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Dubai Ruins

I imagined what Dubai would look like if mankind would disappear and nature would take over, and if the UAE wasn't in de middle of the frickin' desert of course. (perhaps after a climate shift caused by global warming?)

Done today in 8 hours, using this as ref

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Nope. Not Global Warming. Actually precession of the earth's axis.

A nice rendering of that city with it turning into jungle trees like as to the environment now /
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The Oasis of Dubai
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Looks beautiful.
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.. well they propably took it to serious with green-city architecture :D
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I doubt Dubai would become andy more temperate because of global warming. Maybe another ice age. 
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wouldn´t Dubai be covered with sand and not trees bc it is in the arabian peninsula.
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plz read description okay?
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Ain't nobody got time for that. And i doupt that dou to global warming climate shift would happen.
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Globel warming -> more water evaporates -> more and more intense rain on coasts -> Dubai is likely to become Tropical if it doesn't sink.
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Global warming also is the reason why deserts spread
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landwarts fore sure but seawarts? The Persian Golf is no Aral Lake.
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Looking at this makes me want to cry. I could stare at these a long time and just medidate on the lighting, thinking about the future.
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uhh more more beautiful then now 
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A rainforest Dubai is a hell of a shift. Makes me wonder what the rest of the planet would look like if you terraformed the UAE. 
В целом, неплохо. Но всё портит именно климат пустыни. Скорее я ожидал увидеть разрушенные песками и ветрами здания, чем зелень.
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you are the best artist in the world.
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Very interesting work, I wonder how long would last the Burj Khalifa in these conditions.
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This look fantastic, although it's Dubai, desert. But, still it is awesome work. You should the rest of the Megacities, like Mumbai, CD de MX, and LA.
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wow that is cool! 
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