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I thought long about this concept but the final idea came to me right as I was going to sleep, a giant dragon skeleton
entwined in massive roots.

But what happened here?
Feel free to think up a backstory behind this place!


A twig snapped underneath my boot,
breaking the awed silence that had befallen me and my companion.

Emerging from the forest, the sight shook me to the core.
You grew up hearing about it, the great beast, its mouth open in its last roar of defiance that was now forever silence.
But nothing could have prepared me for the actual sight...
It stood as a reminder to us all, its shadow looming over the city below never letting the inhabitants forget of the time when our lands were ruled by mighty beasts. Yet we had won.

This thought I had the most trouble comprehending. The sheer size of the monster had to be seen to be believed, it's wingspan alone stretching as long as the cliff face behind it stood tall. How could one human have prevailed over such a beast?

But he had...

One lone man, a traveller to the common eye but deep within his veins, magic ran deep.
The last dragon had no hope, or that is how they tell the story. That the beast, although the oldest and last living dragon to terrorise the skies and lands below was no match for the spirits that bowed before the mage.
He had entombed it in the land that it had once ruled. Not dead just frozen.

I felt a shiver run through me as I looked up at the skull, at the holes that still seemed to hold eyes and a hidden power. Magic in the land had died out along ago.

If the beast was to awaken.... There was no hope.

written by :iconkila-911:


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Nature magic killed it, or something like that?

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"I was Agazhal, king of dragons, lord of all. By my breath, life flourished. By my claw, the cycle turned. By my death, an Age of Wonders was born. Look upon my bones, and remember"

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Looks brutal, amazingly brutal.

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1. this is AMAZING :la:
2. i am completely lost on HOW this formed :D
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Don't remember if I mentioned it, but this gave me the inspiration for a creature in my story.
Awesome picture. Thanks for your work.
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Love this!! Very majestic
As we exited the hilltop forest onto the slope of short grass and moss. We finally saw that which we had come to see. The Great Drained Dragon. Legends say this beast was once an immortal being whose breath could make plant life grow exponentially. Like most dragons, it established a horde in the plateau that it resided in. However, it's was a rather... unconventional collection. It gathered ancient and marvolous plant life. 10,000 year old trees, ferns said to have properties of a Panecea, even plant based monsters found their way into the Drained Dragon's garden. One day, a particular plant it had taken, said to blossom once every era, finally bloomed. Before the Dragon could react, roots bursed through the cave walls in the core of the great plateau and tried to restrain the Dragon. In a panic, it attempted to flee by breaking through the side of the mount, only to be further restrained by branches and roots. The roots began to sap away the Dragon's very life essence. For centuries, the Dragon thrashed about in vain attempts to free itself, before all of it's energy was drained away. Leaving nothing but the skeletal remains of a once glorious beast. It turns out, the plant responsible for draining the dragon was first created by an insane geomancer, who chose to imbue his soul into the plant as a crazed bid for immortality. Did it work? None can say. Now people stear clear of the Great Plateau for fear of sharing the dragon's fate. I must venture forth, however. For I am certain the cure to my region's plague rests in the Garden of the Great Drained Dragon...
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Great gesture of this creature - cool rooty look!
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Dragon: 10,000 years could give you such a crick on the wings!
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Really beautiful and well done! 😍 Can I use this as a wallpaper on my computer?
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As much as I love it, it honestly scares me so good job
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This is a true masterpiece!
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I can't get the words to say how amazing and magnificent this is
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Knight :"well that seems uncomfortable"
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What good are those little weapons going to be against an epic dragon like that? XD
Its reminds me of Elder Scrolls. Realy cool
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So asesome!!!! 😍
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This looks amazing. I may have to run a D&D one-shot based off of this, with this image as the splash page for my players. If I do, I'll be sure to credit in the youtube and link you to it!
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That dragon looks so cool and beautiful!
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The master at work! Impressive old concept :)
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