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spacepunk comic pg 1-5

I have a fascination with old bushido culture. I watch a lotta old samurai flicks. Akira Kurosawa and Zatoichi and alla them. I've also got a fascination with punk aesthetics. music and attitudes and ideals and whatever. so I sorta combined them and put them in space and made it into a comic. some of the dialogue is kinda based off the way samurai in those movies droll on about stuff in such a grand way. I dunno. I was mostly just having fun with the whole thing. I hope you guys like it.
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Damn Jonas, this is awesome!
NikolaiMcFist's avatar
man, these designs and colors are killer.
SimudV's avatar
Love the colours.
JNIKEL's avatar

Page five is oozing of Zatoichi. I keep coming back to this all week.

felivans's avatar
reminds me samurai jack :3
Cursemaker99's avatar
Classic with a spin, love it.
jillamos's avatar
this is a weird but interesting mixed bag. I like it. :)
enchros's avatar

seriously, dude, yes! awesome combo :) can't see what happens next! 

dumbfished's avatar
One day, I'll be so badass that folks will cut my birthday cake with a hunting knife
and I will ascend into forever-happiness
huodi's avatar
This is fantastic. Loving it and waiting for more!!
Fatalsyn's avatar
Awesome! I love samurai flicks. Can't wait to see the rest of this.

JNIKEL's avatar
Freaking great.
ArbiterChrono's avatar
I can get into this. Big time. 
UNlucky0013's avatar
reminds me of Samurai Jack.... I love it. I cannot WAIT to see more of this bro.
onlyRa's avatar
Yay! I love this!
geschmack's avatar
Awesome. Love the AOJ refrences littered amongst the images. This is going to be great!
Jackarais's avatar
This is so fuckin' inspiring. Keep up the great work.
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