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Riven - Jungle Island Map



This is the finished Jungle Island map for the game Riven. I'm sure some of you have played it ages ago. It is for my Myst Book Project which you can find here: [link]

You can also follow the progress of the book(s) via Twitter: [link] and via Tumblr: [link]
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I honestly can't find anything wrong with this artwork. As someone who has played Riven several times before, seeing this in the thumbnails got me really excited. Sure, the way it was drawn doesn't make it look like it was based on a photograph seen from above, but I am completely fine with that. That cartoon-ish look of it makes it easier to to observe the more important details. The dull color of the rocks really fits the idea of Riven being a dying world. The patches of blue used to represent the lake and the ocean make it look like this was truely drawn on a large stone. What I especially like about this map is how it made me aware of little details that the game itself could not make me aware of, like how the Moiety Cave is hidden below the trees, which completely makes sense since there is high volcanic activity there necessary for the water device. In any case, this is an excellent tribute to the MYST games. 20/20 stars.