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.: Snowy Egret :.

Snowy Egret | Cherry Creek Wetlands
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i don't know what the true color of the bird is, but the color of some stones on the top and the color of the bird's reflection in the water seem to indicate that the image is too cyan;
once this is corrected, then you might see that the image is a bit overexposed.

have a nice day.

hope this helps. :-)
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This was shot at ISO 3200 in very dim light just after sunset. That in and of itself greatly reduces color fidelity. I have pushed saturation a fair bit to restore what color fidelity I could, and I think the results are pretty good, all things considered. As for exposure, its slightly blueish because the shot was taken in the shade, and its pretty accurate to real life as far as color temperature reproduction goes. The exposure is actually not anywhere near blown...there is at least a 1/4 stop between the brightest highlights and the saturation point of the 7D's sensor. The lack of finer detail in highlight gradients is again due to the fact that his is a pretty high ISO shot taken in very poor light.
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it does not look like the photo was taken at ISO 3200; and if you're satisfied with the results, that fine with me, as i was not there when you took the shot, but you were.

for an image taken at that speed, the results are very good.