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Forest encounter

An archer runs into a troll in the forest.
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Fascinating, and very good artwork! One instantly gets the impression of a Scandinavian forest, from both colours and shapes, and the motif is well pulled off. Evocative stuff!

Please pardon me asking, but would you by any chance be interested in allowing the Ninth Age (T9A: ) to make use of any of your fantasy artwork pieces?  T9A is a non-profit volunteer project with many creative hands and minds involved. It's the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy, with some slight name changes and some new features to the well-liked old setting. In particular, we're expanding and deepening the historically based part of the fantasy world, and are already sporting a fantasy Norse army list complete with jötunns and trolls:…

Due credit always given! As is linking to the Deviantart pieces. And all art donations are always on the artists' terms, for as long as the artists want to allow T9A to use them.

Just wondering. In any case, great artwork! Have a nice day. :)
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This is the best troll design I've ever seen ! 
Dok-aLeXa's avatar
Rawwrrr YES! Love it. :D
Delmne's avatar
That would be terrifying.
dlambeaut's avatar
Run, you fool, RUUUN...
TurnerMohan's avatar
beautiful troll!
Nerdy-Viking's avatar
exactly how trolls should be
Just how i imagine a troll to look.
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demprist's avatar
I like this! This reminds me Bauer!
Kajehase's avatar
When one lives in Trollhättan, this one has to get a favourite. ;)
miguelzuppo's avatar
Great !
reminds me of Troll hunter the movie.
Kitomir's avatar
очень атмосферные работы, мне они очень нравятся !
Arashi-senpai's avatar
Love your work!!! Keep it up, mate!
MuttMix's avatar
The Troll looks a few Truckers I've seen.
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archiesnow's avatar
Awesome! Love it.
"I found a troll."
*shoots some useless arrows*

"I found a very angry troll!"I am a dummy!
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"Good! Now keep it occupied until the sun rises!"
ElZahir1989's avatar
You did a nice job here.
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