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The Beauty of Classical Music
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This is the gallery of a mad-man. A young mad-man with a childish streak, and a box. Proceed with caution.


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Hi folks, long time no see.

I understand that I have been dead here but I have been very busy the past year. My girlfriend, the lovely Miss-Jazz-Dafunk, and I have just recently got engaged and have been working hard at getting set up and planning our wedding.

My other news, aside from that, is that I will be leaving this account in the dust. It will still be up for memory sake, but I will no longer be posting art up here for professional reasons. If you still wish to follow me for my Art, you can find me in the following Places:

Facebook: Here
Twitter: Here
Artstation: Here
Redbubble: Here
Patreon: Here
Behance: And Here.

I look forwards to seeing you all there and having your wonderful support. ^_^ 
Thanks for understanding,

With Warm Regards,
Jon The Hillbilly


Jon-The-Hillbilly's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
HEY! I need to say something:

If you have faved my artwork, given me a Llama, watched me, or added my artwork to a collection, please note that though I will likely not thank you personally, you have my thanks for such kind a gesture. :)


Hello Dear Reader! You have officially stumbled upon my deviantart page!

So who am I you ask: the mysterious man behind the strings of one's and zero's that make up what we sophisticated people call a webpage?

I am a simple male human being: currently age twenty-one years. I am attending a college out in XXXXXXXXXXX as an Animation student (obviously).
As you can tell from my page, I work in various forms of art. And predominately, I work in 3D computer graphics and music: with drawing and writing coming in after that. In all art forms, I am predominately self taught and hope to improve with my schooling.

As far as my other interests are concerned, I like music. Quite especially, I like film scores, Bluegrass, and Big Band Swing (Especially of the 1940's). On the other hand, I do have a few electronic music favorites and of course, a few Contemporary Christian pieces as well.

I also am a moderate geek: enjoying, mostly, science fiction such as, for a few examples, Doctor Who and Star wars/Star Trek (and yes, I like them both). I, mind you though, have never been to a Comic Con or a Cosplaying convention and, at least for now, I do not plan to attend one.
I enjoy old things too. Especially things from the 40's

I am not a heavy gamer, however, I especially like games such as Portal (and Portal 2), Half Life (and Half-Life 2 and beyond), Halo (And so on ETC), BioShock (and BioShock 2), Crash Bandicoot, Minecraft, and loads of others which escape my mind.

Most importantly, I am a Christian: recognizing that, as a sinner, I have no power to save myself from God's wrath and that it is only through his son, Jesus Christ, that I am saved from God's wrath (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 10:9 as a few backup verses).

I am also an avid apologist and will not hesitate to challenge any other challenge to what I believe as a Christian. This does not mean, in any way, shape, or form, that I have animosity towards the challenger at all.
I might also point out that I am a Conservative Christian: believing in a literal interpretation of the bible: especially on details such as creation, sin, and even the identity of Christ as the son of God AND as God and Man at the same time.
As well as the trinity, the existence of Jesus Christ, and his death and resurrection.
Specifically, I am a Reformed Baptist: meaning that I also hold to the Biblical Doctrines of God's Sovereign Election and Predestination, as well as the Biblical Doctrines of Grace (Calvin's TULIP).

I like cats and robots. Your argument is invalid.

And thus, Dear Readers, I go soon, I have no further ideas of what to disclose about me and what not to, and I am tired. So without further Ado, I bid thee farewell!

With All Due Respect,
James F Robot: Professional Madman.

A Little something for people to watch here: whether you're Christian or a non-believer:…

Science Stamp by AnScathMarcach Saved by grace... by Nilopher stand by ajhop
Inspired by an ex-pagan by XDiaLinnX I dont believe in evolution stamp by Varjokani

Trololo Stamp by AHMED-ART Bioshock 2 Stamp by 3enzo Bioshock Stamp by InuyashaServant Aperture Investment Stamp by HybridAir Answers In Genesis Stamp by PieWriter

Christians Don't Support Sin - Stamp by Starrtoon

I should make it clear for anyone here who may be interested in me, but i am taken. Sorry ladies, but she is :iconmiss-jazz-dafunk: and i am hers.



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