inhaled deeply. The 'perfume' being an item found by Rowley who had no idea it was so lethal.

          Man Assaulted by Hells Angels in Vicious Unprovoked Attack
          [07/05/2018] During February 2016, Christopher Harrison, a biker, happened to be drinking at a public house The Carlisle on Hastings seafront when he was approached by two Hells Angels and they made it clear to him that he was going to join their motorcycle club. When he refused the situation quickly degenerated into a one-sided fight and such was the level of brutality that they enacted upon him that the two bikers managed to rupture his eyeballs. Both men then fled and were eventually arrested and now face charges of grevious bodily harm and attempted murder. Matthew Barnes (48) of Victoria Avenue, Hastings, and Oliver Wilkinson (50) of Duke Road, Saint Leonards-on-Sea both deny the charges. It is not stated in my source as to whether or not the victim has any eyesight. The trial continues.

          Russian Woman Charged With Drug Dealing ... For Selling Unused Medication
          [07/05/2018] When Yekaterina Konnova's tried to sell her six-year-old son's anti-seizure medication online (as it was "no longer required") the last thing she expected was to be charged with drug dealing. She had placed several tubes of diazepam (valium) rectal gel online and the police burst into her home and arrested her as the medication is not registered in Russia and as such it is deemed illegal. The trial against her continues amid requests from charities to end it as her action is seen as harmless and not intentionally attempting to profit from drugs.

          Disabled Woman Ignored and Neglected by Family
          [07/05/2018] When the police were called to the property lived in by Catherine Purcell (68) and her daughter, also named as Catherine Purcell (35) in Kirkby, the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley, Merseyside, England (technically Lancashire) they discovered the elder woman's corpse in a state of advanced decay and riddled with flies and maggots. The daughter and the elder woman's ex-husband, John Purcell (71) were subsequently charged with willful neglect and leaving her to die. Both were subsequently tried and handed down suspended sentences (details not provided in my source).

          Earthquakes In Surrey, England
          [07/05/2018] Now Britain isn't normally thought of as a country that gets earthquakes but I assure you that it does. In fact we've had some large ones here that have done much more than shake the ground and one in London in the 19th Century brought down a viaduct. Anyway, Surrey, a county in southern England (just southwest of London) has had more than a few of late with seven striking in the last twelve weeks. You have to wonder if undisclosed frakking is to blame. Geologists and seismic experts have described the incidents as a "swarm of tremors" with the latest measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale which occurred beneath Newdigate, Surrey (51.1786°N 0.2782°W) near Gatwick Airport just before midday on July 5th. At the moment scientists are leaning towards "natural causes" for the quakes.

          Giant Chump Baby Balloon Cleared to Fly Over London
          [07/06/2018] When it was announced that President chump was going to be allowed to visit the United Kingdom on some sort of 'state visit' protestors who frankly see him for what he is began collecting charitable donations to pay for the manufacture and deployment of a six meter high BABY-SHAPED balloon of chump shaped like a baby, with one of the protestors describing him as a "angry baby with a fragile ego and tiny hands." Permission has been given for the balloon to be deployed during 'his highnesses' visit.

          You Can Have My Soda When You Take It From My Cold Dead Hands ...
          [07/06/2018] Kayla Hanna (20) attended a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert in Boucher Road, Belfast in 2016 and on entry was frisked by the security who on discovering she was carrying a bottle of soda (Lucozade, a high glucose energy drink) confiscated it. She complained that she was a Type 1 Diabetes sufferer and as such entitled to have the soda for emergency purposes but the thuggish security guard didn't give a shit, ignored the fact she had a diabetes tattoo and her insulin pack and told her she could go in without it or stay outside with it. Well, she decided to sue. Its now 2018 and she has won her court case against the company (Eventsec LTD) that supplied the over-zealous security guard and won a settlement of £2,000 (or approximately one thousand carbonated beverages).

          Moscow Issues Condolences Over British Death from Novichok
          [07/10/2018] Although not actually an admission of GUILT, the Russian Federation has issued a statement that they regret the poisoning and subsequent death of Dawn Sturgess (44) by the military-grade nerve toxin Novichok on June 30th this year. Dmitry Peskov addressed reporters on Monday and said that Moscow "is deeply concerned over the continuous cases of these poison elements" in Britain. He added that such incidents present a danger not only inside the UK, but also in Europe as a whole - now what are we to make of that? Does that suggest Novichok has been deployed in Europe as well by the only people who would probably have it - the Russian Federation? Meanwhile back in Britain the police have removed a car in Swindon that is associated with the couple who were poisoned and Charlie Rowley (45) is described as still being in danger of death in hospital and is fighting for his life. The Russians denied any involvement again with the deployment of the substance.

          British Prisoners To Be Given Telephones In Their Prison Cells
          [07/10/2018] No doubt an incredibly stupid idea, the British government (as laughable as they are) is spending thirty million pounds and will place telephones in the cells of prisoners in the hopes that it will reduce violence in prison. Every call will be recorded. The scheme has already seen twenty prisons fitted with them, and another twenty prisons will see this addition in the next two years. Reportedly the violence often takes place in the queues when prisoners are waiting to use the phone. Am I the only one who can see the potential for crime here? Prisoners can use the phones for intimidation, ordering in stuff - ordering hits on other persons outside of jail or inside. Recording isn't going to make any difference. What are the prisoners going to be threatened with? MORE time on their bid? Madness. Prisons need more discipline, with hard punishment handed out for brutality and activities which cause problems but the namby-pamby "be nice to the little fuckers" types think you can change thugs into model citizens.

          Two-Year-Old Shoots Himself
          [07/10/2018] Its always sad when a child dies irrespective of that child's age and this week the parents of Christopher Williams Jr. (2) told newspaper reporters how they heard a loud bang and went into a room at their home in Houston, Texas and discovered their child lying dead from a gunshot wound to the head from an unsecured 9mm pistol that he had found. His parents are in mourning and police have yet to say whether or not charges will be filed against them in regards to the incident. This incident comes in the wake of several others in the United States in which children have seemingly shot themselves with their parents own firearms.

          PayPal Threatens Dead Woman For Breach of Contract
          [07/11/2018] When an elderly female PayPal customer died from cancer her distraught husband receive a 'form letter' email from the company stating that her death had breached their customer agreement and the company would take legal action against her because of it. He contacted the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and showed them the email, and in turn the BBC contacted PayPal and asked exactly what they thought they were doing pursuing a dead woman for some breach of contract. PayPal responded by admitting the letter was insensitive and they apologized to the late woman's husband for it. They also said they would inquire as to how the whole business occurred in the first place. This in part is why I refuse to 'conform' and have a PayPal account.
          In fact with the exception of situations where I absolutely have too have an account for anything online, I avoid making accounts with any company and its amusing how often they freak out and insist that I get one because if I don't have one I just be in some way backward or a difficult customer. Yesterday for example I happened to discover that my browser of choice could not log into my banking service and after two days of not being able to access my accounts I eventually phoned their help line ... they demanded my sorting codes, etc. and I flatly refused to provide them. I simply waded through menus until I got to a live human being ... in India with an accent which meant he was in Delhi and he rather offhandedly said "have you tried accessing it with other browser clients?" I politely explained that I run a lean ship and have one browser and had no wish to add more. He sighed and actually said, "then you are making a problem for yourself, sir." The 'sir' implied I was a luddite.
          This said, its not just PayPal that fouled up. I have a long-running issue with Amazon customer services, especially the dumber-than-pigshit ones who seem to reply to my communiqués from India. Much of the time they do not have a clue as to what my problem is even when I clearly write it out in plain English; often they will do exactly the opposite of what I've asked them to do and that makes things worse. Once in a while a real cretin is put in charge of replying to me and that gets my blood boiling. On July 4th 2018 I wrote to Amazon to advise them that I had money in my account to pay for a book after they contacted me saying that they could not indebt my bank to purchase the item. The reply back I received was exactly as follows:


please phone unknown charges for further assistance

Warmest regards,



           I wrote them back asking why I should have to make a phone call and received a smarmy and apologetic reply back explaining that it would be fixed. Its now July 11th and its still not fixed. "Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company" fucks up again - not that I'm surprised anymore. On June 8th 2018 I got a letter from them informing me that a 'Bermuda Sand Pre Formed Pond 128x84cm with Pond Liner had not been received by me ... well, why would it? I don't even have a yard. The mail was for another customer, yet the Amazon representative kept citing my order numbers and at one point referred to me by the other buyer's name. And that's just the latest in a very long list of fuck-ups by professional incompetents that I've had to endure for the last fifteen years that have more often than not meant that I have been forced to telephone India and ask somebody with an accent so thick that I can barely make sense of anything that say and they are actually speaking English.

           Senior Civil Servant Beaten Up in Central London in Broad Daylight: Hundreds ''See Nothing'' Of Course
           [07-12-2018] I've been saying for the last decade or so that the world is sliding backwards into barbarism and that this barbarism is becoming more prevalent in Western societies. Personally I blame mass migration and immigration for this and you want to know why I would make such a statement? Well, I'll tell you. Before the current intake of people from across the world from countries forever on the edge or warfare, if not actually at war with all of its associated horrors Britain (and Europe) enjoyed a relative level of peace with people able to go about their business without fearing being stabbed or shot or mugged in the street in broad daylight but since mass immigration this situation has changed and well, its hard not to make the connection between people emigrating from unstable countries who have unstable cultures and the mass thuggery that is now being forced on us both in Europe and in Britain.
           Let me make it absolutely clear that this observation has nothing to do with race - its not a race issue (although I am convinced somebody somewhere would make it one just to fit their pet theory), but one of cultural normality with people from more violent cultures inflicting their 'values' on formerly peaceful societies here in the more civilized West. The sad part of this is that growing up in Britain in the seventies and eighties I was exposed to a lot of 'casual' institutionalized racism via the popular media of the age. It was 'acceptable' to make jokes about black people or the Irish or to be openly racist on television. There were comedians who based their whole act on abusing people because of their skin color or race, take the case of
Jim Davidson ([link]) who would do the most offensive 'blackface' routine and talk like he was a black person of Jamaican descent who was scared of everything - and did the eye-rolling thing; very offensive. In recent years he was ordered to tone down his material because it was so offensive. However, Davidson was nothing compared to Bernard Manning, a man so foul he looked the part: [link] [link] fat, unfunny and the darling of the working man's clubs of the north.
           Then of course we had
Alf Garnet, (… / [link] <the video link shows the character at his foulest) a ignorant 'Britain first and nig-nogs second' type of character played by the late Warren Mitchell (who in all fairness did not write the material, he only acted it and was in fact Jewish) who was the stereotypical British racist beloved of the British public -- but that pales into insignificance compared to the television show Love Thy Neighbor where a white working class man suddenly discovers a black family is moving in next door and the old hatreds come out and were utilized as 'entertainment'. The white man openly refers to the black neighbor as ''a spear-chucker'' - today such material would be banned and with good reason. Anyway, Britain has become awash with crime due to mass migration and immigration and if you happen to take a look at the crime figures with a cold and dispassionate view you will see that Britain (and Europe) has been a dramatic increase in non-citizen crime with emphasis on the sort of crimes that we did away with for many years such as gang-attacks, knife crime, rape, even murder over the most trivial of things.
           The Seventies and Eighties as I recall them were so peaceful that if somebody knifed somebody it made headline news right across the country, but today its so commonplace that the cases on any given day are not easily counted. Let me make it clear here that not every knife attack is carried out by an immigrant - just in case you think that this is what I'm suggesting; no, but there is a pretty impressive percentage of persons who have been identified committing such crimes that hail from countries other than Britain (and Europe) and who happen to be committing said crimes on our soil. Sadly it has now become
virtually a crime to suggest this under British law yet this does not change the fact that it happens.
           Now with all of that said, I wonder who
exactly mugged Sir Christopher Meyer (74) a former diplomat and ambassador for Great Britain in broad daylight at the tube line section of Victoria Station in central London yesterday? He does not remember much about it - simply that two teenage thugs suddenly laid into him and kicked the living shit out of him with such brutality that he was left covered in his own blood and found lying on the station floor, wherein he was subsequently rushed to St. Mary's Hospital with his left eye swollen shut with the effected area the size of a golf ball. According to his wife, he might even have a broken nose. Police have arrested a man and a woman over the attack, according to Lady Meyer, who said she planned to mention is the subject of ''violent crime'' now that a blue-blood has been beaten-up to the House of Lords. Funny isn't it, that people are beaten up every day, raped, murdered, and yet it carries on ... until one blue-blood gets the treatment and suddenly its important to put a stop to it. In referring to him as a 'blue-blood' I'm not being sarcastic or malicious, I'm merely making mention of the oft-mentioned British Class System which divides those who have money and power and those who do not, and yet in British society we're all supposed to be equal ... yeah, on paper - but reality? Not a chance. Curiously the man who I've reported on here loves Chump and has asked that the British back him in his ploy to obtain total world domination by crippling other countries economies and in bleeding them dry so the good old U.S. of A can dominate. Well, have I got news for you - EVERY empire falls. I'll leave you with a statement issued by his wife, Lady Meyer who added: "At first I thought that the attack was politically motivated. He is opinionated, and sometimes people have different opinions, but the police told me they believe that it is more likely that they might have wanted to rob him."
Unless he said something to the people who beat the shit out of him, we can only assume it was yet another example of random violence for the sake of it with a man in his seventies being a nice soft target for the cowardly scum.

           CHUMP Honestly Believes the British LOVE Him!!
[07/12/2018] President Chump touched down in Britain today just so he can go play golf in Scotland and maybe if he gets bored, abuse the British establishment. In one of this now legendary Twitter messages he was so deluded as to suggest the British "liked me a lot" - well, as a Brit I obviously don't like Chump and frankly from what I've seen in the media and in talking with my fellow countrymen there aren't any that actually like this creature, considering him a real piece of work. But then when you're a smug bastard who is convinced of your own superiority you will assume everyone around you is there just for your amusement, yes?

           Stormy Daniels Accused Of Sex Crime ...
           [07/12/2018] Less than a day ago Stormy Daniels who is insisting that she and Chump had a sexual liaison while he was married in 2006 was accused of allowing men to touch her naked body while she performed at a strip club named Sirens in Columbus, Ohio - despite that being a crime. She was quickly arrested based on heresy as nobody could prove this happened and now she has been released and the charges dropped as there is no case against her. Her lawyer insisted when the incident occurred that her arrest was politically motivated.

           Paramedic Stole From Elderly Victim
           [07/12/2018] Reportedly a paramedic named Anna Mogford (38) who was called to the home of Joyce Bealey (87) and decided to help herself to the victims purse and having stolen it took the credit cards out and using the PIN number on the back went on to take one thousand, four hundred pounds in cash from a bank. When the theft become apparent, Bealey's family pressed for a prosecution and Mogford was subsequently found guilty and jailed for six months - she also lost her job.

           Penis Taunt Man Murders Wife
           [07/12/2018] When Melanie Clark (44) mocked the size of his manhood during the latest of a long list of arguments she and her husband, David Clark (49) often indulged in he went apeshit and killed her at their home in Stoke Prior, Worcestershire on New Years Eve 2017. Having dispatched her he quickly realized the situation he had created for himself and turned himself in to the police citing a complete "lack of control" as she always choose to abuse him by saying he had a very small dick. He received fifteen years for his crime of passion ... or is that lack of passion?

           Teenager Left to Rot After Dying In Her Families Home
           [07/12/2018] Jordan Burling (18) went into cardiac arrest in her room in her own home in 2016 she died and at the time of her death she weighed a mere thirty-seven kilograms because her mother and grandmother who ruled the house she lived in with a rod of iron didn't give a shit about her and were essentially there just to bully and abuse her. After she died and the police were called and discovered how Jordan looked and the circumstances of her death, Dawn Burling (45) and Denise Burling (70) were arrested and have now been jailed for what amounts to cruelty and manslaughter. They received a four year and three year sentence respectively as their victim resembled a concentration camp victim when she died.

Iranian Adult Flogged For 'Crime' He Committed As a Child
           [07/12/2018] Identified only as ''M R'' (Mohammed, anyone?) and thought to be twenty-five years of age was arrested by religious police this week in Kashmar, Iran and sentenced to eighty lashes for the crime of drinking alcohol when he was fourteen or fifteen. According to the press he was arrested in the Iranian year of 1385 (March 2006) and sentenced in 2007 yet the punishment has only just been carried out.

           Migrants Hijack Rescue Vessel to Prevent Being Returned to Africa
           [07/12/2018] According to the Italian authorities a group of economic migrants fleeing Africa reportedly hijacked an Italian rescue vessel that had previously rescued their sorry asses just off of the coast of Libya when it became clear the Italians were going to send them back there. At least two of the passengers forced their way on to the bridge and threatened the crew and opened the throttles so that a Libyan coastguard vessel which the Italian vessel was rendezvousing with could not make the meeting. Eventually sixty-seven of the migrants were transferred to the Italian vessel and the hijackers who had used extreme violence during their attempt were led from the vessel in handcuffs.
Has anyone else noticed that deviantART is BROKEN? Starting on July 3rd I began getting messages stating that operations could not be completed, that pages I knew for a fact existed ''did not exist'' and that deviations I wanted to look over simply were not available ... they broke deviantART. So if its acting up or just not working - I guess we can blame the new changes that have been brought in, although it might be something worse ... China or North Korea hacking the site looking for new technologies to exploit; or perhaps its a group of hackers who think its hilarious to take down the gallery! (the last bit is clearly intended as satire but frankly I would not put it past either of them).
          The world is slowly (or not so slowly in some areas) sliding back into barbarism and seemingly the period of relative stability that Western Europe and Britain enjoyed for much of the last sixty years is coming to an end. Following the end of World War II Europe has been attempting to make sure that the injustice and the rise of fascism that led to that war and the murder and displacement of millions of innocents does not happen again. And for a while it worked. Society is still going to see miscreants and psychotics who believe that they can do as they wish and get away with it and such was the level of social outrage that crimes against others generated that for much of my life, newspapers would create major stories with front page headlines if somebody was robbed or worse knifed ... and now such instances are so commonplace that they don't even warrant the news being reported.
          We have had a dramatic rise in mass immigration which in turn has fuelled the old nationalist values of "my country, not yours" and the rise of far-right hate groups and the counterbalance of far-left sympathy (known as the bleeding heart liberals) who are more than willing to give tax payers money to people who have fled their own broken societies to settle in Europe. Sadly all of the above, all of the parties involved have led to a rather unique situation which has not been improved by the fact that life is more violent, more brutal in certain of the countries the refugees are immigrating from and a certain percentage of them they bring with them the mentality that violence solves problems.
          Well, it solves problems in their countries and whether or not such behavior is legal or not or morally and socially acceptable there, it certainly isn't socially acceptable in Europe and Britain. Since mass immigration Europe and Britain has seen a dramatic rise in all sorts of exploitive crime and the use of knives and firearms. Although its difficult to say for certain what exactly caused this situation to come about, it is in part a complete disregarding of the law, of socially acceptable behavior and actions and a lack of respect for other people, seeing them and the environment as something that can be exploited and abused.
          You want proof of this? Simply watch something like The Jeremy Kyle Show where guests resemble ''poor white trash'' and seemingly live as near-savages dependent on welfare, casual violence and who go far beyond the tenants of recreational use for drugs and alcohol and who seem to wear with a sense of pride and honor the badge which marks then as dangerously socially maladjusted individuals. I met such an individual yesterday in fact in the town of Eastleigh, Hampshire - a man in his seventies perhaps, looking for all the world like a hippy and wearing a peace symbol around his neck who was taking up all three seats on a bench and I desperately needed to sit down. I approached and politely asked him if he could spare me some space to which he looked up and spat out, "no, fuck off." I continued to stand there and replied, "Well, isn't that a surprise." And then walked away to a neighboring bench which was not occupied and which required I cross a road to do it. The 'faux-hippy' occasionally turned to look at me as I had challenged his laughable 'authority' and I was now staring at the back of his head. For a man who looked like a hippy, smelt like one too and wore a multi-colored peace symbol around his neck he was a cunt.
          So you can never tell who is going to be a asshole. I best affirm my viewpoint here. It is not just immigrants, migrants and asylum seekers who are responsible for such crime. Its a very complicated problem and its got a lot to do with cause and effect and drags in people born in Britain too - the younger generation for the most part; anyone under thirty most certainly but we do have a core of hardened criminals everywhere who think its acceptable to act as they damned well please towards others.
          I could never ever conceive of a situation wherein I would choose to cut somebody or plunge a knife into their body as I maintain a sense of personal honor and have a moral certainty which I adhere too at all times; yet the aforementioned negative activities are now so commonplace that TODAY alone there will be an estimated two thousand such instances and a tiny percentage of them will result in the death of the person being knifed. Firearms have also become more common on British streets and are causing the police and the intelligence agencies all sorts of headaches yet criminals freely trade in such things and subsequently such weapons are used to dispose of their rivals and enemies. Gang violence too has got to the point where major cities like London are now roamed by mobs of wannabee and actual criminals who act like they are actors in some Mad Max movie with sharply defined turf, gang colors and a mentality to match. Sadly much of what we are seeing in British cities is inspired by American gang culture complete with aggressive music and attitudes. The point is, its only going to get worse and its time that such activity was stamped on. Hard with harsh sentencing for anyone caught engaging in such activities.

          With this in mind, here is a round-up of the darker side of the news with emphasis on the evil that is now commonplace. As somebody once said, "it can only go on forever."


          Chump Is Trying to Run America and Dictate To The World As If Its A Business
          And the amusing part is, he and his generation are out to rape the planet of its resources, make a quick buck and fuck the next generation who will have to deal with the ecological damage that is being done - to say nothing of the economic damage which will follow when these precious fossil fuels (which you also rely on to make common items you cannot live without) are used up, contaminated and gone. The planets oceans and water supplies are now so contaminated with plastic that it is said there is an area the size of France in the South Atlantic. In a way its darkly amusing that most of the sci-fi movies of the eighties and early nineties had big corporations running the world. Yuppy scum were in charge and if you didn't own a sharp suit, have a pair of really expensive shoes, have a expensive cell phone and a Filofax you were a zero. Men desired women who were basically bitches in the boardroom and woman desired men who would happily cement-boot their best buddies just to secure the latest deal. In my mind at least this mentality is coming back and well, if you don't have money you are an asset to be played with ... as the American people are now discovering. Take the case of the Mexican migrants and the separation from their children. Unconfirmed rumor has it that as many as a thousand of these kids were separated and the authorities have no clue whatsoever as to who their parents are - while other children arrived without parents and the authorities have no way of sending them back without risking their lives in the process. UPDATE: North Korea is still manufacturing weapons ... and Chump is a chump. A world class moron in fact who is so stupid as to think he didn't just walk into the trap of allowing his 'enemy' to see who he was up against. I'll say that the little man in North Korea is a certified maniac and so is chump - except chump. We are in the hands of fools. Somebody impeach the stupid bastard already!

          Chump is Prank-Called on Air Force One
          Reportedly John Melendez (a comedian) posed as Bob Menendez (a Senator) and called Jared Kushner and then received a call back from Chump who didn't realize that he was being pranked. After the event the White House "make the president look like he isn't a moron" team issued a press statement saying that "sometimes the channels are open too widely and mistakes like this happen." Given that technology exists that can play a series down a phone line that can interfere with the human mind (a form of subliminal programming developed by the C.I.A.) is it really wise to get Chump anywhere near a phone?

          Gay Conversion Therapy Now Deemed ILLEGAL in Britain
          The British government has declared that so-called "gay conversion therapy" is to be banned and anyone found to be practicing it on gay, lesbian or transgender people will face criminal charges as its practicing is more or less a form of hate crime with the deluded practitioners attempting to make people 'straight' - to me at least this is nothing less than total fascism. Trying to make people confirm to so-called 'normal' values and suggesting that being gay is ''a choice'' when it is clear that you are either born 'straight' or find love and attraction with a person of your own gender.

          Lynching To Be Considered a Hate-Crime
          Its about bloody time that this happened, three black Senators in the House of Representatives in the American Congress have introduced a bill that will make the act of lynching a federal hate crime and be considered in the same light as murder. The lead sponsor is Kamala Harris (Democrat) and had this to say, "Lynching is a dark, despicable part of our history, and we must acknowledge that, least we repeat it." I could not have put it better myself. Two hundred bills directly related to the act of lynching have been introduced since 1918 and each and every one of them has been voted down - what does that tell you about the people who did the down voting? It sends the message that black lives don't matter and is an insult to African-Americans, their history and unspeakable treatment since their introduction to America. As recently as World War II black soldiers were often given relatively menial duties because they were wrongly seen as inferior to white people and more disgustingly more than likely to turn guns on white people. This said, the white race has pretty much fucked over anyone who was not white for much of the history of the United States with the Chinese and the Native American treated in a truly shocking manner but history has a tendency to avoid discussing these instances.

          Elderly Motorist Confuses Accelerator for the Brake and Kills Elderly Woman
          Sometimes its sad that such things happen; take the case of Harold Milner (79) only began driving at seventy-nine and successfully passed his driving test. Yet less than three months later struck and killed an elderly woman, Irene Moore (70) while she was crossing Hessel High Road, Hull, on October 23rd 2017. The police officer dispatched to the scene was her son, Officer Moore, although nobody realized this at the time. Milner was handed down a four-month sentence suspended for a year (suspended means he does not go to jail unless during that year he commits any other crime, wherein he will go to jail for that crime and the original crime he was tried for).

          Local Morons Bait Police and Attack Them For Laughs
          Sadly the following incident occurred only eight miles from where I live. The emergency call number in Britain is 999 wherein when an operator responds you say, fire, ambulance or police and the service requested is dispatched to you. Two teenage girls aged thirteen and fourteen living in Stranding Street, Eastleigh, Hampshire decided on June 27th to call the emergency line and report that the thirteen year old was experiencing a cardiac arrest. When the medical crew and a police officer arrived on the scene these two fuckwits threw bricks, drinking glasses, books, tables and chairs at them from the upper floor of the house. The morons were eventually arrested and now charged with wasting police time, assault and are currently free to roam the streets.

          Man Tries 'Upskirting' with a Toe-Camera And Receives Instant Karma
          The act of 'upskirting' is both immoral and antisocial and now very much illegal in Britain but for some reason an unnamed thirty-two-year-old man in Wisconsin thought that he could still get away with it and built a concealed camera into the toe of his shoes. Intending to find a victim wearing a skirt and placing his foot in a way that would allow him to take intimidate photographs this pervert got the shock of his life when the battery pack for the camera exploded and set his foot on fire. Police were soon on the scene and arrested the man who had to be treated for shock and minor burns. He could not however be charged with photographing as the camera did not contain any images or video.

          Another Religious Lunatic UBER Driver Charged With Terrorism
          When Uber driver Mohiussunnath Chowdhury (27) a resident of Luton, London, pulled up in his cab outside Buckingham Palace on August 25th 2017 he probably didn't have a clue as to what was going to happen to him next. Although he now denies it, it seems that he had in the car beside him a samurai sword and was intending to break into the palace and attack the queen. Police however stopped him, arrested the creep and then charged him with carrying an offensive weapon and preparing for acts of terrorism. Lucky for the rest of us, these islamic assholes aren't too big on brains and invariably incompetent (just research the 'shoe bomber' and others to see this). He is presently being tried for his intended crimes.

          Forty-One Year Old Man Married Eleven Year Old Girl in Malaysia
          In as far as I appreciate that other cultures have values that may seem unethical, even highly questionable I've never felt comfortable with the custom in certain eastern and middle eastern cultures for children to be brides to much older men. Frankly I find the whole thing deeply sick. This week its' the report that an Thai (Taiwanese if you happen to be American - everyone else calls them Thai's or Siamese) eleven-year-old girl has been forced to marry a forty-one year old man in Malaysia and her parents agreed to this marriage. She will be this man's third wife, but as part of the agreement he can visit her, even have physical interaction with her but she will live with her parents until she is sixteen years old. According to the Malaysian government no record of the marriage exists and they claim to be investigating it.

          More Unspeakable Rape in India ...
          Two creatures resembling men have been arrested in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India following the gang rape of a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl there. This vile and despicable action was carried out in broad daylight and the victim was stabbed repeatedly to make sure she could not testify, but she survived and now much of India is up in arms over the incident. This is only the latest of a constant string of rapes and murders in India, often against young girls - sometimes against young boys - and in the case of the girls the attacks often take place in broad daylight in the street, on public transport or simply in neighborhoods. It is also often the case that the victims are murdered or they are burned to prevent their identifying the rapists who invariably live locally and are known to the community. There have been calls for the DEATH PENALTY and I agree with this - hang the fuckers high. Only 'cure' for their disease.

          Indian Family Hung From Ceiling ... Police ''Think'' There was a Murderer Involved
          Acting on the calls of neighbors, police arrived at a house in Delhi, India and discovered a whole family had been murdered. A seventy-seven year old woman was found lying face down on the floor, she and in fact most of the bodies had been blindfolded, gagged with duct tape and bound with their hands behind their back and feet taped too. But the most disturbing thing about the incident was that ten of them were hanging from ceiling - including two children, bound exactly as the adults were. The incompetent police guessed that hand-written notes found at the scene suggested mystical or supernatural practices (witchcraft) and have not ruled out murder - geez, whatever you do, avoid the police in India. They aren't too bright. I speak from personal experience. No doubt the smartest of the lot will eventually work out that people cannot just hang themselves from the rafters and will go looking for other suspects.

          Fourteen Year Old Kid Knifed in Archway, Central London
          Acting on information the Metropolitan police discovered a fourteen-year-old boy who had been knifed repeatedly and seemingly by an ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD male suspect who was arrested at the scene in Fairbridge Road near Archway, central London on July 1st. Police soon 'de-arrested' the kid and are now looking for the real attacker. The victim is described as being in a serious condition in hospital.

          Drill Music Rapper Murdered At Birthday Party (I Suspect This is How He Expected He Would Go)
          Jordan Douherty (15) was a rapper (aka Young Valenti) living in East London; that is until he was stabbed to death outside a community center on June 23rd by a sixteen year old. Douherty manufactured 'Drill Music' and that evening had been at a birthday party performing. Drill Music is gang music that includes lyrics threatening other gang members, bragging about what they have done and that they are untouchable by the police. Seemingly people arriving at the venue were turned away and this led to the usual pathetic excuse for fighting between those who had got in and those who could not. Seemingly his murderer was a rival gang member. The sixteen-year-old has been charged with murder and is due to stand trial on June 29th.

          Man Stabbed to Death in North London ... Same News, Different Faces
          On June 27th police were called to Cavendish Road, Edmonton, London in order to intervene in a fight between several men armed with baseball bats. They quickly dealt with the situation but it became clear that a twenty-year-old man had been murdered (stabbed multiple times) at the scene by a sixteen-year-old. The kid was taken to hospital and is currently under arrest pending questioning.

          Really Bonking the Baloney
          In as far as I believe wholeheartedly that everyone is entitled to practice whatever religion they adhere too to give them comfort, its absolutely unacceptable, fundamentally speaking, to use that religion to abuse others or to force others to adhere by the values set by the person doing the abusing. It's been my experience that you have two types of religious in the world. Those who enjoy their religion and those who 'suffer from it' like a disease, and in suffering cause suffering to all around them in the process. I guess you can say that following story is a case of 'enjoying' religion ... maybe just a bit too much! In 2017 Winston Blackmore (61), a fundamentalist Mormon living in Bountiful, south-eastern British Columbia was found guilty of having no less than twenty-four wives and had fathered one hundred and forty-nine children. His associate in 'crime' was James Oler (53) who had five wives and somehow fathered an amazing one hundred and forty-nine kids with them. The charge was: Polygamy, which is illegal in Canada even if you are a fundamentalist Mormon. Blackwell received a sentence of six months under house arrest but he can still work and if a medical emergency occurs, still go to a hospital. He was additionally ordered to perform one hundred fifty hours of community service work. Oler was sentenced to three months of house arrest. And both face twelve months of probation. He was also required to do seven hours of community service work. Both men were described as hard working and law-abiding. Both men are leaders in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Mormon sect that believes in plural marriage. Given that the maximum sentence for polygamy under the region's criminal code is five years in prison. And this brings me to note that isn't it interesting that neither of the men (or their wives) have committed no criminal act, are decent human beings and yet their one weakness - wanting to have as many wives as possible is considered a crime. You have to wonder exactly why.

          You Have To Wonder Sometimes ... if Religion Makes People CrAzY (personally I believe religion to be a form of insanity - one that is 'morally acceptable')
          A court in Israel has convicted Michael Ron David Kadar (19), a American-Israeli resident that country for using the Internet to make hundreds of threatening hoax telephone calls to persons and agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand that were designed to intimidate and cause concern. More specifically they were anti-Semitic and he claimed in the calls that he had planted bombs in Jewish schools and community centers resulting in panic and evacuations. He was also found guilty of extortion, money laundering and when they came for him, assaulting a police officer. This just backs up my theory that a percentage of teenagers today are dicks and think life is one big joke. Well, the world certainly is a joke, sure, but screwing with people isn't cool.

          Have Lots of Fast Food Outlets Where You Live?
          Ah, I was wondering when they would get around to suggesting that deprived areas with low-I.Q. people were the playground of greed and they finally did it. Much as parts of British cities were filled to the brim with Gin Taverns in the past, it seems that council estates and places with the 'lower tier' of residents are now dominated by fast-food outlets with Blackpool, Liverpool and Manchester coming top of the list. Levels of deprivation were measured in regards to how many takeaways were in those areas and it was found that five times higher than well-to-do area or areas in which the settled 'middle' and 'upper' classes lived. This in turn has led to the offspring of these 'lower' classes (the British love their class structure) being fat and unhealthy simply because they have to pass so many quick-fix diner places.

          HOT, HOTTER, GOD DAMN!
          Things are heating up in Britain, for example it's been 88° Fahrenheit in my apartment all week (that's 33° Centigrade) and my country has never been smart enough to even consider installing central air - yes, that's right, the British are such fucking morons that they don't have any air conditioning at all in private homes or in government housing (rented apartments) but most corporate entities and big stores do have air. This means that every summer for about a month and a half for the last fifty years that I've been alive I've been roasted. Hell, in 2017 my computer melted down as the processor was running so hot. Even now the processor is 47° C and that's just running the desktop and a word processor. One thing is for sure, next PC I build is going to have a cooling system added due to adverse environmental conditions.

          9/11: The United States Acted Unethically Against a Percentage of Detainees and Britain Knew It But Did Nothing
          On September 11th 2001 I was teaching a class in modern computing in a middle charter school in Oklahoma City, but the class that morning would never occur because my planned event for that morning was to have the students log into and view various live cams that I had chosen - and completely by coincidence all of them were in New York City and neighboring Long Island and New Jersey. None of the students got to take that class that morning and well, we all know why. In the bedlam that followed the 9/11 attacks the intelligence agencies swung into place an operation that saw thousands of people's backgrounds checked and reportedly hundreds of people of middle eastern, Arabic and Indian/Pakistani origin were questions and a select few were held against their will with no access to legal council at all. Now it has emerged, seventeen years on from this event that the United States committed some truly inexcusable acts on certain of these detainees ... but sadly and far worse in some respects the United Kingdom knew about these acts and just sat and did nothing to prevent them. A report has just been released which indicates that The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) knew "beyond a doubt" that the Americans committed acts that could be determined to be torture, psychological abuse and worse yet said nothing, did nothing and did not so much as raise its voice to say that such actions were illegal, unethical and unnecessary. Although at this time the ISC has yet to find evidence that such abuses were ignored in the name of national security it has been suggested that in not saying something at the time on an official level makes the United Kingdom as bad as the agencies in the United States that were responsible for the backlash.

          Evil Juju Exploiter Meets Karma
          Josephine Iyamu (51) a Nigerian born naturalized British citizen who was employed as a nurse with the National Health Service (NHS) and who was until very recently living in Bermondsey, London, deliberately acted to traffick five Nigerian woman from Africa to Europe and put them into work as prostitutes in Germany by gaining control of them via the application of the fear associated with voodoo. She stood over each of them and carried out rituals on them, cursing them and telling them that if they did not do as she ordered demons would come for them. She then forced them to swear oaths and hand over money to her during these juju ceremonies. Eventually one of her victims cracked under pressure and went to the police, which in turn led to her investigation and arrest. She was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court of perverting the course of justice and the aforementioned actions. Sentencing has yet to be announced.

          CHUMP To Cost Scotland Six And A Half Million Dollars For ONE DAY Visit
          And here we are again with CHUMP NEWS. Now you want to talk insanity? Here's insanity - a ONE DAY VISIT by President Chump planned for July 2018 will cost the Scottish taxpayer five million Scottish pounds ($6,544,075) just to provide security from five thousand police officers. A lot of good can be done with the money wasted on this man, so why are the powers that be even agreeing to this crap? Well, its to make sure that while he is visiting three golf courses there nobody has a chance to abuse the meathead either verbally or literally.
 Chump should be FORCED to pay for his protection - its shit like this which is ruining the economy. I can readily tell you how much medical equipment that amount of cash would buy, or how many senior citizens it could give hot homes too this winter so why do the politicians here find it so easy to ignore these facts?

          You Can't Display the British Flag ... But You Can Deface Traffic Islands (WTF) - Only in Broken Britain
          Well, I certainly live in a strange country. Its not common to see the British flag (the Union Jack) or the St. George's Cross (the flag of England) displayed and if it is, it often leads to the displaying party being asked why by the police - and excuses given that it might offend any non-British who see it as in the past such flag waving displays have mainly been the estate of far-right racist organizations who want mass immigration to end and for any 'foreigner' who isn't pulling their weight, speaking English or living as the British do to ''fuck off back where you came from'' (quote). Yet the moment the silly season starts in Britain and the whole population has soccer (football) forced on them whether they like it or not its perfectly acceptable to suddenly have the flag painted onto roundabouts (circular concrete areas in the middle of intersections forcing vehicles to go around and turn off rather than straight across). Personally I think the British should be allowed to display their flag proudly and not thought to be fascists or racists for doing so ... but seriously, defacing traffic islands (and other things) just because of some tribal mentality madness has gripped a percentage of the nation is simply insane! But then what do you expect of people who refer to soccer as "the beautiful game" - I've never given a shit about sports and don't like them forced on me and the sad part is, anyone reading this who knows me and is "sports mad" would think it their God-given right to attack or abuse me for saying so.

          France to bring back Mandatory Military Conscription
          Habitez-vous en France? Avez-vous seize ans ou moins? Eh bien, ge prêt à rejoindre l'armée alors que le service militaire compulsif vient à votre rencontre. For non-French speaking readers I'll explain the previous commentary. Seemingly Emmanuel Macron has decided that National Service is to be made mandatory for all sixteen-year-old French teenagers, irrespective of gender as to promote a sense of national pride and to ensure that they understand their civic duty to France. The program is to be divided into two distinct phases. Frankly given the tribal mentality of many children and young adults in Britain we need a similar program here to make the little shits learn some respect as society is sliding backwards into barbarism.

          Jogger who Pushed Woman into Path of London Bus - Police Fail to Identify Suspect
          During August 2017 CCTV footage was presented that showed a male jogger shoving a woman out of his way as he crossed Putney Bridge in Central London. His selfish actions pushed her straight into heavy traffic and forced a London Bus driver to have to swerve to avoid hitting her. Well, the police consider the joggers actions attempted murder and have been trying since last year to identify the perpetrator. Yet despite their calling in and checking the features of more than fifty suspects they have failed to draw any leads. Sadly the case is now closed - but the scum who pushed her into traffic was clearly given a scare when the manhunt for him was launched. With any luck he will surface again and next time, well, we're be watching.

          Serial Poisoner Discovered in Germany Who More Than Likely Has Been Quietly Murdering Since 1980
          Reportedly an unnamed fifty-six year old male who was employed at the ARI Armaturen (a metal manufacturing firm Mergelheide 56-60, 33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany) was found to have added a then unknown white powdery substance to the sandwich of a fellow employee. Concerned the employee asked for CCTV footage and this led back to the suspect. The lunch remained unconsumed and later analysed and the substance found to be lead acetate, a highly toxic and nearly tasteless substance that could cause serious organ damage. Caught 'red handed' the suspect was taken into custody and a police investigation took place at his home which yielded incriminating evidence in the form of quicksilver, lead, and cadmium - all highly toxic substances in bulk. The police then launched an investigation into usual deaths at the company and found evidence that supported the potential for an additional twenty-one persons who had died in the last eighteen years. If these deaths can be linked to poisoning then the suspect will be tried as a serial killer. The suspect has not said a word in his defense since his arrest and had worked for the company since 1980.

          Would-Be Terrorist Caught With Long Knives in London
          On April 27th 2017 British born muslim Khalid Ali (28) was stopped by police officers in Parliament Street, Central London because he was acting in what they considered a very suspicious manner. He was found to be carrying three large knives, which he initially claimed were for protection (in Britain carrying any bladed article more than an inch long is grounds for immediate arrest and firearms are forbidden). An arrest followed and then an interrogation and it was discovered by careful back-tracking that he had gone to the middle-east and there claimed he was kidnapped by the Taliban and forced into working for them - so why did he manage to fly back to London then eh? These terrorists must think we're all fucking morons. Employed as a plumber he later claimed under duress that it was his intention to murder as many politicians and police as possible in order to deliver a 'message' to the British authorities. He was charged with preparing for terrorist acts and found guilty.

          Neo-Nazi Terrorist Planned To Murder Politicians
          Jack Renshaw (23) was a member of a banned neo-Nazi group called National Action in Britain when he ratted out the other members in the hopes they when they were discovered he could get away with it but the police didn't see it that way and he too is facing charges for being a member and for claiming that he intended to murder the minister for parliament Rosie Cooper (labor party) with a machete to "send the state a message". He also admitted under interrogation to making threats against Detective Constable (DC) Victoria Henderson who was investigating Renshaw for child grooming and racial hatred - no doubt the real reason he sold his fellow racists down the river. He denies any membership of National Action yet there is sufficient evidence to show he was a paid-up member.

          Woman Kills Rapist Husband and Gets Five Years For Protecting Herself in Sudan
          Funny how backward some places still are. Take the case of Sudan. Noura Hussein (19) was violently raped by her husband and subsequently killed him in an effort to stop the attack. Well, it certainly worked but then there is an automatic death sentence for any woman who kills a man (especially if its her husband) in Sudan. After a joke of a court case she had her sentence commuted to five years in jail for defending herself from the dead man. Her mother, Zainab Ahmed was pleased that her daughter was not going to be executed and that's all she dare say because in Sudan it would be all too easy for her to receive sentencing too for speaking out.

          Middle-Eastern Couple Found Guilty of Murdering French Nanny
         When Sophie Lionnet (21) went to work for Sabrina Kouider (35) and Ouissem Medouni (40) she probably never suspected for a moment that both of them saw her as disposable and would eventually end up torturing her and then murdering her before putting her corpse on a fire on their yard in London in order to dispose of the evidence. Yet this is exactly what they did and her murder only came to light when her family attempted to contact her and were lied to by the murderers. When interrogated by police the two suspects claimed that they killed her because they were absolutely convinced that she was entertaining ex-Boyzone singer Mark Walton and 'abusing people' in their home. They also initially blamed each other for the murder - no loyalty there then, was there? Her corpse was identified as human on September 20th 2017 and they were arrested. Both have now received sentences of a minimum of at least thirty years. Hope the scum rot in there.

          American Psycho
          The world is a dangerous place and well, take the case of Troy George Skinner (25) a resident of Virginia, USA who met a teenage girl online and seemingly he did something that upset her because she refused to talk to him. So he planned revenge on her and got on a plane and flew eight thousand miles (thirteen thousand kilometers) to New Zealand on the other side of the planet and once there preceded to the house she shared with her parents and violently kicked in their glass front door while ranting that he was going to kill her. Her father shot the asshole in the neck and down he went. His next date was with a doctor and the cops in the local hospital where the whole sorry story came out and he now faces a whole host of charges. He was found to be in possession of a knife, pepper spray and duct tape when arrested. You do the math. No wonder she stopped speaking with him - he's obviously a loon.

          Six-Year-Old Finds Loaded Sidearm in IKEA
          Imagine this for a moment, you're in an IKEA store in Indianapolis when a six-year-old child who ought to know the difference between right and wrong happens to put their hand between the cushions of a sofa and pulls out a loaded gun. What did the child do? Why, the kid fired the gun. Nobody was harmed and it seems the weapon was a legally concealed one held by a customer who had only just sat down to test the integrity of the sofa. Police were called to the store but no arrests were made and no damage reported.

          Disney have been cleared to purchase 21st Century Fox in a $71.3 billion deal. This means that FOX will hand over their regional sports networks to Disney.

          Teenage Soccer Team and their Coach Vanish into Caves in Thailand
          Its not been explained why but a twenty-five year old soccer coach and twelve young teenagers decided to go into dangerous caves in northern Thailand and have now been trapped in there since June 23rd and it is unlikely that they will survive unless radical action is taken to recover them. Flooding prevented them from finding their way out. The military and the police have made rescue attempts but the group of boys aged between eleven and sixteen seems to have gone deeper into the caves in an effort to get out (I can't think of a worse hell to be trapped in) and no contact whatsoever has been made with them since. Now British cave rescue experts are flying out to Thailand today (June 28th) in the hopes that they can assist. I dearly hope that this situation is resolved with no casualties. UPDATE: It was reported on July 3rd 2018 that British diving experts had managed to find twelve teenage boys and their coast inside a flooded cave in Thailand. They had been missing for ten days before being found and are now trapped with no easy way out. None of them can swim and the only way out is to do so. The authorities are now sending on months worth of supplies so they can wait for approximately four months for the floodwaters to recede allowing them to walk out. They are to be offered an option - learn to dive with breathing gear on or remain trapped. They exist in an area, basically a raised flat stone in the middle of a flooded cave with no light, no access and have been keeping alive by drinking water coming down from the ceiling. If I was them (and I am terrified of dark water) I would take the diving course.