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First of 2011 :)

My textures: [link]

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Very Great Textures, And Great Job On The Color Shading.
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Wonderful drawing, great use of perspective.
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Very Mega City One (as shown in the new movie)
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Nice grit and light!
How long to develop your technique?
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whah ! good job
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A rainbow of color...boy that does lift the spirits, especially in a slummy town like this. In such a grungy, industrial city, the touch of mosaic tiles is unexpected and kind of mirrors the rainbow above it. Touches of beauty in even the most unlikely of places. I think I would just like to see one sign of life though like a rat or something.

When you do your drawings, how do you set your perspective points since they go off the edge? Also, are there any tips to speeding the process up? The last perspective drawing I did took me a long time to complete, and it was only one building. I can't imagine drawing something like this.
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associates with Mitchell's Cloud atlas. very impressive atmosphere
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Great Work......
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Again, really good jpb! :w00t:
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I dig the look.
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Your art is fantastic in its conception, detail, color-sense, compostiion, and interest.
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Looks similar to one of the early gameplays from BATTLEFIELD 3 on YouTube....
or something for my future project story of the First-person shooter SONIC,THE HEDGEHOG game I'm planning :D:D:D:D
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This is beautiful!
Another one! I wish videogames looked like this!

Ghost In the Shell
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