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Myst Island

A map of the main Myst Island from the Myst game. This is part of my online Myst book that you can see here:

It is made solely in Photoshop using a Wacom Cintiq, so it is hand drawn, although digitally.
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Hi, I couldn't find any mail or contact so here is my request : Could I use this incredible Myst Map with a poem about the game ? I'm writing several "videogame poetry" for a the great french online litterature review "Remue", you can find my other poems here : That would be great. The map will be partially displayed and moving randomly above the text, as shown in the picture. Thank you ! Naturally, I have added your name and a link to this page. (Publication due this weekend is everything is ok)

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Absolutely! You can link to instead of my deviantart :)

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In a word, Exceptional! As a life long Myst fan and age explorer, I can say that you've rendered the geography of Myst Island accurately to within inches.

Your use of shading and color to render the geography really makes the image pop and gives a clear sense of high points and low lying areas of the terrain.

The texture of the parchment reflects Myst's "weathered" look and frames the composition nicely. The thin, fading band of color to denote water around the edges of the island is a nice touch.

Your use of color makes this work more than just a map but also an artistic composition that captures the fine detail of the various structures of Myst.

Your annotations are a fine font that matches the feel of Myst's calligraphy nicely and doesn't just make this work a fine artistic composition but a handy reference as well.

I have drawn many maps of Myst Island from this same perspective, myself, but never have I seen it rendered as well as this.
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Wow, thanks a lot! This isone of the first Myst maps I did, and I'm a lot more pleased with my Riven maps as it is, but your words are most welcome :)
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Hi Jonas. As a dedicated Myst/Riven fan myself, I can't not being amazed by your work! I've visited your site as well and looked amazing itself, in all the aspects.
Just a little thing: maybe it would be good to show the imager room as well :)

Again, really fantastic work!
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You mean that the imager room isn't labeled on the map? Hmmm, yeah, it probably should be, right? I'll get around to fixing that :)
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This is beautiful! Myst is such a fun game
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Nice, wish I would have had this when i first started playing!
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Now I want to play it again...
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Your book does look amazing, and my friend and I ha the idea of doing something similar to what you have...heck I'm sure every Myst fan has. Keep working at it, can't wait to see it completed.
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It's progressing incredibly slowly now :) But thanks for the kind comment!
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Spoilers!!!!! anyone who hasn't made it very far/ hasn't played/ hasn't beaten
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Oh my... that is such and incredible project! The whole book looks amazing, have you ever thought of showing it to the members of Cyan when you're done? :)
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I actually sent a link to Ryanm who liked it a lot. I'll probably send it again when the Riven book is done :) Thanks!
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This is a very good map, great detail, and the colors are very nice. I saw your book, it's really awesome. :)
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Thats a great map and your Myst book is just awesome, it is so detailed and accurate. I think I can't find the right words for that incredible work.
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Thanks a million for the kind comment. I really really wish I had the time to continue working on it
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