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Dragon Poachers

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Illustration done for a personal fantasy project.

In this world, dragons don't mindlessly burn down villages and terrorize humans.
Even though numerous people died in the past encountering these mighty beasts, most attacks were not unprovoked... Dragons actively hunting humans for food was a rare sight.

As years passed and people improved their weapons, tools and means of defending their towns and cities, encounters between the two became less and less frequent. Before long dragons were barely a threat to human communities. Instead, they increasingly became an actively hunted species forcing them to retreat into wild and remote areas. Still their numbers dwindled rapidly.

When dragons became a rarity and were thought to go extinct, laws were enacted to protect these majestic creatures and hunting became a punishable crime. However, this also caused dragon body parts to become highly valuable.

Here we see a group of poachers who have hunted down a dragon and its two pups, luring them with a massive fire beacon.
The dragons are killed and then harvested for body parts to be sold in illegal trade and on black markets.
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This is Sad, Beautiful and full of emotions!
I honestly feel bad for the dragons cause they are majestic creatures!
MisterPain's avatar
duuude how many hours did it take
Leytala-Velnial's avatar
Oh no...poor dragons...fuck poachers to the underwhere and back 
Is it just me, or is the guy on the left holding an Armorslayer from Fire Emblem?
infinite9's avatar
Cool illustration. While I oppose poaching, I will say "woe to the vanquished."
ToreaLuxuti's avatar
well pretty acurate description of humans acts
DJMadameNoir's avatar
this looks amazing, and the concept is quite interesting!
Nog6's avatar
The illustration is wonderful, and the project seems really interesting...
Mesmermei's avatar
What are they doing?! Poor dragons ;(

Looks amazing btw :)
Ruffu's avatar
Oh no! The little dragon dude. He did nothing wrong (yet anyway...)!
commanderjonas's avatar

This is one of the most EPIC works of art related to dragons I have seen for a long LONG time.

The attention to detail, the lighting, the scenery. It all just perfectly blend together. Good work :D:D
Darkzterroid's avatar
I absolutely love the lighting and perspective. If I ever were to use a reference for painting, then this would be it. 
BoxSucksAtDrawing's avatar
redwolfradolf's avatar
Yeah, that seems like what would realistically happen if dragons were normal animals.  Of course, in some fantasy worlds, they're actually intelligent, evil creatures.
Shanglon's avatar
Amazing, wonderful, powerful, sad and incredibly detailed. This Artworks makes me sad because i love dragons and i despise poachers with a burning passion but you did a great job at making a powerful Artwork. I just love the details of scales, the shading, the highlights, the use of warm colours that well show the tragic nature of this event. I applause you :clap:
ace007ace's avatar
furious88x's avatar
love but the backstory
DavidR1958's avatar
Brilliant, powerful, brutal and effective work. Stunning!
kvacm's avatar
Woho, this is brutal mate! This is like scene from some mega super movie! These details, that feel, oh my fu... god. It's awesome work!!Oops! La la la la 
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This reminds me of Lore-Stories from Monster Hunter World. :D
YumenoSaiko's avatar
intense! Kind of feel bad for the dragon...
Amazing work!
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