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Sun Aug 30, 2015, 7:06 PM

Hey lovely followers!

I just started using Instagram where I'm going to be sharing a lot of art, sketches and photography!

Follow Me On Instagram

Feel free to say hi and have a look,

I try to follow back as many artists as I can!


Totoro Journal Skin by starrily
Hey peeps,

I am teaching a master class on 'Fundamentals of Architecture Design' at CMGA
If you want to learn everything there is to know about doing architecture in environment art be sure to check it out!


Jonas-De-Ro-Full by JonasDeRo
Hey guys, I finally managed to upload my first Gumroad tutorial!

It's a 2h11min video explaining a bunch of techniques I use for Sci-Fi speed- or matte painting, such as in these images (the last one is from the video). 

Hope you find some stuff useful!

You can now also get my Custom Brush panel for Photoshop!

Hey everyone!
I'm glad to announce that my first Skillshare class is online! In this online class I will teach you step by step how I created this image, from sketch to finish!

Sign up here:

I will cover all the steps from gathering references to sketching, painting, texturing and lighting. The class encourages you to try your own landscapes and I will be going through the student projects to give you feedback and help!
It's only 15£ for the class!  :D

Hi friends, fans and fellow artists,

So how has life treated you all? For me it's been pretty good.  :w00t:
Right now I'm working and living in London, doing daily concept art for a new big sci-fi flick done
at the Warner Bros Studio here (where they shot the Harry Potter films).
It's a lot of fun and I cant wait to share all my designs (however that will still take a long time before I'm allowed to)
On the side I'm doing other fun stuff like Magic The Gathering cards and making video lessons
for the community D:

Anyway, it's going to be a little more quiet around here, but fear not! I am still spending
free time doing paintings. However because of my busy schedule those are mostly speedpaints.
I don't share speedpaints here on dA, but I do share a lot of that and more on my Facebook.
So feel free to follow me on Facebook! >>>:facebook: :facebook:<<<

I'm also glad to announce that in the near future my new portfolio website will be up with some brand
new work, as well as a little hub for shopping. From there you'll be able to go to all sites where my art is sold.
People still ask me for print sizes and stuff that are not available here on dA, well good news!
My art will be available on much more then just prints for example iPhone & iPad cases, laptop skins and more...

So anyway a happy valentine to all, and a happy 2013 (chinese or western) and thank all of you for
the support and watches and fan messages and crazy shenanigans and whatnot. I lurv ya'lll!!! :blowkiss:
I'll be there to answer all your questions! :party:
See you there, join now!

Please check out  :iconasktheartist: for more info.

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know about my live interview with AskTheArtist
on Sunday, November 11th @ 12pm PST (Los Angeles, USA)

Please check out  :iconasktheartist: for more info.

I'll be there to answer all your questions!
Hope to see you all there!!! :dance:

Just want to say welcome to all my new watchers! Ive been uploading a bit the last few days
after travelling for 2 months (got a lot of inspiration). And wow, over 2000 new watchers!
Welcome, and thanks for all the sweet comments I know I often don't respond BUT I read ALL of them!

And now, to make up for my impersonality and out of pure curiosity I would like to ask you:
"Where are you from?"

Your country, your city, whatever you can tell me. Anything about yourself is good too.
I'm really interested!

Please let me know :)


Mon Apr 2, 2012, 7:12 AM

First of all: my latest piece 'Neo Shinjuku' is now available as a print! Yay! I know it took a while and I got quite a few messages about it, but I wanted to overhaul it a bit before enabling it.

Second I want to thank everybody for buying prints, it has been really crazy lately and I can't thank you enough for choosing to buy and appreciate my art!? (Seriously I would never hang up that stuff....)
Anyway I would love to see what you do with it!
If you buy a print of me, send me a pic of where you've put it, I really love having a peek in other people's lives. (I'm not a creep, really.)

Third, I know I haven't been uploading as much as I used to lately, and as a matter of fact I've been painting more then I ever did. Seriously I'm doing TONS of paintings but am under NDA's...
Currently I'm working on a huge sci-fi movie by the Wachowski's (The Matrix siblings) set to be released in 2014. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to share all that art with you guys.

And last, but definitely not least. Thanks again for your endless support.
I read every single comment you guys post, and I know I don't reply to a lot but I do appreciate it, really! And remember there's a FAQ on my website that saves me time repeating myself like a broken record.

Oh, and don't forget to follow me on Facebook (
I post some paintings now and then that don't make it here!

Happy easter everyone!

Totoro Journal Skin by starrily