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Judge Dredd: MC-1 Justice Dept. [Lawgivers] by JonathanBluestone Judge Dredd: MC-1 Justice Dept. [Lawgivers] by JonathanBluestone
The Lawgiver is the standard multirole sidearm of the Mega-City One Justice Department and has been in use in one form or another since 2072. (Line 1) The Lawgiver MK I (shown in order of the MK I-B and MK I-A variant with the 1-A being the most commonly encountered. The MK I was the standard weapon of choice for well over twenty years (having been adopted in 2084) and although it had periodic upgrades in internal technology and ordinance the external shell remained much the same as the first issue. (Line 2) shows the Lawgiver MK II which was introduced in 2133 and was built for the Justice Department by a reputable arms manufacturing company which later turned out to be a front for a criminal organization run by Nero Narcos who had booby-trapped the street issued Lawgiver II so that when it suited his purpose, any usage would automatically detonate taking off the hand of the Judge who was using it. This incident was to the so-called Day of Chaos and it crippled the city's Judge force. After the immediate issues were dealt with, including the Second Robot Revolution, the Lawgiver II was rethought as it was essentially an excellent weapon and a number of variants were produced by Justice Department Tek Division Research and Development.

As part of the Departments weapons testing policy all three of the variants shown here were utilized in field trials under actual city conditions. (Line 3, weapon 2) is the Lawgiver MK III which was brought in during 2133. The MK I was 'programmed' by the Judge by sliding a switch to any one of the six settings but as of 2133 with the introduction of the MK II this was replaced by a voice-programmable option which would select the required bullet from the magazine and chambered it. The Lawgiver can fire a Standard Execution (SE) round, a caseless titanium bullet and which has an effective range of three miles.
The Judge may also select a Heat Seeker (HS) round (also known as the hot shot) and that has its own propulsion system and steering vane and is propelled by the chemical reaction that occurs when its fuel (Argon 88 b) is exposed to air. Often used on fleeing perps it can go around corners. The Ricochet (R) round is a titanium bullet coated with a synthithic rubber solution that when fired in close quarters will rebound off of any solid surface until it finds its mark. Often employed when the Judge has no clear line of sight to a perp, they can fire at a nearby surface and if their calculations are correct, the round bounces and strikes the intended target.

All Judges are trained to calculate such things as a matter of course. The Incendiary (I) round is similar to a standard execution round but contains a thermite core which is activated on impact and results in the target catching fire. The Armor Piercing (AP) round is designed for use against armored perps or machinery, including robots and vehicles. The round has a greater charge than a standard execution round to produce a much higher muzzle velocity and when used to execute multiple perps is capable of passing through multiple targets. The High Explosive (HE) round contains a concentrated high explosive and is deemed dangerous to user in contained areas. Extremely effective against large groups of perps it is not used unless all other options have been exhausted.

Judge Dredd and all aforementioned references are the intellectual property of Rebellion, owners of 2000AD (C) Copyright Rebellion. The artwork and elements of the 'lore' plus the designs presented here are of my own invention and manufacture although they are based on and inspired by artwork from the Judge Dredd strip. I am announcing intellectual property rights over materials that I designed for that reason (C) Copyright Jonathan Bluestone 2018. Unauthorized duplication, usage or adaptation or works clearly derived from this artwork will be met with prosecution, creeps.
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