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Cities Of The Future

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EDIT: Added flying ships 'n shit!

There comes a time in every concept artist's life, where he/she must create an epic scifi city with ridiculously large monolithic buildings and an overall sense of cliché. Despite my persistent avoidance, that time has come for me today...... :surrender:

Run to the cities of the future, take what we can and bring it back home.

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hi i really like this image can I use this for a youtube music video as a background if I credit you please

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👏 👏 👏 👏
Like it especially the ships.
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Well if you are going to be cliché do it the best that you can.  This is beautiful!
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I like this drawing especially because I had a very similar dream xd
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You have a great talent for infusing each one of your works with an excellent sense of atmosphere. You also employ an excellent degree of professionalism in your art. You should be doing concept art for triple a games or films with your abilities. Well done.
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I love the light you gave to this piece. The ships are cool too. I like that the buildings don't look like they were just copied and pasted. Cool reference to Infected, now you got me playing that music in my mind... lol
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Somewhere in the far reaches of Coruscant.
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thought that as well
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how long did this take?
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Fantastic doesn't even begin to describe it.OMG 
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This is pretty much just plainly amazing, 
it also inspired a poem I wrote, so thank you very much, Mr.
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Reminded me of Dubai.
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This amazing piece of work has been wrongly uploaded to Wikimedia Commons at…

I have listed it as a copyright violation, so it should soon be removed, but I thought you might be interested to note the comments added to the uploader's Talk: page at…, where 2 people are looking to license the image.

It's an amazing piece of art; I'm sorry that someone has uploaded it without your permission.
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Nice!...I would like this as my Wallpaper! but the image is too small for my 46'
Can't you use a better word to describe this than 'nice'???
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I love how you included some of our modern buildings as if they never took them down.
Plus, if a giant stepped on that city, its foot would get stabbed like a 1,000 times XD
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Are you kidding?! ridiculously large monolithic buildings are the best! They represent a huge, sprawling city like nothing else does.

Although I feel like there would be alot of air and space traffic along the rises of these towers, maybe some huge ships thrown in the background. Cool city though!
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