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Another quick one, more destroyed buildings... I know....
I like the colours though.
A couple of hours Photoshop, refs used [link].

If you like my work, support me by pressing the LIKE button on my WEBSITE! >>> [link]<<< :XD:

my textures:[link]

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This looks amazing.

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So sad but also beautiful. Makes me wanna shiver....
We would like to use/buy this as a CD cover, unless it's already been used to your knowledge
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The sunset still beauty when all gone...
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Love the way the sun is angled and shines. Thank you for shaving.
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This is how I feel when I look at things some days
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So beautiful and... heart-breaking. Waaaah! 
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Awesome work!!

Would you be interested in working with us in creating album art for our debut self titled album?

If so, please email us at

Hope to hear from you!
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Looks almost like it could be in Syria.
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and the awesomness continues its raise to New hights... :D
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I can't ever express the feelings I get from seeing your work any better than the others who have commented before, but...This is so tragic yet so beautifully done...
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This one is still one of my fav. Now it's been several years since I've seen this picture and now again i'm impressed like I've been seeing it for the first time :) splendid work !

Correct me if my eng. gone wrong here :P Haven't used it for long time. :)
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Whoooooooa, this is amazing! I am always in awe of people who can draw beautiful scenery, but this takes it to a whole new level of stunning. The shading in this is beautiful, and the wide perspective with the tiny little kid in the middle of it all is really powerful. Love this picture!
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this gets deep into my feels. i like this idea of how humanity ends with only a few people left, buildings crumbling. I feel bad for the kid, but at the same time he's so lucky. An entire world to himself....
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When I look at I get the bad kind of shivers. I can't imagine my own kiddo being abandoned like this. I rarely get shivers from looking at something else than actual photos (as they depict something that is very much real and existing/existed). You move my senses, literally. I can feel the warmth of the sun on the skin when I look at it. I can hear the silence of the city. I can even smell it.
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always wondered were this pic came from :)
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Woah, this is heavy. 0m0 <3
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your work is amazing man! mad talent.
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oh my god! I really don't like kids, but this picture makes me want to take the kid away from all the desolation and loneliness there and just hug him. Really great picture!
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Love love love
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