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Sintra Street View WIP

This is a work in process, none of the windows,aircos,lights, etc... have been finished, but there is no time now to continue it at the moment.... :(

I'll post the completed version when it's done, yay!
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Wow, you do really amazing landscapes!
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This is cool. The street is named Sintra, after the Portuguese city? *curious*
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That looks amazing. Great work!
KidNiko's avatar
Love your style.
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Beautiful perspective, I love the atmosphere from your colour choices.

I played a lot of RPG's growing up, so I've always admired this style of artwork. I can appreciate all your hard effort! Nice job man.
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SleepyCity's avatar
Well, i think it's find the way it is!
Anymay, your work is just amazing!
atzukhy's avatar
Estupendo trabajo
muy elaborado!! :D
Ceremonsen's avatar
Is there any way to finish it?
MitsuArt-official's avatar
very good color ambiant :)
Mesciurius's avatar
WOW ! amazing !
Just amazing!
Could you let me use it as a concept for my 3D environment scene.
(non profit, I just want to make another work for my portfolio).
Thank you in advance.
JonasDeRo's avatar
sure, please show me the end result.
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I think this is lovely with all that crisp detail. May I ask how long this took you?
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Hmmm, very awesome. Reminds me of Konoha! :)
black-ronin1228's avatar
Me, being an avid fan of Borderlands, sees a grungy other worldy aspect to this image, I could see it as a facade to one of the many places to seek refuge, loot, or be attacked by all means of bad guys.
keitaro1060's avatar
Very nice, it's look like a Konoha street of the manga Naruto ^^
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Awesome! It's incredible the perspective and profundity of the scene. And further more the illumination that makes a real and natural ambient. And the shadows are perfectly defined... A master piece undoubtedly.

To favs!
hungerartist's avatar
the lighting and mood you've created in several of your paintings is fantastic, but here I especially like it. It reminds me a little of imperial boys old work.
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Even if it's not finished, it's still a great work. I hope you can continue with this soon. Can't wait for the finished version!
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great work! I would love to see the process of your designs
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