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Judge Dredd: Fargo Era Justice Dept. Badge #2 by JonathanBluestone Judge Dredd: Fargo Era Justice Dept. Badge #2 by JonathanBluestone

Born on January 9th 1999 (yet this date of birth was given as 2001 on his tomb) Eustace Fargo attended Harvard and graduated with a degree in Law. He then engaged in politics and by the year 2027 had gained so much respect among his peers that he was appointed Government Special Prosecutor for Street Crime in the fledging mega-sprawls, which were later to become the Mega-City under President Thomas Gurney. Fargo took a hard line in regards to crime, and especially in regards gang crime and clamped down hard on their activities, passing laws that would make life difficult for offenders and re-offenders and not surprisingly, the American citizenry approves of his methods, even if the far left claimed that his Judges (who were working alongside the conventional police department) were seen as 'heavy handed'. Fargo went before Congress several times and explained that harsh crimes required equally harsh measures as the existing system was a joke with prosecutions taking years - even decades - before justice was seen to be done. So effective were the Judges that the more organized criminals decided to attack the White House itself in a show of defiance against President Gurney's policies. Although The Battle of the White House lasted little more than a day it led to sweeping changes both within the administration and within the existing law enforcement communities and helped Fargo secure the necessary funding to make Justice Department a force to be reckoned with. Although the ringleaders and many of the agitators were arrested and charged with attempting to overthrow the government of the United States, attempted murder, murder and a variety of other crimes, many of them never actually went to trial because they saw fit to intimidate the witnesses, or in many cases, saw that they died before they could give evidence. Fargo went before Congress again and expressed the need for his Judges to be given more powers as prior to the Battle of the White House his fledging Judge force had been seconded to serious crimes and concentrated on urban disturbance. In early April 2031, Fargo oversaw the widespread deployment of his Judges and the creation of the Academy of Law, as well as the creation of a number of advanced programs including the cloning of Judges with superior abilities and even the creation of a new psychic detection division (Psi Division). Under Fargo his JUDGES were empowered to hand out on-the-spot justice irrespective of the crime committed and as such this made them both popular with the citizens and feared by the criminal fraternity.

The above shield was worn only by Chief Justice Fargo and was worn with an attendant nameplate.

Judge Dredd and all aforementioned references are the intellectual property of Rebellion, owners of 2000AD (C) Copyright Rebellion. The artwork and elements of the 'lore' plus the designs presented here are of my own invention and manufacture although they are based on and inspired by artwork from the Judge Dredd strip. I am announcing intellectual property rights over materials that I designed for that reason (C) Copyright Jonathan Bluestone 2018. Unauthorized duplication, usage or adaptation or works clearly derived from this artwork will be met with prosecution, creeps.

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