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[Camp Misty Willows] Asim Tahan by JonasVelani [Camp Misty Willows] Asim Tahan by JonasVelani

Name: Asim Tahan

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Position: Camper

Height: 6'1” / 185 cm

Weight: 140lbs / 63kg


+ Fun-Loving

As unfriendly as he can sometimes appear, Asim is known to be the life of the party. Karaoke, dancing, drinking games, he's up for everything, with total confidence and a complete lack of shame. Even if he doesn't like the people present, he's ready to put all his effort into making any party a good time.

+ Family First

As if to make up for his lack of friends, Asim cares a lot for his family. As the oldest of four children (two boys and two girls), he's used to being a big brother, and might begrudgingly come to care for people who remind him of his younger siblings. He'll also show pictures of them to anyone willing to look.

+ Honest

He might not be too friendly, but Asim is not sneaky: if he doesn't like you, he'll tell you, and if he does, you'll know too. He might trash talk people behind their back, but he also won't hesitate to do it to their face. If he really enjoys someone's company, he is rather loyal and will take their side in any conflict… Even if they're not necessarily right.

+ Generous

… At least with his money. If he likes someone, he won't hesitate to cover them in gifts in a misguided attempt to win over their affection. However, he's a lot less likely to share his own belongings or his food.

? Confident

Some might argue that for him, this quality quickly becomes a flaw. Asim lacks no confidence in himself, always happy to flaunt and brag, and he's never one to put himself down or wallow in self-pity. He'd rather fight the whole world than let anything get to him, and he won't let anyone step on him. He believes in himself wholeheartedly, and is always up for any challenge thrown his way.

- Snob

Too much confidence turns sour quickly. Asim is so full of himself, he easily puts others down. He's been known to be a bully in middle school, though he's toned down a bit with therapy. He has no respect for authority if it hasn't earned it and he lives by the motto “if you want a job done right, do it yourself”. He has a hard time ever asking for help, or letting people give it.

- Bratty

On top of being snobbish, Asim is also incredibly petty. He doesn't like to admit when he's done anything wrong, and he hates to follow anything he perceives as an order, even if it's objectively for his own good. He'd rather get into deep trouble than let anyone give him advice, and will argue endlessly about anything if given the chance.

- Anger Issues

Asim has always been a mean kid, the kind that pushes others around and gangs up on the weak. As he grew up, he learned to be a bit more diplomatic, but it leads to a lot of bottled up anger that sometimes explodes unexpectedly. He might scream and shout, but he isn't violent. He's in therapy to help and will repeatedly claim that “shrinks don't know shit”.

- Bully

He definitely has some trouble interacting with others peacefully. Asim uses his good looks and his cool persona to become friends with popular kids, then gangs up on whoever is unpopular with thinly veiled mockery and excluding them from groups. In some odd way, he always seems to believe he's in the right and can't be convinced that this is, in fact, bullying.

Likes: His siblings, old school rock music, muted colors, himself, squishy toys, most fruit, morning, rabbits, avant-garde high fashion, piercings, tattoos and other body modifications.

Dislikes: People with no ambition, poor fashion choices, neon colors, most vegetables, bugs, loud and high noises, the smell of oranges, chocolate.

The reason for coming to CMW: His mothers has been sending him off to numerous group vacations every summer in hopes of getting him to forge healthy relationships with people his age. She convinced him to come by telling him the documentary could get him exposure.


  •  Whichever fashion magazine he's currently reading, usually with scribbled notes and tons of random things circled over.
  • A makeup palette – you won't see him outside without at least some neutral eyeshadow on.
  • A small plastic bag filled with his different piercings and stretchers.
  • A bottle of ivory nail polish. He has to reapply regularly.
  • His music player, with songs from the Sex Pistols, Rage Against The Machine, The Pink Floyd, The Prodigy, and many more. It has very little memory left.
  • A mini spray bottle of his current cologne or perfume.
  • Not pictured: a huge suitcase full of clothes and a wallet full of pictures.

Fun facts:

  • He was a model for high fashion brands as a child. His attitude has gotten him a poor reputation, though, and while he might still get some small gigs here and there he really can't find much more work in that industry.

  • His one big insecurity is his feet. For some reason, he's persuaded that they're simply the ugliest thing ever and does his best not to show them.

  • He has several piercings, though he doesn't wear all of them, and he had white freckles tattooed along with his natural, brown ones. He plans on getting more tattoos and piercings, but his mother won't let him get much more as of now.

  • He wants to be a fashion designer someday, and hopes that a successful career as a model could get him there. He's really not doing great there, though.

  • His undying love for rabbits isn't something he talks of very often, but it's very real. He has a pet rabbit back home named Peter.

  • His siblings have no idea that anyone thinks their brother is mean or a bully: he's always very sweet with them and tries his best to not lash out at them in his anger fits. Most people are surprised if they ever see him with them.

  • He still isn't done growing. His mother jokes that he won't fit through the doors anymore by the time he's at his full height.

RP information: I'm available to RP on Discord and on Skype, just ask me ig? I can do paragraph-style, though shorter is preferred. Script is cool too, and I'm always good for discussing Ocs for hours on end. 

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Hamstato Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017
DANG! You're art style and character design is drop dead gorgeous!!
JonasVelani Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017
Thanks!! I'm actually pretty happy with this one :o)
Hamstato Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017
I love how you have the contrasting colors of his darker skin and bright hair! Also, that's adorable that he has a deep love for bunnies! :heart:
JonasVelani Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017
I actually really like really blond/white hair on dark skin and have had it myself in the past so I wanted it for him bc... when do I not just wing it and put a bunch of stuff I like in my designs..
Hamstato Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017
I feel you! I love that combo on characters! It's so elegant and eye catching! Plus the semi-transparent skirt that you placed him in makes him seem like a prince! He radiates, "into fashion" on first looks xD And them high cheek bones and 'em pricings and the vape! :iconooohplz: lol I'll stop fan girling now xD oml
JonasVelani Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017
Hahaha thanks! I'm concerned he might look a bit old for his age, but then again I've seen kids that look that old at 17, so I hope it's ok..
Hamstato Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017
When I was back in high school, I had a friend who had a full grown beard and people typically thought he was 22+ until they spoke with him. I think it's fine. Besides, models are typically picked for their looks. I think he's fine Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] by Jerikuto
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