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Dubai Ruins 2

Made this as a joke today. XD

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Thank you for this wonderful piece.

I thought this would go well as a featured image on my blog post:

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Got to find Konrad! He's behind it all! 
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That lightning and dust wind looks epic.
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Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai
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Totally would like to see a Sydney version of this.
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This is what Australia Is like in shadowrun... Sydney to be exact. No one will get this but eh..
Fantastic work mate.
Friedrich-Habsburg's avatar
Can you make some Moscow ruins?
PurgedChicken's avatar
Scorch Trials Looks So Familiar To This. Nice Work Man.
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welome to hell walker. we have been waiting for you!
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Hi! Love it!
I would like to have this paint as our band's new single front cover! Is this possible!?
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Why exaclty is this one of the few pictures, that's not available as print?
I think, this is one of the best.
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Masterpiece Heart I love deviantART! !
x-RayneArashi-x's avatar
It looks like something evil is being summoned....
LuneLune-the-wolf's avatar
who else sees the tornado in the background?
Theo-SouthStar's avatar
Oh no, not the seven star hotels!
morningstarskid's avatar
Your Sets.. of scene... makes
the light..
the scene sets.... Damn..
malawika's avatar
WOW. It's amazing. Really. Great play.
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A destroyed Rome I think would be interesting to see.
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Ever think about doing a Philadelphia ruins??
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