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October 28, 2010
Chromatism by ~Jenovah-Art is a symphony of colours and shapes that, after seeing a hundred times, still keeps me impressed for its quality and beauty. Without doubt, one of the most incredible deviations these eyes have seen. =saharaam said: "Chromatism by ~Jenovah-Art took my breath away the moment I saw it as it is simply stunning! Lightning, colors, atmosphere, composition as well as attention to details make it impossible to take your eyes off this picture." (Also suggested by ^lone-momo, =hel999 and *Ashadria )
Featured by Atramina
Suggested by monikapalosz
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Never done a contest before,
I probably don't make a chance, but what the heck.

Here's my entry for the James & The Giant Peach,
the place I daydream of.

I dream of a beautiful place with bright light and vibrant colors.
That's me walking with an umbrella to keep cool in the hot sun. :)

Thank you everybody for the kind comments and thank you the people who requested this as a DD, I'm very happy to receive my 2nd DD ^_^
And for all the people that have been asking, yes this work is inspired by a place I visited in Hong Kong, if I can find the exact location I will add a link here.

:facebook:: [link]

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awsome. I saw this Picture years ago and never found it. now I know its source and found it to watch it in high quality. one of my alltime favourite pictures, great!

thoughtcreation's avatar

Beautiful!!! Jonas do you want to print frame and ship your art working together?

Love to speak with you sometime if possible. email info is



wonderful drawing!
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phamlong1397's avatar
this is perfect master.
sakpalamey's avatar
I wonder what media is used here.
Figumax777's avatar
beauty and majestic picture.. congratulations !! very nice
Ged-der-Sperber's avatar
This could take awhile for me to take all those details in. Nicely done!
GHOSTY101's avatar
Man you're paintings are always amazing!
MarcoRuschkowski's avatar
This is jus oozing atmosphere.
Designed-One's avatar
This is art by a master
thazhe's avatar
It won't allow for me to look at buying the print as it is beautiful, the link leads to a 'page not found' page. 
NikySHouse's avatar
Ahhhh! It's like I can feel the warmth...
rawrdoodles's avatar
Beautiful! I love the glow of the lights and the coloring!
Karolina888's avatar
◕‿◕ Amazing
PraniEm's avatar
It looks perfect! I love the details which you've put carefully in every single corner of this picture. 😄 Just wonderful👍
Raiden-n7's avatar
Is there any way to buy a print of this? Unfortunately the link in the description no longer works.

Edit: Don't worry, I found it on Society6… 
taideism's avatar
This is absolutely incredible. Fantastic work!
Kim-Il-Songun's avatar
Stunningly beautiful!
triangulor's avatar
heheh this is actually a really great picture but I do find it amusing that the name is effectively using a musical metaphor to describe art which was originally an artistic metaphor used to describe music, so what I wanna know is if you did that on purpose? Or I guess you could actually just be using the original word but I don't think I have ever heard anyone use that word in any non musical way. Well it works so if you don't respond I will assume it was on purpose.
Hussu24893's avatar
That's one of the best work I've ever seen! 😱😍
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