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Shanghai Ruins

By JonasDeRo
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About a year ago I made a painting of a forest overgrown Dubai, this year it's Shanghai!

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What a painting ! Awesome dude !
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ParsnipsingularityHobbyist General Artist
Getting serious Dropzone Commander vibes.
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Amazing !!
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Yeah, this is ironic. That's what chinese government doing.
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ElementalJessHobbyist Digital Artist
It reminds me of that show, "Life After People." Did you ever see it?
This is amazing!
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BanjokerHobbyist General Artist
I used to love that show!
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MidnightW0l1fHobbyist General Artist
Really Breathtaking!
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Kiwi-R Artist
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Wow! Are you OK?
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Kiwi-R Artist
Oh yes I'm fine. I was just admiring the greatness of this picture. I don't get to see stuff like this a lot of times.
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Perfect ampocalypsis
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StarrySweetieHobbyist General Artist
Hi there, I was just wondering if I could use this image in something I'm writing? I just posted the prologue and was looking for pictures, and I clicked the link, and this is where it led me. I would love if I could use this image. 

Thank you!
Mackenzie Ressler…
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Beautiful. Can I ask what tools you used? I am trying to create a similar thing. Do you do commissions?
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ReaverPanHobbyist Artist
tremendus ^^
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ReaverPanHobbyist Artist
Whoa Amazeing :D
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illustracienciaProfessional Artist

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glassoceanHobbyist Photographer
Interesting... reminds me a special on Voyager 1 & 2 and how they were launched around the 70's and how they're likely to last long after almost everything on earth crumbles to dust. They'll likely be gliding through space for a very very long time. Also, most structures on earth aren't made to last very long without maintenance. 
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Stormkitsune1138Hobbyist General Artist
I love this. I love seeing those Shanghai skyscrapers that I'm so familiar with, yet with the inclusion of something post-apocalyptic, but peaceful and natural. 
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PhotographyBNHobbyist Photographer
Purely amazing <3
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koterreHobbyist Photographer
Very nice. I'm a big fan of the overgrown, life-after-people look.
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Ooh, I see the Pearl Tower in the distance! Was this from the east side of the Huangpu River?
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It is a stunning view
You're very talented.
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I just imagined me looking down at this part of town when i was in the Shanghai world financial center and then thought about the city coated in green.  I loved it when i visited China.  Can't wait till i go to the burj khalifa.  Then im going to imagine the city coated in green like your other ruins.
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SimidaeHobbyist General Artist
This is the only way I could ever think of a city as beautiful.
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