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June 16, 2014
The House Of Spikes by JonasDeRo is a spectacular digital piece by a brilliant artist. The details, textures, and overall atmosphere makes this one creepy house that is sure to capture the imagination.
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The House Of Spikes

I felt like doing something creepy today,
this was tons of fun! About 5 hours

Like my

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rkainne's avatar

so wonderfully atmospheric. such detail and composition

cupofautumnsunrays's avatar
This literally looks like something I've seen in my head that inspired a poem I wrote. Minus the spikes, it's almost perfectly identical. Creepy. BUT I love the piece!
Bryn9995's avatar
This is so freakishly beautiful. 
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Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
Fantastic, eerie work that would make a good setting for a horror story.
busterkeatonrules's avatar
I would love to play a horror game set in (and/or around) this house. Well done!
albatrash's avatar
5 hours! Come on. It would take me five days to do that tree stump and then it would like a cartoon. Great image. Does the technology help a lot?
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MattStarArt's avatar
Insane detail! Especially for 5 hours.
Home Sweet Home!! This is AWESOME!!
beefa270's avatar
jonasdero  I still can not purchase this print .  dark ages is ready to buy but house of spikes I  still can not purchase .  can I get a copy of this ?

thanks .
Lugia20711's avatar
The House of Perpetual Pain.

Awesome job!
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WheezyWallaby's avatar
wow that's amazing, how do you make something like this in just 5 hours ? :la: 
bioxxx666's avatar
It is very nice
TheHunterCow's avatar
Very Spooky! Nice!
LtHela's avatar
I need a house like that.
alithking's avatar
WOW! spooky and great art work, well done.
this looks incredible.  I hope your hands weren't throbbing afterwards.  well done.
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