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Blood Refilled is a remake the video-game called: Blood in Fallout New Vegas. That sound like pretty awesome idea`s. I have comment want see Duke Nukem Forever in Fallout New Vegas. You have basic elements see Duke Nukem Forever  mod  the Hoove Dam, Vegas, The Desert, and as well someone made Duke Nukem Forever 1911 colt version in Fallout New Vegas. Keeping on Topic AlchestBreach did complete playthought Blood Refill start to finish, PaladinV0ci did a playthought but saidly never finish. Some other less know Mod reviewer, play`s are trying complete this mod just like AlchestBreach.

This mod used on Fallout Nexus by due that mod author using elements from Fallout 3 DLC called Pointlookout. Nexus classified as stealing. Here is my comments: I don`t call steal because the mod author did not make a profit over using the content. I have hear people talking about Nexus can be unfair at times. This huge example moment of that. I have not hear Bethesda Studios cry-out stealing are using elements from Fallout 3 or a DLC into New Vegas and samething with Obsidian Entertainment

Here is a link to the mod new…

I`m hoping this time no cry-out stealing, and side-note: I have not hear Monolith Productions cry-out stealing if found this mod at all. If was behind Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3 and the dlc point-lookout or Blood the video-game. My comments: Pretty amazing you recreate a 90`s video-game into modem video-game as a mod.

Note: The Mod is Russia, and Fallout Nexus version was English. Thank You Nexus  for Ruining gaming if you  don`t know Russia Language.
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February 15, 2015
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