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Arcos MK I: Model OI -HU-522-85 [Interior Layout] by JonathanBluestone Arcos MK I: Model OI -HU-522-85 [Interior Layout] by JonathanBluestone
During the original production run of the Arcos MK I Outland Industries provided catalogue options in regards to layout without compromising the various structural frameworks, machinery and service channels. Be default the vessel was issued as the Model OI -HU-522-84 but the Model OI -HU-522-85 which followed offered a slightly different internal layout with emphasis on larger passenger quarters an improved environmental support system and additional redundancies and power storage cells on Deck 02. Deck 03 was rethought when escape capsules were eliminated from the design and the extra space given over to deck room. The expansion space which on the Model OI -HU-522-84 that went used was freed up and secondary structural bracing removed to create extra freight chamber space. With these modifications in place the OI -HU-522-85 layout was fourteen metric tonnes heavier than the original release but this was because of the upgraded power systems and additional fuel storage tanks which were installed.

The Arcos MK I concept, design and technical artwork and all associated media remains the intellectual property of the author Jonathan Bluestone. Designed in 1979-80, the design has been periodically upgraded periodically but remains essentially the same to the present. Works of any description based on this design, including those replicating it with differences or adaptions will be met with legal action and prosecution. The Arcos MK I Copyright © Jonathan Bluestone 1979-2018. All Rights Reserved.
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