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Haven't posted in a while, so here's a painting I started last night and finished now.
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Dark Souls Approved
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Aw man dark souls 4 looks great!

Sorry couldn't help myself xD 

It looks amazing!
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Magnificent dragon! The detail is amazing as well as the color concept. Awesome work.
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Take him to Westeros) He would scare them all)))

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This whole piece says "POWER"!
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" What are you doing? "
" Taking my Dragon for a walk. "

Ted Is Cool 
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Really amazing the way this looks! Very impressive! Your really amazing for doing something like this huh? I really hope you'll make more much like this here!
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Really nice. Also, if anyone is interested, feel free to check out some of my Dark Souls statues. Feedback is always great!
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Sick and Badass!!!Headbang! 
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This is so amazing!! I love the way the knight's armor shines!
The dragon is amazing and super detailed as well! 
The composition is amazing 
It looks like monster hunter vs dark souls. :)
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Reminds me to the Dalamadur, a giant elder dragon from Monster Hunter, really nice job on this one, every single detail looks amazing in the dragon and the knight, and the background is so magnificent... My eyes went to dragon heaven and then they came back.
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That is one cool dragon!
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Wow! The details on the dragon! Amazing! The wisps of smoke coming from her nostrils is really cool. And yeh fire and lava glow is really well done. I love th metallic shine on the armour, and the details of the feathers and scales is fantastic! Is she a wyvern or European?
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