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Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse

Captured the Lunar Eclipse from early Wednesday morning, between midnight and around 2am. It was quite a sight, as I have never spent much time watching lunar eclipses in the past, and have never photographed them.

Numerous exposures were taken using my Canon EF 100-400mm L series lens and Canon Rebel XSi (450D), at 400mm and an aperture of f/5.6. Exposure times varied between 1/60th of a second through about 1 second as the luminance of the moon changed over the duration of th eclipse through totality. The shots here were 1/25, 1/4, 1/2, and 0.8 seconds, successively. ISO was set to 100, 200, 800, and 800, successively, to prevent blurring via motion, and keep shutter times as low as possible.
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oh, i wasn't able to see the lunar eclipse as well, so i was looking for a good photos of it. thanks for sharing, it's really beautiful! :hug:
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Thanks for posting this! I didn't go out and see it.

This one is the best series of photos I have seen of it. :clap:
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Absolutely amazing! I unfortunately missed due to the cloudy condition where I was, but this photo definately makes up for. Thank You! :tighthug:
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Fantastic scenary ! :clap:
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I missed it :(
In part, because I was on the wrong side of a hill!

Nicely caught :)
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This amazing image is featured on my profile page [link] under the widget ID and "Amazing Images" on the right hand side. :heart: :iconadni18:
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Great shot..
I woke up really early to see it.. but it dint show up D=
But its nice to see it this way (=
JocelyneR's avatar
Astonishing! Great work! :star:
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what a shot ! outstanding work !

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Thank you very much. :)
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nice. ! Need to darken the darks in the first image! borders showing in full view!
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Thanks. :)

I am not really certain what you are saying about the first one. I am working on a fully and meticulously calibrated system, from camera through my computer screen to my printer. There should be some slightly brownish orange glow to the lower right, and the rest should be barely discernible (although not entirely black). If it looks different, you might have your screen brightness up too high.
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the first 2 moons have the original crop edges . I can see a square that's rotated . the black inside this square is more pixelated grainy and noisy then the black on the rest of the image.
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You must have an extremely bright screen! :o I've cranked my brightness up as far as I can, and I can't see anything like that. I don't want to lose detail in the darker parts of the first two exposures, and without being able to see the grain myself, I can't really fix it much more than it is.
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I missed out due to a snow storm so it's awesome to see this!!

Very well done!
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Sorry to hear you missed it, but glad to hear you enjoyed seeing it here. :) Thank you very much.
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very well done, i wish i got to witness this! :clap:
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Thank you very much. :) I hope you get to see it in person the next time it happens.
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Very nicely done! I love the contrast and color change over the period of time the shots were taken :)
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Thank you. I love the color/contrast change was quite a sight. Capturing it was rather complex, too, as it was like trying to shoot a moving target. Every time I got my exposure right, I had to change it for the next shot.
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Wow that is so awesome! My eclipse pictures suck XD
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Thank you much. :) As for taking pictures, don't worry too much. It is pretty difficult to photograph the moon without the right equipment (namely, a nice DSLR and a good telescope). I was barely able to get these shots with some pretty expensive gear, and they barely make the cut! :o
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