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Judge Dredd: MC-1 Justice Dept. [Heavy Weapons] by JonathanBluestone Judge Dredd: MC-1 Justice Dept. [Heavy Weapons] by JonathanBluestone
The Mega-City One Justice Department has an extensive range of handheld heavy weapons available to Judges from all divisions but the ones shown here are the most commonly encountered. The uppermost image is of the MK I Lawrod, and beneath it the MK II Lawrod, a high-velocity shotgun capable of firing a scatter round that can penetrate light to medium armor and is effective at a range of twenty meters. The third weapon is the Heavy variant, the MK III Judge-Pump and is often used by Judges in situations where it is necessary to provide the citizenry and perps alike with a real sense of fear of the Law. The MK III can also be converted into an assault weapon simply by detaching the stock. The last example is the MK I Stub Gun, a weapon which proved useful during the Apocalypse War when it was utilized to slow down invading Soviet forces from East-Meg One. The Stub-Gun shown here was deemed hazardous to user at the time it was used, and was never intended for street use, but when Block Mania and the subsequent invasion took place, Judge Dredd saw fit to use them.

Judge Dredd and all aforementioned references are the intellectual property of Rebellion, owners of 2000AD (C) Copyright Rebellion. The artwork and elements of the 'lore' plus the designs presented here are of my own invention and manufacture although they are based on and inspired by artwork from the Judge Dredd strip. I am announcing intellectual property rights over materials that I designed for that reason (C) Copyright Jonathan Bluestone 2018. Unauthorized duplication, usage or adaptation or works clearly derived from this artwork will be met with prosecution, creeps.
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