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Some time ago, I made an avatar and released it onto the wilds of Livejournal, asking only for credit. Some people, apparently, found a few words too much of a burden to bear, and did not comply. The same terms apply here.

So I ask you, if you see anyone using it, please direct them to this deviation. If on LJ, direct them to my account there, mcity.

Thank you.
EDIT: If you don't mind, could you link this in your LJ or blog or forum sig or whatever with OMG ONOZ somewhere in the body of the post/sig? I'm trying to increase the Google ranking of this.

EDIT 1/8/08: There's a plz account now, by ~CymriCat.
Please don't report it, as she asked nicely and I gave permission.

EDIT Nov 4 2010:

EDIT: 2011-01-13
There's a knockoff called "Everybody Panic!" that's just two stick figures, speech bubbles, and a caption. Just FYI.
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I'm making a gaming video, and I wanted to use this in it. Actually, I wanted to use the "Everybody Panic!" ripoff, as it fit better for the length of the scene (less than a second), but I want to avoid using unsourced images wherever possible, and I don't know who to contact for that particular image. I know it's technically a bootleg of your work, but do you know who made it?

Barring that, I wanted to use the Nov 4 2010 version of your image, but made at a higher resolution.

Can you help me?