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I really like photography, both the shooting process and the "development" process. Too se the result, the glare in someones eye, the lines formed by the chin and things like that. I'm no professional however, it's just a hobby.

I've offered photo shoots for my friends, so I'm hoping that there are more photos upcoming soon.
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kanske var det en viskning
som bara dina tankar kan höra

kanske var du precis på väg
att berätta allt eller inget

kanske tappade du andan
precis när du skulle avslöja
allt du ville, allt du kände

kanske snubblade ditt hjärta
och tappade den röda tråden
tråden som kunde läka allt
och sy ihop öppna sår

kanske var den utlagd
efter dina fötter som ett spår
spår av vita små stenar

spåret som leder tillbaka
hem till värmen
hem till omfamningen
hem till framtiden

kanske vinden blåste så hårt
så tråden försvann
kanske rullade du upp den
runt ditt lillfinger

kanske rycktes den bort
bort från under mina fötter
och trasslade in sig
i mina tårar

kanske hade man kunnat reda ut
nystanet av sorgegarn och känslobarn
kanske hade man kunnat hitta stigen
med stenar som lyser i mörkret

kanske solen gick ned
ned för fort så jag inte hann se
att där aldrig fanns någon tråd
och att stenarna var sorg och ilska

fruset till is
  • Listening to: me and a gun, tori amos
Somewhere in your eyes that very special glow
Something drawing me to where I do not know
I never really thought that I would lose myself
Now I'm going faster than anybody else

I can see that look that says beware
Try to move in closer if you dare
So I must sit and play my waiting game
And for a while I thought you would do the same
Fly away

Watches like an eagle for its prey
And like that bird of pray you say
I am older and much wiser than you
Bird of prey, straight into me you flew
Fly away

Now every time I try to set you free
I'm glad to see you comíng back to me
But if I knew you didn't want to stay
I wouldn't try to keep you, you lovely bird of prey
Tethered to the ground by invisible chains. Broken by the weight of the past, the avalanche of today and the hollowness of tomorrow.

I don't want to crush you with my soap bubble phrases. I just want to learn how to breathe in your world of thoughts. I just want you to fall and trust that I will catch you.

I don't know who you are, yet I've known you all my life. How easy these little earthquakes shatter the ground beneath us. Was it my words? Or my silence? I know it hurts, my kind of violence.
Was it my words? Or my silence? I know it hurts, my kind of violence.

Gazing towards the blood red horizon, unsure whether my wings will bear the weight of my heart.

Plumpeting, drowing in the pool of my own tears.