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Purple Rain

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1694x4221px 1.41 MB
Shutter Speed
10/500 second
Focal Length
4 mm
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Date Taken
Apr 1, 2013, 2:01:12 PM
© 2013 - 2021 jon-bibire
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crepes et pommes de terre
Ra-bird's avatar
awesome colours and shapes!  :orange:
My first thought was Space Invaders..
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Cr2O3's avatar
so whoa

and your titling seems a bit awesome to me!
jon-bibire's avatar
i tell you, was too obvious and dumb to title it something with orange....picasso said one time that when he was out of red he was using blue.....or something like that....we got the message...
Cr2O3's avatar
thats a surprising and nice story
(im so much into digital that such kind of shortage of color or material does not appear anymore. but it sure makes for nice experiments and unexpectednesses)
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glad you like it....i have more about artists, i like to read about their life and work.....learning from their experience is a good thing, i think.....picasso's work as we know is so colorful and surprisingly use of colors made him different than , let's say main stream of artists......just a thought...
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you may be right there
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I don't know, but if it comes after me, I'm outa here.
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...please follow the red sign saying not use the elevator....
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:blowkiss:Hi Jon! This wonderful artwork has been featured in my latest journal ”~abstract~reaction~”[link] :heart:
Have a wonderful day! :dummy:
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so kind of you...honored....have a wonderful day dear artist friend...:)
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tendrils waver in the sea, fickle emotions and jellyfish mourn
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My invisible face embedded in concrete wall, only purple mascara washed away, washed down by a strong brush's orange, why in the world keep saying purple?'s orange, orange, orange, ORANGE............excuse me !......hey, excuse-me-what-the-heck-nobody can hear meeeeee?.....I need a slice of lemon for my cocktail................oh, it's yellow.......I like yellow lemon......yellow and rose.....dessert rose....sting...
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theory...string theory...falling objects and planets spinning unawares of creatures that crawl or linger on their surface looking for tea, and hot buttered scones
jon-bibire's avatar
Wild rice is the king of blue grass............and tomorrow I will be me no need for new shoes....
ScottMan2th's avatar
walking on blades that bend and sway with my passing along side my laughing shadow
jon-bibire's avatar
and the bus finally stopped......the ginger driver rush the trees line and i can see his relief: tooo much soda....gonna rain tonite.....well...good for the crop...
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such a shiver, icy sparks...crystal anger, splitting now in all directions...light escapes in new found forms
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lying flat against the tyranny of time and perception
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honored, glad U like it KatD
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