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.: Moody Moon :.

Was out, waiting for the biggest moon in 20 years to rise, and saw this fantastic, moody, moony scene! The biggest moon I've ever seen for sure, shrouded in dark clouds, glowing with a warm, orange hue.

Almost makes you look over your shoulder for the warewolves....
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Beautiful. So sad I missed this back in 2011. It just had to be overcast in the North-East that night. Nice shot.
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wow. just wow. wow.
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Beautiful, climate photography.:clap:
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wow that is really nice. I like how you rounded the corners of the photo. :)
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it's beautiful on your photo, did not look aby bigger than usual from here :confused:
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This was right when it rose (I missed an even better shot where it was half-obscured by thick clouds only a few seconds before this), so it was magnified more by the atmosphere (you get more magnification when it is low to the horizon). Even once it rose higher in the sky, it was still a very big moon.
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i can't see the moonrise because of the houses, and i do know it must have appeareed bigger when low in the sky... but still i guessed it'd look at least a bit bigger than usual, whilst it was actually bigger when i photographed it high in the sky couple of years ago. but nevermind, i love Her and love to see the changes :)
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