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Grand Theft Auto: Republican Space Rangers [Logo] by JonathanBluestone Grand Theft Auto: Republican Space Rangers [Logo] by JonathanBluestone
Anyone who has played the games Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA-IV: The Lost and Damned, GTA-IV: The Ballard of Gay Tony or Grand Theft Auto V will probably have watched the in-game television and in doing so might have caught an episode of the Republican Space Rangers (RSR) cartoon. Designed to be deliberately offensive, RSR essentially revolves around the missions of the aforementioned rangers, three rednecks with strong patriotic beliefs and an unnatural air of cultural and technological 'superiority' (and some questionable sexuality) who seemingly are on a space mission to wantonly interfere with other worlds and in doing so have no issue whatsoever in mass murder, including the slaughter of innocents, the execution of intellectuals and the eradication of entire planets simply because they offend the crew in some way or promote anti-American values (as interpreted by the racist, fascist often patriotically blind cretins with big guns and no ethical or moral code who see anyone who isn't them as the natural enemy).

Although morally, ethically and even racially offensive the Republican Space Rangers is a parody of current United States foreign policy which implies that its acceptable for the United States to be well-armed and that its perfectly acceptable to invade other countries and take the resources yet its not acceptable for those countries to have a standing army, arms or even weapons of mass destruction which would act as a counter-balance and in theory might prevent such invasion, occupation and looting of their resources by America. Personally I find the RSR hilarious simply because it is so offensive and so clearly a parody that its not possible to be offended by it unless you really believe that America is the 'greatest country in the world' and has every right to invade, occupy and take whatever the hell it wants and to do whatever it feels like to the people living there without fear of reprisal.

Well, have I got news for you! Every Empire Falls.

           … (Episode #1)
           … (Episode #2)
           … (Episode #3)

This HD video came from ''Roman Bellic Enterprises'' channel on YouTube. The theme tune pretty much says it all:

                     Republican Space Rangers!
                     Intergalactic war on terror,
                     We don't worry 'bout collateral damage or error!
                     cause we're nuking hate, we're spreading freedom and liberty!
                     Sometimes we kill with undue glee (Oh, was that your home? Sorry!)
                     Gotta complete the mission!
                     Impossibly deny extraordinary rendition!
                     Spreading American values, sometimes you gotta bomb an orphanage or two!
                     Republican Space Rangeeeeeeeers!

WARNING: the opening sequence of the cartoons is very offensive and somewhat Nazi-esque in its representation of violence, especially towards harmless infant (aliens) but if you can stomach the over-the-top violence the actual episodes are worth seeing. The first seen was Episode 456: Trouble Brewing Down South (as seen in Episodes from Liberty City), the second was entitled Homecoming and the last was Episode 4 from GTA-V although the games suggest at least four hundred fifty-six episodes exist, these are fictional.

Artwork by Jonathan Bluestone (C) Copyright Bluestone 2018. This is an interpretative work based on the cartoon logo as worn by the Republican Space Rangers characters in the show of the same time. The Republican Space Rangers are the intellectual property (2008) of Rockstar Games. The author in producing this work has not intentional infringed on the intellectual property of Rockstar Games.

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