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cryptozoology research The Lake Murray Monster

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There is not much information about this cryptid as it is super rare but it should be noted that his first reports of this animal occurred on December 11, 1999, villagers traveling in a canoe reported seeing the creature wandering in shallow water near Boboa . the villagers called him a Murray Lake monster or just "Murray" or New Guinea Red Demon because the animal has already attacked the local cattle fiercely, but these attacks only lasted two days (one each month) ... the animal is described as a large flat-headed theropod like that of a T-rex, however, with a kind of dorsal candle lowered on its back, some people from the region say that the animal has a brownish red color, while others describe it with a green color brownish, this leads us to believe that they may be animals of different genres.

several dinosaur arts from a book were presented to residents to see which of the species illustrated in the book matched Murray's description, the villagers looked carefully, letting go of dinosaurs they didn't know and seeing some carnivorous dinosaur species from the book but everyone pointed out for the illustration of Becklespinax that was practically identical to Murray this is quite possible because if the "famous" Iguanodon of New Guinea has lived in England in the past about 70 million years ago, it would not be impossible if one of his natural predators as the Becklespinax had migrated from England to New Guinea with them.

this was a very laborious art but it was worth it ... after several requests that came this month here is the Dossier of the Lake Murray Monster.

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So, this's supposed to be basically a spinosaur of a sort, eh? The sail makes it appear to be so, same with the hands and arm design.

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The odd thing is, the cryptid that was sighted in the lake, and the actual mythical monster known as the murray are two totally different-looking creatures.

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I get feeling New Guinea very bad lived fast

XenomorphProductions's avatar
Can you do the Loch Ness Monster if you haven't already?
XenomorphProductions's avatar
Nessie's my favorite cryptid
DemonicFury5678's avatar

i always did picture murray as a acrocanthosaurus , if not a retro-looking spinosaurus

Lediblock2's avatar

I always figured Poseidon Rex would be a good reference for it myself.

DemonicFury5678's avatar
Lediblock2's avatar

For one thing, three eyes and built like an evil tree stump.

The only description I can find of the cryptid seems to describe more an oldschool tripodal Stegosaurus restoration.

DemonicFury5678's avatar

murray was never described as having 3 eyes or looking like a tree stump

you're thinking of mbeilu-mbeilu-mbeilu

Lediblock2's avatar

It did on the description I saw on the Cryptidz wiki, although they did update it. (Granted, that wiki's full of shit, but still)

That second description was straight from the wiki as well.

DemonicFury5678's avatar

3 eyes

what do ya mean

Lediblock2's avatar

As in, it had three eyes. What other way is there to interpret that?

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who knows ... these species can be there too, our world is very big, we know very little about the life in it, be it from the sea of the air or the land.

DemonicFury5678's avatar

indeed , by the way , i have some ideas for future cryptid pictures if you're interested

DemonicFury5678's avatar

i'd also like to see ahool

DemonicFury5678's avatar

alright then :

kasai rex








the beast of busco


the thetis lake monster

the beast of bray road

the lake erie monster

the lake tarpon monster

the partridge creek monster

the lake norman monster

the alkali lake monster

the bear lake monster

Eldertyrant682's avatar

Can you do Partridge Creek Beast and Dogmen

DemonicFury5678's avatar

i think he should do kasai rex and the beast of bray road , or maybe even burrunjor

Hey isn't the beast of bray road basically a werewolf? Also I have never heard of any of those cryptids although i did just look up the beast of bray road and it looks creepy.

DemonicFury5678's avatar

the beast of bray road has no human form

I meant it looks like a werewolf in wolf form.

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