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Made today :)

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This is awesome, especially the lighting!
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At first I wanted to say Blade Runner, but looking at it, I actually get more of the impression of... a place like a future Gotham City.

At any rate, awesome piece!
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Amazing!!! 😍😍😍
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Omg ‘_’ what DA fucking did??? I did not commented this
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Yhea and it’s the second time this happened with me .-. I’m really sorry about that
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:3 thanks for understanding and sorry again for this random comment ;w; I’m going to try to solve it—
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That city looks like a combination of Coruscant from Star Wars, Gotham City from Batman, and Future New York City from Spider-Man 2099.
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Muy bonito e increíble, imaginando estar en alguna de esas azoteas mientras veo el atardecer sobre los grandes rascacielos. Recibo una llamada de madre en mi neurotelefono avisándome que debo regresar a casa (que se encuentra en algún parte de las faldas de los altos edificios) antes de que anochezca, me dirigo rápidamente al ascensor que lleva a los sectores de pisos inferiores sin antes dar un ultimo vista al ocaso de primavera.
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I've always been a big fan of Sci-Fi and mystery. This one really hits the spot for me!
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lovely city, i dunno if I wanna live in that future tho. looks extremely advanced 😂
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Have you listened to the music of Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou?
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Wow. This reminds me of the film Blade Runner. 
(Btw, one of those buildings looks like a skyscraper in downtown Chicago... also the weird triangular faced one on the right looks familiar for some reason)
This is pretty neat.
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