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Judge Dredd: Judge Helmets by JonathanBluestone Judge Dredd: Judge Helmets by JonathanBluestone
Although the Justice Department of Mega-City One was the first to create a law enforcement agency which acted to incorporate law keeping, military and other services all under one banner, other nations were quick to appreciate the value of the American concept and created their own Justice Departments, although it should be said under different names and in varyingly different forms. In Britain for example, Brit-Cit dissolved the existing regional police forces and formed a unified department and as such they adopted a uniform not unlike their American counterparts. Helmets #1 and #2 are variants that have since been used by the British mega-city.

Russia too adopted the American system, although with a distinct Russian feel and efficiency about it. Modeled on the Stalinist model of a uniform, unified agency consisting of the existing police, military with the Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (Комите́т госуда́рственной безопа́сности (KGB/КГБ) placed at the highest levels to protect and defend Mother Russia from Imperialist infiltration and indoctrination. Right from the very beginning the new Russian super-states, East-Meg One and East-Meg Two were in direct competition against their traditional adversaries, the Americans whom they had just fought two World Wars against. The East-Meg Justice Department (Министерство юстиции США.) has in the course of its history used two different issue of helmets, with the first featuring a flange on its base, and the more recent taking on a more traditional and stream-lined look.

The former United States with its three main Mega-Cities had at the time of its inception a single Justice Department sharing many of the same laws and law enforcing techniques but in time these cities began to modify the system which was established by Eustace Fargo, the Father of Justice, with Mega-City One on the east coast, Mega-City Two on the west coast and Mega-City Three (later to become known as Texas City) changing to deal with the sorts of crime they had to deal with. The first helmet (fifth along, top line) was in general usage around 2099 in Mega-City One and was replaced around 2101 with the updated design, which in time was updated again changing the color scheme from blue to black and has remained in use until the modern era. Mega-City One has utilized numerous variants of this helmet design in the course of its history with various divisions with Justice Department utilizing specific helmets, for example, TEK DIVISION often has specialist equipment mounted on the helmet to assist in forensic examination. Mega-City One also maintains the Academy of Law where children are inducted into the academy at the age of five and graduate aged twenty. During that time they wear the helmet of a Cadet, and in their later years are graduated to the rank of Rookie Judge. Both the cadet and rookie helmet designs are in pure white denoting their student status. Although the cadet helmet has remained unchanged, the rookie variant (which in itself is the same as the standard Street Judge helmet) has been updated to reflect the helmet design utilized by the department. On graduation, a rookie hands in their white helmet for the standard Judge issue. Then of course there is the SPECIAL JUDICAL SQUAD (SJS) a division within Justice Department who are entrusted to judge the Judges and to ensure both loyalty to the Justice Department and to weed out corruption and see that it is Judged.

In another dimension known as Deadworld the Justice Department of that reality was corrupted by a child, the son of a dental surgeon who murdered his patients and in time the son became a Judge. Since life was cheap in that dimension he used murder and intimidation to rise to power and in doing so met and befriended others who thought as he did, believing that all crime was committed by the living, so saw to it that life itself was a criminal offence. Coming to call himself Judge Death, he utilized a blend of dark magic which saw him, and Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis become unholy undead and used political ambition to rise to the top of that worlds justice department and from there is slaughter every living being on the planet. As they could not die, the Dark Judges remained alone on Deadworld until alien visitors arrived and after killing them, Death and his followers used their dimensional transfer technologies to travel to Mega-City One for try to cleanse their citizens of their sins.

The image on the far end of the second line is of the standard Mega-City One Justice Department helmet with the respirator deployed. Finally, and going back to the very origins of the Justice Department, around 2069 Judge Eustace Fargo used the helmet design seen on the bottom line, with Judge-Cadets wearing a variant in white.

Judge Dredd and all aforementioned references are the intellectual property of Rebellion, owners of 2000AD (C) Copyright Rebellion. The artwork and elements of the 'lore' plus the designs presented here are of my own invention and manufacture although they are based on and inspired by artwork from the Judge Dredd strip. I am announcing intellectual property rights over materials that I designed for that reason (C) Copyright Jonathan Bluestone 2018. Unauthorized duplication, usage or adaptation or works clearly derived from this artwork will be met with prosecution, creeps.
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