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OC: Come Keene

Full Name: Côme Keene
Reason for name: His first name was chosen by one of the workers at the group home he was raised in. His last name is that of his adoptive parents.
Age: 18
Gender: Cis man
Place of Birth: Cayenne, French Guiana
Birthday: April 27th
Currently living in: New Bordeaux, Michigan (fictional city)
Species/Race: Human
Ethnicity: Mixed (latino, black, south asian)
Blood Type: B+
Occupation: Student at New Bordeaux Academy (private high school)
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Social Status: Upper class
Relationship Status: Single
Status: Alive


Body Build: Short and thin, but athletic
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Skin color: Deep olive
Hair style: Short, curly hair.
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Green
Preferred Clothing: Athletic wear, shorts, T-shirts, beanies, and sneakers.


General health: Excellent
Posture: Mellow, with occasional slouching
Any physical illnesses?: None
Any mental illnesses?: None
Take drugs?: Uses marijuana on a weekly basis
Smoke?: Yes


Likes: His family, especially his siblings, gymnastics, sports in general, Starbucks, family outings, indie music, his best friend Lucy, pets, especially cats and rodents, cleancore.

Dislikes: Being told what to do or having to follow guidelines, chocolate, when his brother Carl is being cryptic and weird, jokes about hating sports, being dragged into his siblings' antics.

Gymnastics, rollerblading, volunteer work at the local pet shelter, spending time with his siblings, hanging out at Lucy's trailer home, making bad embroidered patches and trying to get people to wear them.

Taking care of his sister's pet dog Honey, chastising his brother Carl about being mean to people, scratching his head whenever he's thinking or anxious, sometimes to the point of hurting himself.


Strengths: Genuinely open, compassionate, and easygoing. Fairly popular at his school and with the family's friends. Very rich. Fairly pretty. Looks younger than he is.

Weaknesses: Difficulty handling stress. Has a hard time managing his schedule and tends to procrastinate. Doesn't really know how to comfort and support people emotionally. Gets overexcited and loud, which can be draining to others.

He lives with a constant vague anxiety about life in general, which is due to always being in the public eye because of his rich and famous family, as well as his bully siblings being ticking bombs just waiting to explode into a press scandal.

Côme wants to one day have his own animal shelter, and will talk about it at length to anyone who will listen. He wishes for his family to get along and reach a point of better communication, but has a hard time doing anything about it.

    Views/Opinions on...

Government: Côme is uninterested in politics and only follows it from far-away. He is generally left-leaning and believes in equal rights and opportunities, but isn't an activist and doesn't follow his values with concrete action.

Religion: Côme is agnostic, with the belief that a higher power could exist, but without strictly believing in one.

Economy: Côme knows that capitalism is a system where many suffer, but is too comfortable in his privileged position to think of doing much about it, apart from donating to charity.

Technology: Côme loves technology, having been raised among smartphones and computers by his father, the owner of Keene Tech Inc. He is typically always using his phone or laptop to listen to music, blog, browse the internet, etc.


Food: Egg custard tart
Color: Turquoise
Animal: Cat
Number: 7
Holiday: Christmas
Season: Spring
Time of day: Morning
Movie: 'The Great Budapest Hotel'
Show: 'Stranger Things'
Genre of music: Indie
Genre of literature: Young Adult
Genre of movies: Artsy


Côme was the second son of a young, poor couple from Cayenne, French Guiana. When Côme's mother found out she was pregnant with him, she came to the conclusion that she could simply not handle supporting two young children in her situation, and made the hard decision to put both of her sons into a group home. Côme was named there by an employee, as his mother did not want to name him for fear of getting attached to a child she would not raise. Côme grew in the home for the first four years of his life, being mainly cared for by his older brother Carl, until the two children were adopted by Erika Keene, a fashion journalist and wife of Landon Keene, a very wealthy businessman.

Côme grew up as a happy child in the Keene family, never lacking love or stimulation, with his ever need being catered to by his adoptive parents. The family adored him and he always got along with his sister Caroline, his parents, as well as his aunt Paris and her own children. Côme was gifted a baby rabbit for his fifth birthday, though it died a few years later. This was his first pet, and sparked his love for animals in general.

Côme was always popular in school - unlike his brother Carl, whose general education had been severely neglected in the group home and who needed tutors, Côme joined school early in life and had no trouble fitting in with his peers. He was always an active child and loved doing sports - he did martial arts, took swimming classes, and eventually started gymnastics at age 9, which then became his new passion.

Côme met his best friend Lucy - a boy with a girl's name, as other kids used to taunt - in middle school, and they've been inseparable ever since. Lucy lived in a trailer outside of the city, at the edge of the forest, with his father, and it was unclear how exactly he'd gotten into Côme's prestigious private school. Lucy dropped out in his first year of high school, but the two remained very close friends, and Côme would often go all the way out of the city to hang out with him in his trailer.

Côme also became friends with Damien, an older teen and a big fan of skateboarding, and Damien, Côme and Lucy often hang out in town, at the skate park, or in Lucy's trailer.

Côme was noticed by Simone Brush, a former Olympic gymnast now turned coach, at age 12, and became her student. While Simone is strict and demanding of her protégé, she and Côme entertained a friendly relationship, and she is a big inspiration to her. He wants to one day compete in gymnastics on professional levels.

He remains well-liked by his peers in high-school, mainly because of his jovial personality - and also because his older siblings' reputation precedes him, and no one wants to get in trouble with Caroline or Carl. He's not exactly a great student, but he does well enough in class that he wouldn't fail anywhere, and his status as an athlete makes up for his mediocre grades.


Côme is very easy-going and friendly. He trusts others easily and likes to see the best in people, even if it might be misguided at times. He is very idealistic, even naïve, though this can be chalked up to his age. Côme enjoys "having a good time" over all other things in life, and finds it hard to be motivated to work on anything that he's not personally interested in. He often gives up on things that require patience or effort - except for gymnastics, which he's passionate about and would practice to the point of injury was his coach not there to watch over him.

Côme is very loving, even clingy, and needs constant attention and affection to feel good. This can easily become annoying to some, though both Côme's family and friends typically have no problem reciprocating - especially his very overbearing mother. While he does demand a lot of affection, he also has no trouble giving it. He is very "touchy-feely" and loves hugging, holding hands or locking arms, and other public displays of affection that might make some uncomfortable. He is very good with pets and children, never getting tired of playing and laughing with them.

He has a harder time relating to people with a more measured or cold temperament, even finding them annoying and thinking they just don't care enough.

He is very easily emotional and has high empathy. He cries in front of movies, shows, at music, or just at videos of cute animals doing cute things.

Côme is very easily stressed and anxious, and needs to relax very often to not get overwhelmed. His favorite ways to unwind are smoking, lounging about with Lucy, and going for a run with Caroline's dog Honey.
OC: Carl Keene

Full Name: Carl Keene
Reason for name: His first name was given to him by his birth parents, of whom very little is known. When he was adopted at age 4 by Erika and Landon Keene, his last name was changed to theirs.
Nickname: Carlito
Reason for nickname: Carl grew up in French Guiana, and is part Latino. This is why his adoptive mother, Erika, gave him this nickname. Ironically, Carl cannot in fact speak Spanish.
Age: 20
Gender: Cis male
Place of Birth: Cayenne, French Guiana
Birthday: His actual birthday is unknown, and simply marked as "January 1st" on his adoption papers. His extremely poor birth family never celebrated it and he never really had any proper papers before adoption.
Currently living in: New Bordeaux, Michigan (fictional city)
Ethnicity: Mixed (Latino, Black, South Asian)
Blood Type: A+
Occupation: Student at Great Lakes Institute (fictional private university)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Social Status: Upper class
Relationship Status: Thinks he's free. His boyfriend would not agree.
Status: Alive


Body Build: Athletic
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 203 lbs
Skin color: Deep olive
Hair style: Long, wavy hair, typically in a low ponytail, with clean sideburns
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Green
Preferred Clothing: High quality sweaters, polos, shirts and khakis in pastel tones of blue, peach and mint green.


General health: Excellent
Posture: Relaxed, but straight
Any physical illnesses?: None
Any mental illnesses?: Shows symptoms of antisocial personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.
Take drugs?: Recreationally uses marijuana, mushrooms, occasionally low doses of acid.
Smoke?: Yes


Likes: His brother Côme, pastel colors, caffè latte, bath products, Mindless Self Indulgence, college parties, weird gore websites, besting people at things they're confident in.
Dislikes: Admitting to any wrongdoings, when his mother babies him, hard candies, not understanding people's emotions, attention seekers, being called "Carlito".

Browsing gore internet boards, spending time with his little brother, partying and recreational drug/alcohol use, gossiping about people with his best friend Mariko.

Preparing his sister Caroline's breakfast, complaining about Caroline being way too old to let others prepare her breakfast, exchanging information about people with Mariko.


Strengths: Able to put up a very convincing front of kindness and fun, which makes him very popular. Very handsome. Very rich. Knows everything about everyone.

Weaknesses: Inability to relate to or understand others. Very low ability to care about people. Constant fear of betrayal or abandonment from his brother. Lack of empathy. Lack of ambition towards his future. Feels that things are simply owed to him, instead of having to work for anything. Often hurts others without meaning to, but cannot fix his mistakes, because he does not perceive himself as being in the wrong in the first place.

He fears that his brother will one day leave him behind, since Côme is able to form meaningful relationships with many people, which Carl cannot. He is very jealous of people who interact with his brother.

Carl has no real dreams or visible goals in life. He is unmotivated to do anything, because he is aware that being extremely rich and extremely pretty will save his skin no matter what. He has no real passions or interests. Carl should eventually take over his father's tech company, but this is of little interest to him.

Views/Opinions on...

Government: While mostly detached from political issues, Carl feels that the government is intrinsically flawed and that the democracy he lives in is perhaps not a democracy at all. However, because he does not suffer from this state due to being part of one of the richest families in the nation, he has no intention to do anything about it.

Religion: Carl's religious beliefs are muddy at best. He sometimes seems to show superstition and will often spend long periods of time thinking about the possibility of higher powers existing, yet he does not adhere to any specific belief system, and his ideas on faith seem to change depending on his mood.

Economy: Carl adheres to capitalism not out of a belief that it is right or wrong, but because it will keep him on top.

Technology: Carl's father owns the Keene Tech Inc., currently one of the leading tech businesses worldwide. While his mother is also a very successful fashion journalist and former model, the family company is the main source of their wealth, and for this reason, Carl is completely pro-technology.


Food: Cha siu bao (Chinese meat stuffed buns)
Color: Lavender
Animal: Himself
Number: 9
Holiday: His birthday (celebrated on January 2nd, not 1st)
Season: Fall
Time of day: Dusk
Movie: 'American Psycho'
Band: Mindless Self Indulgence


Carl was born to a very unhappy and poor couple of Cayenne, in French Guiana. Little is known of his early life, as he remembers very little of it. When he was two, his little brother Côme was born, and their overwhelmed mother placed both children into a group home. They lived there for four years with Carl taking care of his brother's every need, until they were noticed and quickly adopted by the very rich Erika Keene, who had hit menopause early and no longer could conceive children after her first child Caroline, and her husband Landon, who did not care so much for new children but was ready to do anything to please his wife. It was a stroke of luck for Carl and his brother.

They grew up from then on in a very loving family, though Carl's emotional issues were visible early on: he had no interest in building a relationship with Erika or Landon, nor with his new sister, and was very reluctant to allow his young brother time with the family. This was chalked up to the sudden change in environment as well as possible trauma from living without a family and perhaps being neglected. However, as time passed, Carl grew no attachment to his family despite their best efforts. The 'problem with Carl' soon was brushed under the rug. Erika loved Carl very much despite his odd behaviors and still insisted on cajoling and babying him constantly, which Carl thought irritating, but did little about. Carl was always well-fed, well-clothed, and got anything he needed or wanted; the Keenes knew little on how to raise a happy child aside from giving them everything they asked for.

Carl began schooling only in middle school, after being tutored for years, but he had no trouble there: he was part of the very popular circles and had no shortage of friends. After some time, though, school authorities started noticing odd behaviors from Carl, such as bullying or minor animal cruelty. This was mentioned to Carl's parents, though they quickly muffled the whole affair with donations to the school, and sent Carl to therapy. Carl seemed to understand that his behavior could cause him problems later in life and the problem soon disappeared.

In high school, Carl learned to be more vicious than straightforward. His bullying turned into emotional manipulation, covertly gathering information on his peers and turning entire social circles against whoever displeased him. Instead of torturing small animals, he turned to internet gore and horror flicks - later in time, he also began sexual relationships with peers whom he would manipulate into obeying his every command and would often practice sexual violence on, typically under the guise of BDSM. Because of his high social status, none of this ever turned back against him. During his time in high school, Carl met Mariko, a Japanese-American girl in his class who seemed to exhibit similar behaviors to him, and they quickly became best friends. Mariko was his first real friend, and the gloomy girl was happy to have ties to very popular social groups, which allowed her to escape the mild bullying she was undergoing.

Mariko and Carl started college as the ruling power duo - Mariko in the shadows, gathering information and learning dangerous secrets, and Carl in the limelight, networking and seducing his way to the top of the social spheres.

There, Carl met a defensive back of the Great Lakes football team, Matisse, a mild-mannered, gentle jock who immediately fell in love with him. Carl agreed to a relationship with Matisse with only a vague understanding of what it entailed, only understanding it as hanging out at lunch time and occasional sex. While Carl was happy with the arrangement, Matisse found himself with his emotional needs constantly neglected, though he placed the fault more on himself than Carl. They never publicly advertised their relationship, and most of campus never quite questioned it.


Even though he appears at first glance like he has no feelings whatsoever, Carl does have emotions - they're simply not strong at all. He lacks empathy, and has a hard time judging he consequences of his actions. He has very little ability to understand anyone but himself - therefore, he applies his own very specific thought process to others, and assumes everyone likes what he likes and dislikes what he dislikes. Similarly, he does not perceive that someone could be hurt by something that does not hurt him, which encourages his unhealthy treatments of those around him. He has very little shame or inhibition and is genuinely hurt by very few things, which means he also doesn't consider that many things are painful to others. He has no grasp on how his words or actions feel to others and greatly underestimates his impact on others.

In the grand scheme of things, even though he considers himself very important and great, Carl paradoxically doesn't think he has much power upon others: he sees people's feelings and emotions as constantly detached from himself and his acts. Carl hurts people a lot, but typically does not think it's such a big deal.

Carl is capable of liking people or enjoying their company, but he isn't able to have very deep feelings for them - and he also doesn't perceive that people's feelings for him may be very serious. For example, he enjoys Matisse's company, but only has a casual liking to him, and therefore assumes that Matisse feels the same - even though Matisse himself never stated such things, and never acts like his feelings towards Carl are casual at all. To him, the relationship is really unhealthy, as his emotional needs go constantly unfulfilled, but because Carl feels fine about the relationship, he doesn't see any problem with it.

Similarly, Carl is very much loved by his family despite his flaws and oddities, but is unable to perceive this love; he mostly sees himself as being there, within the family, but not so much an integral part of it. His views on his parents and his sister are mostly "do what they say and they won't be a problem".

Carl feels a very deep affection for his brother Côme, but is mostly unable to show it. Before they were adopted, Carl was the one to take care of Côme's every need since he was born - bathing him, feeding him, clothing him, and teaching him everything he knew - but since their adoption, this role has been taken over: Côme's needs are fulfilled by his parents, his teachers, his friends, and this leaves Carl feeling like he has no place in Côme's life. Because of his inability to relate to others properly and his lack of understanding of feelings in general, he has no way of explaining this or acting upon it, and rather just sulks and acts jealous.

Carl only understands himself and his very specific logic. Because of this, other people feel, to him, very unreliable: they react to things in way that make no sense to him. He prefers to rely entirely on himself, and this has lead to his intense narcissism: to him, others are illogical, even childish, and he is the only one who acts normally or is capable of handling anything. He understands that there is a difference between him and others - however, he is mostly unaware that his way of processing life would be considered abnormal by most. To him, rather than putting himself into question, everyone is wrong and he is right.

Carl instinctively seeks stronger and stronger emotions, either in himself or in others. While he is typically aloof and detached, he also does things on a more or less subconscious level directly to hurt others. Because people are unreliable and never react to him in ways he expects, he is in a constant search of reaction from them in an attempt to understand them better. His apparent sadism is, in fact, mostly the experiments of someone who has never learned how emotional responses work and is trying to illicit new ones constantly.

Most of his problems with others stem from a massive lack of communication. No one understands Carl, and Carl understands no one - he also doesn't understand that anything is wrong with him, so he doesn't seek help, and would be unable to put it into words even if he did.


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