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Sanctuary Steps

Full View!

I saved the steps.
I love this, being able to look back on the process.

It's only the second time I used this exact technique, the last time was with the work 'Sintra Street View'

Working on another similar one now.
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Soooo interesting! Thank you so much for sharing!
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I'm actually quite impressed at how little time it took
you to pull all this together. My worst enemy is perfection
when doing the type of work I do. I think I'm prone to
overwork it.
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I am curious, loved your tutorial and googled sketchup, and apparently it costs 695 dollars? Thought you said free, so just curious as to where it is free?
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You just need the "normal" Google Sketchup, for personal use :) It's on sketchup (dot) com
There is also a Sketchup Pro Version which is not free, maybe you saw that one.
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This is a great tutorial and process. Thank you!
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Ok Im so using Sketch up from now on, what a time saver!
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how long in total did this take you to do?
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great -what is google sketch?
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Great tutorial! the only thing that trips me up is the lighting? is there a quicker way to add the appropriate lighting. I manually go in and color change things. I am just in the learning stages of Painter. Thanks for posting!
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Thank you so much for doing this!
Fantastic, breathtaking job! X)
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how you save the 3d view in sketch up i can make it XD
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Thank you so much for showing use your process.
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O____O SOOOOOOOOOOO amazing man!

Thanks for the advice about Google Sketchup, I'm gonna try... I'm so bad drawing perspective <.<
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I don't think I would ever think of using SketchUp for this. Thanks for the idea. Love your work by the way!
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have you some video of your practice ?
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did you draw the trees and do you do the water? so just have the basic shape of building and paste the texture on it. add some lighting?:D how do you make the detail on it?
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I would love to try this on my own :)
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how do you put the sketchup thing into photoshop?
Awesome! so good to see the steps and cool to see sketchup being used in this way -its a great program!
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How are you adding the colour? You don't seem to be repainting anything but I've never been able to find a blending mode in photoshop that would allow this to work...
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ok first of try using 'Image>Gradient Map' you can nicely set each value of your tone. then you can use masks to apply it to certain areas. Another good colouring way actually is with a blending mode -> Overlay. It's a great blend mode but you gotta understand it. Basicly if you use neutral gray (RGB128) you're not affecting, using lighter colours will lighten and darker colors darken. Then you can choose to use a color also (keeping in mind the previous) and paint where you want to add stuff. Hope that helps.
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