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December 22, 2014
A Place Called Home by JonasDeRo
Featured by Shyree
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A Place Called Home

Like my

Sorry for the cheesy title..... :sarcasticclap:

Anway, I suddenly had this idea while riding the subway. Seriously... it just jumped in my mind for no reason.
An old lady living with her two granddaughters in a scrap field near the city. Pretty much turned out how I imagined it.

Let me know if you like it!
Took about 11 hours.

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i realy love this, had this for about 8 years as wallpaper, but i realy need a higher resolution of this....

we can we only buy this in 1021p, while the original is in 2984p :(

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You would have all you needed, the old lady a roof and peaceful home, the kids the old lady and playground  ..... Even a sunset and may a sunrise .... So what more is in need???
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Just put this one as my FB Cover Photo. :)
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It's so incredibly haunting to me.  I love this especially the perfect level of light and dark of a dying day.  To my mind this speaks of a apocalyptic time in the future where the city is but a dead place while the old lady and girls live a simpler, safer life on its outskirts.  Every time I stare at it, I see something new.  This is a fine piece of work.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  Oh, and it's been my desktop background for a month now.
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Been my wallpaper for quite a while... I love the mood that is illustrated there.... Being happy at the outskirts of society instead of being part of the rat race.....
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Very cool perspective! Clap
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Lovely render, now that in living in South Africa I see a lot of this, I laughed when I noticed the satellite dish, cell phones and tv are a part of the modern life.:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
I am not a big fan of art at all. In fact the only reason I made n account on here at all was to post this comment. I'm a cross country runner in high school. But seeing this really sparked something in me. The way the sun looks and the comparison to the home and the city really feels like something I can relate to. "This is now my desktop background by the way". Keep doing what you do!
Im just getting into Photoshop. this is the kinda work that is inspiring. Great job.
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Amazing color blending!
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Excellent artwork!
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This is Awesome
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This is amazing, all of your art deserves like ten DD's! I want to be right there in the drawing, this is exactly the kind of environment i picture myself in.
this is beautiful you are so talented
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perfect !!!!!!
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