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Relative Security

Made this evening, was good to paint again since I've been working my ass off.

Cheers to that.

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A wonderfully drawn landscape, filled with well chosen details that give it a real sense of presence and character. I like how you've drawn the glittering skyscrapers just a few blocks away; it gives a real sense of a city divided. 
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Wonderful perspective, great work
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There's a street like this in my town back home -- sans the door, of course. That doors too cool for my town.

Watching you now, haha. Your works are fantastic. I want to live in half the places you paint, man.
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Ooo, I like this title. Nice work.
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Well done. Very realistic.
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US Bank Tower in the back....
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Who's your tagger?
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This was made during one evening? Are you a painting machine or what!
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You've obviously got your technique down extremely well to work so quickly. Very colorful piece.
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You made this in one evening :O? What kind of genius are you?
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Reminds me Raccoon City
During the morning of course
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Eerily similar to a story concept i've been working on for a while. I love it so much, very well done. Danke!
do you have a version without textures?
love the textures within it
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You just have to watch your perspective. That is a huge door compared to the next building. Cheers Dave C.
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thx for the advice. actually the door and street was already there in the picture I started from, so everything is like that in real life. Might be because of the extreme wide angle lens it seems that way.
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Yeah I guess, I know some of the screen shots they give me the focal length is weird, looks good though.
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Im so fucking jealous :(
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ummm, whats up with the inverted pentagram in the lower left..

good though!
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I love the gunshot marks on the wall. You have an excellent eye for detail ;)
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