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Get it? The title is wordplay!

Free downloadable full HD version :)

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I love the giant in the background, these guys will definitely win!
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The design reminds me of Savitar from the CW Flash.
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Its human army right ?
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Hey bro, this is incredible. I have no words to describe how spectacular it is
Damjan-Gjorgievski's avatar
This is insane. That is all I can say. 
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how much are commissions? 
saltso's avatar
Damn, its like a race of "CW" Savitars, awesome!
jonhawk117's avatar
I can see that, I first thought of the game Section 8.
URBANHOOD's avatar
I secretly wish of an army like this .
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Excellent piece.
The tone and the movement...very well done.
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If this was a race in Total War: Warhammer, I'd play the fuck out of it.
talle123's avatar
ahhhhh amazing!
bunnywithmonocle's avatar
The framing of this makes them all look massive, like an army of giant heroes! Awesome!
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"I remember the Storm. Ten thousand neosteel demons rained from the sky. Men shrouded in deathly armor, brimming with power from technologies the likes of which had never been seen. It was as if conquest was their birthright, and us their fated prize. The eastern seaboard of the American Empire crumbled in days, felled like wheat in a field. The earthbound militaries patrolled land and sea, but never the depths of space. So when the iron rain of our conquerors came, Earth could not help but be thoroughly drenched."
lol turning pictures into stories
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Blue = Good  Red = P O S S E S S E D (Or taken over/bad)
Thats just an idea ,what I just wrote, but keep up the good work :D

Just like starcraft II with the Protoss

Rainbowhawk1993's avatar
It’d just be amazing if this was turned into an actual game. A combination of Halo, Warframe and Crysis. Holy shit that’d be amazing!
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
A job well done all and all! Yes really great overall! Keep up the wonderful work you do alright? If I can suggest, it'd be great if you did more action/combat like scene some day you know? It's up to you clearly!
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