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:bulletred:warning:not for kiddies:bulletred:

Due to technical difficulties, you'll have to use the online version here until I get this sorted.

EDIT 2019-10-13: Okay, since the online versions are down, I uploaded the original ZIP file - which, somehow, I still have after 13 years. I tried to do it as a Scrap, but DA wouldn't let me.
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Though... now I know why I was kicked out of the Furdom. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Monster Girl/Boi Fandom still accepts me... begrudgingly at best "OH, GOG, 1T 1S TH1S DOUCH3 NOZZL3 4G41N!"

COULD YOU DO UP 4... *4H3M*ahem* Sorry, no idea what came OV3R M3*cough* there. Either way... could you do up similar guides for Sprite/Pixel Artist, TH3 HOM3STUCK F4NDOM, the bronies, Tumblr, Harry Potter fandom, Japanese Cartoon lovers (them Japanese Mangos and Anemones), Anonymous, Twilight fans, New Atheists, etc., etc.? In fact, I'd love to see this style applied to ALL of the various groups that have gained huge cancers to them.

Also... how long until the Monster Girl/Boi fandom starts to get its cancer and pretenders? Seriously... that is just like weird that this hasn't gotten to that stage yet >.>'
Vinare's avatar
:XD: Love to death! So funny, can't breathe! Awesome satire. :D

Lol, I am a furry and I find this hilarious! How can people get so bent out of shape about stuff like this? lol Great list of stuff NOT to do.
Dark-Black-Wolf's avatar
Most of these happen to be things I already typically avoid.
I don't think I'll ever have weird fetishes or draw adult artwork.
Wafflepunk's avatar
heh... i like anthro characters, though in my opinion yiff is disgusting. a lot of this, sadly, is trufax.
CloudyCat's avatar
Yes, most of that may be true, but Im incredibly offended.
I like the furry fandom thingey, I am one, although Im 14.
I dont have a stupid gay fursuit.
Im not a boy.
And I dont look up or masturbate to animals/anthros having sex.
I draw furries because I find humans boring to draw, and yiff porn, yes, its fucking sick.
And Im an intermediatly expeirienced RP'er.
MeowQuen's avatar
I am kinda offended by this.. I am a furry and I do go to the Anthrocons.. But most of it is true
Serperoth's avatar
Funny stuff:)

It frightens me that there are people who write characters like Ithel...
LKani's avatar
Wow. Just... wow.

So true. Sad, but true. XD
bendzz's avatar
A not to subtle attempt to bring down The Internets. THE FORUMS MUST BURN DAMMIT!
Xelig00n's avatar
That my friend.

That's truth.
Supuhstar's avatar
"withi five minutes Often" should be "within five minutes. Often"
Jon-Wood's avatar
Supuhstar's avatar
Great! Extensive!

One typo:
Wanking i important
DTRD's avatar
So much truth, I wonder if there were any furs who were offended by this?
NuclearKitsune's avatar
I love this!

Sad but true. xD
Chill-pencil's avatar
this is funny because it's true
Draconian-Satirist's avatar
The amount of win here is lethal. :D
Netdeviant's avatar
SO much win.
If I had laughed any harder I would have literally bust a gut.
I fell out of my chair at the "Saints preserve me."
It hurt.

Anywho... Have to say this is sadly quite true for a LOT of people/furs.
And I wonder, why ARE there so few straight men in the fur-dom... *contemplates*

This deserves millions of favs. I gave you one. Good luck on the rest bub.
Vladdyboy's avatar
I'm scared to download it... I'm scared I'll become ONE OF THEM ARGHHHHH!!!!!

Ehh, what the hell, I sat through 1Guy1Jar I should be able to take this.
Ashikaska's avatar
Loled at most of it.. was silent for the thesaurus stuff.. but yeh.. -.-" I didn't want to laugh lol. xP.. twas funny.. haveto admit that though.. :P
Kris-et-Dan's avatar
....Would you be scared if I said I love you? (haha)
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