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Judge Dredd: Justice Dept. [Lawmaster] by JonathanBluestone Judge Dredd: Justice Dept. [Lawmaster] by JonathanBluestone

Described as a two-wheeled tank, the Lawmaster or Quasar Bike (Q-Bike) is an armor plated high-performance transport solution designed for one person (but can seat two if necessary). Developed when the Judges came to power, the Lawmaster is capable of speeds in excess of 300 KPH and has fireproof, bulletproof tires and an onboard artificial intelligence system, which is capable of independent, thought and can control the bike when the rider isn't riding it. The A.I. is also linked into the Justice Department's computer banks and can readily obtain information on demand to assist in law keeping. Although there are several variants in use in Mega-City One, the three shown here have been in general usage since 2095 and have undergone periodic upgrades. The upper set of images shown here is of the standard Lawmaster bike as utilized on the streets of the city. It has a laser cannon mounted forward and this remained pretty much the way the Q-Bike looked until mid-2103 when it received a significant upgrading to add side-mounted precision automatic guns both front and rear. This development was introduced in part due to the recommendations of Judge Dredd following his return from the Cursed Earth Mission, and the use of specially fitted Q-Bikes on that endeavor as seen in the lower set of images. Cosmetically the Cursed Earth variant is not all that different, it is armed and has the symbol of the Justice Department emblazoned proudly across the front.

Judge Dredd and all aforementioned references are the intellectual property of Rebellion, owners of 2000AD (C) Copyright Rebellion. The artwork and elements of the 'lore' plus the designs presented here are of my own invention and manufacture although they are based on and inspired by artwork from the Judge Dredd strip. I am announcing intellectual property rights over materials that I designed for that reason (C) Copyright Jonathan Bluestone 2018. Unauthorized duplication, usage or adaptation or works clearly derived from this artwork will be met with prosecution, creeps.

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