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Taipei Ruins

3rd city in Ruins series. Not overgrown this time, after a comet strike.

About 4-5 hours Photoshop. 2009

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Could you made São Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City ruins? is the America's most crowded cities

I hope this doesn't happen in real life... This seems like Taipei a few days after it got nuked and 200000 people just got wiped off the map
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I'm a Taiwanese and I luv this ! :)
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wow I can see my old house here, truly amazing masterpiece
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2039 , 15 December . 
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This is what I'd imagine Taipei would look like if the PRC invaded.
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How is it possible to use 4-5 hours on a work like this? O.o It's amazing
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OMG!!Hope the date won't come.haha
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"Like a lit match."
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I’m from China ,when I saw your picture on our CCTV and said terrorists use this to trick people was shocked!And I recognized it!I'm sure I have seen that in your gallery.I think its's a chance to let more chinese cg artists to know your work.
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Wow I see Like battelfield game very beautiful i like it :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Mister, do you currently have any plans of charging the Islamic States of copyright infringement?
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no. images lead their own life on the internet. gotta accept it its the 21st century. :)
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Some idiot terrorist used your image for a threat. You should at least charge him or sue him for copyright infringement 
It is sad that someone from ISIS is stealing images from your Ruins series and use it as propaganda to declare threat to major cities around the world!  The dumb media here in Taiwan thought ISIS drew this picture and thought Taipei is being directly threaten from ISIS! Just a heads up! Now the government will perform anti-terrorist drills because of this picture!
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Well if they had any forensic skill a simple image back search would have proved that this is an old drawing, unrelated to any recent media and the image was just grabbed off the internet.
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This is awesome!
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Is it a sun rise or set ?
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as we would like to take a look at the video processI think I've fainted. 
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